Rolando McClain arrested again

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The Raiders ultimately didn’t cut linebacker Rolando McClain during the 2012 season.  That could be changing in 2013.

McClain was arrested in Alabama on Tuesday, according to WHNT-TV.  After being pulled over for a window-tint violation, McClain gave the arresting officer a false name.

Last year, gun charges against McClain were dropped when the alleged victim decided not to proceed with the case.  McClain separately was suspended two games for conduct detrimental to the team.

The latest charges aren’t nearly as serious, but the fact that McClain has now faced two off-field issues will surely attract the NFL’s attention.

60 responses to “Rolando McClain arrested again

  1. “Do you know who I am?”
    “I know who you used to be, and he was important, but you’re not him anymore. Out of the car, NOW!”

  2. Stupidest thing ive read in awhile, idk whats worse- that mcclain gave a false name or that a cop actually pulled someone over for window tint when he couldve probably arrested 98% of alabama for drinking and driving after last night’s game

  3. McClain got paid and then he was done. Its something GM and coaches can’t really detect during the draft process. He got really lazy after his rookie season and has even gone on record saying all he cares about is his money.

  4. Reggie – It’s time to clean house right after Palmer, McFadden (if he restructure his contract keep him), Seymour, Hayward-Bey (if he restructure contract -keep him) should be McClain – this guy is completely stupid! Take him out Reg!

  5. This dude can’t get out his own way. What’s next? In other news, Rolando McClain’s shadow has inexplicably seperated itself from his body and punched a pregnant woman who just survived cancer in the face….

  6. I remember when my friend (a Raiders fan) gave me a hard time because when they drafted McClain that year. Said my team later settled for a guy he had never heard of, Jason Pierre-Paul.

  7. If the Raiders don’t draft Manti Te’o at #3 overall, it will be because they are wary of another “Slowlando McClain”.

    If the Raiders do draft Manti Te’o at #3 overall, it will be because they want to draft someone who is the mental-opposite of Rolando McClain. He has gone against the new organization’s philosophy in so many ways.

  8. I’ve been waiting to read about the Raiders all day and this is what I get lol I don’t know if this guy is all there in the head but wow I was hoping Big Reg would get some kind of trade for him but after this I’m happy with just the cut

  9. the window tint, is the excuse to mask the racial profiling. goes on in every city in America. every white person just laughed and shook their head at that and so did all my brown people, one cause they think its a lie and the other cause it’s happend to them. i hope the raiders can void his contract or something. hopefully Al put that in after getting burned by JaBust.

  10. This is a good example why Reggie needs to clean house with these overpaid losers and find players that want to play football for a reasonable salary. Rolando McClain is overpaid and overrated. If he really care about the game and had to compete for his position week in and week out this behavior would not exist. He is very comfortable with his signing bonus and salary – why play hard or even care about whos reputation he destroys – his own, the Raider Organization, the RaiderNation, and/or the NFL. This is very sad especially when you have a recession going on and people suffering financially.

  11. Why we are on the subject of Raiders drafting blunders…how’s Heyward-Bey working out? The guy across the Bay in red is doing pretty well.

  12. This guy needs to be the first cut made ASAP. And Palmer will be back or they would have never fired Knapp. And who would be better then Palmer? Flynn is a unknown, and the fact he couldnt beat out Wilson, No thanks, and I get Wilson played great but without that O-line and RB Im not sure he is that great. There is nothing in this draft for a franchise QB. All we need is to get our running game goin and let Palmer manage the game and throw every down..

  13. It’s good to see that all crime in Alabama has been eradicated. There are no longer any murders, rapes, robberies, or assaults in Alabama, apparently.

    That’s the only reason I can think of why a cop thinks it’s a good use of his time to go around handing out tickets (robbing citizens of their money) for tinted windows.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  14. dawsonleery says:
    Jan 8, 2013 7:20 PMMcClain got paid and then he was done. Its something GM and coaches can’t really detect during the draft process. He got really lazy after his rookie season and has even gone on record saying all he cares about is his money.

    The Raiders seem to be really good at finding these guys!

    *See Jamarcus Russell*

  15. Unfortunately, after last night’s ‘Bama thrashing of the Golden Domers, there’s no way the Raiders should reach for Teo with the third overall pick. That entire ND front seven, Teo, especially got manhandled by the AL offense line. It was a total man amongst boys type of performance. And it’s not like ND didn’t have talent up front; both Nix and Tuitt are potential round 1-2 types in next year’s draft.

    I echo everybody’s sentiment that the Raiders need character and leadership, particularly on defense. Unfortunately, the Raiders whiffed on another ‘Bama alumnus again. But the only scenario in which they should be picking Teo is after another team moves up in the draft to nab another player and trades picks with Oakland. Otherwise, Star Lotulelei should be the pick, after his background has been extensively vetted.

  16. LOLOLOL!

    Another bust for the lowly Raiders.


  17. they have window tint laws for a reason. If you are dumb enough to violate those, you deserve to get pulled over. race has nothing to do with it. How can the cop determine the rate of the driver if the windows are tinted?

  18. “How stupid is this guy?”

    He’s pretty stupid. Have you seen him try to figure out where the ball is?

    Soon to be ex-Raider… Thank you.

  19. Window tint is an excuse for racial profiling??? How can u tell what color the person driving is when u can’t see in the car? C’Mon brazzy44 do better that!

  20. Even though I think it was really dumb to give a false name for ANY reason – the whole thing that started with a “tint” violation ending in arrest is nuts. The US arrests more people than any other nation in the world – this is a good reason why.

    Unless he had a warrant or something he was trying to flee from, why the heck bother.

  21. The vehicle code is a book full of reasons why an officer can pull you over and see exactly what you’re up to. Having tinted windows is a violation if the vehicle code. It’s a tool and a method used to legally stop your car and see if you’ve been drinking or if you have any drugs on board…

  22. The truly sad thing was that the false name was probably more recognizable than the real one.

  23. Wow, there goes any trade value 🙁 I was hoping we’d at least get a seventh for him. Damn you Rolando Mclain! Shorting the Raiders as much as you can!

  24. People who are making an issue out of why he got pulled over are missing the point in my opinion. When a cop pulls you over (an experience we’ve probably all been through regardless of anyone’s skin color), don’t compound the problem by 1) lying to the cop – it is a crime all by itself in most places, or 2) getting an attitude with the cop. You will always end up on the short end of the stick if you do either of these things. Lying about your name to a cop who pulls you over is just completely stupid beyond belief.

    Also, incidentally, fair or unfair, having tinted windows almost guarantee that you’ll get pulled over. Officers assume that there might be a reason you don’t want anyone to see into the car and they often check it out just to make sure.

    It’s actually not that hard to not get arrested. This is McClain’s fault.

  25. I like how he’s also said of “I’m falsely accused of everything. It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”

    How is it possible to be falsely accused of having window tint that’s too dark? You either do or you don’t.

    This is an idiot.

  26. According to Peter King the false name he used was “F@&$ You” which is how he signed the ticket. If he had simply signed it “Rolando McClain” (assuming he can spell that) he would have been sent on his way.

  27. i remember the day i was livid bec giants wouldnt trade up to get this guy and we ‘settled’ for JPP..

    and til this day i NEVER questioned jerry reese again, even tho i was a little nervous about the davis wilson pick..again i shut up..

  28. slickster35 says: Jan 8, 2013 8:42 PM

    Once a raider, always a raider.
    Look who came out of hiding. Did you finally recover from watching your team get swept by the 4-12 Raiders?

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