Seahawks to sign defensive end Patrick Chukwurah

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With a need at defensive end due to Chris Clemons being lost for the season due to a torn ACL and meniscus, the Seattle Seahawks have again looked to an unexpected place to address their need.

The Seahawks are expected to sign defensive end Patrick Chukwurah to take Clemons place on the roster. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Chukwurah worked out for Seattle on Tuesday along with Ray Edwards, Aaron Maybin and Travis Laboy.

Chukwurah hasn’t played in the NFL since 2008 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent two seasons in the UFL with the Florida Tuskers and led the league in sacks both seasons. Chukwurah’s most productive season in the NFL came with the Denver Broncos in 2006 when he had 4.5 sacks and 25 tackles in 14 games. According to Rapoport, Chukwurah has been working as a physical trainer.

Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley served as linebackers coach with the Buccaneers for the two seasons Chukwurah was in Tampa Bay and defensive line coach Todd Wash was the Bucs defensive line coach in 2008.

The Seahawks will likely rely on Chukwurah to be a situational pass rusher behind Bruce Irvin and to contribute on special teams. Irvin is expected to step into Clemons’ role with Chukwurah and others likely to rotate as well.

46 responses to “Seahawks to sign defensive end Patrick Chukwurah

  1. This is the type of ‘out of the box’ signing that John Schneider and Pete carrol are famous for. This cat might be the second coming or a huge bust. My bet is we are all in for a surprise!!!

  2. At this point I don’t really question any roster moves however obscure they are the Schneider and Pete make, they have proven they know what they are doing.

  3. considering what the Seahawks have done in the past 3 years (only a few players are even on the roster from before Pete Carroll took over) the fact that they are a couple wins away from the Superbowl says the FO knows what they are doing. I expect this guy came in in great shape and the right attitude to fit in with a team on a roll. He is just depth at this point anyways.

  4. Pete Caroll and Schneider look for players that fit their scheme. They have hit many more than they have missed but with guys out there that have had recent experience in the NFL I just don’t know how this guy will be cutting it even a situational rusher. Trust they did see something having all of them try out. Go Hawks!

  5. I’m sure they didn’t sign Edwards due to the media frenzy that would have been generated if the hawks beat the falcons.

  6. Chukwurah is best known for barfing through his facemask while lined up at left end in a Sunday night game against the Pats. Madden got a kick out it on replay. Maybe he became a personal trainer after that.

  7. As much as some would relish the thought of a Seattle/GB Championship, as a 49er fan I’d love to see the 49ers make ammends for that blasting they took in Seattle. Looks like these two teams are gonna be dukin’ in out in the NFCW for some time to come. I like that. It’s been years since the true meaning of “divisional rivalries” has even been thought of in the NFCW.

  8. Of the 4 guys they tried out, you can bet Chukwurah outperformed the others, probably had the biggest chip on his shoulder and was the most hungry for another chance. The others probably haven’t been working out every day hoping for another chance. They are no respecter of “names” or “pedigrees”, you either perform or lose the tryout.

  9. As a Niner fan I hate the Cowboys Packers etc..But I respect them…As a Niner fan I hate the Seacluck and I have no respect for their expansion franchise that has been mediocre its whole life and I do not respect their lame boring city either..Nor do I respect their least knowledgeable fanbase that acts like their world beaters when their team has no history of winning at all and doesnt know how to act to their recent success. .

  10. word to the Wise. Last year, a certain team took a high school assistant football coach, put him a starting linebacker and all he did was win a SB ring and intercept Brady/Giselllehead in the SB game. Gmen and Blackburn make history. History always repeats. Sometimes you catch lighting in a bottle, sometimes you get a message in a bottle. All it takes is one zone blitz package to make this guy a hero for Seattle !

  11. This guy will probably get 2-3 sacks in the game Sunday know Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s eye for talent! If it were any other coach and/or GM I’d be irrate but since its these guys they absolutely get a pass! These 2 leaders are geniuses!

  12. He will be behind Scruggs filling in sparingly, if at all, this is a just in case we need a body signing, but if he can still ball u never know with this team

  13. Welcome to the NFL rookie.

    Bruce Irvin is now forced to step into the base defense and take on tackles 60 lbs heavier than he. No more situational BS for this dude.
    Eager to see if he can hold up.

  14. Everyone loves to hear the stories about the guy off the street. I bet it makes useless blog commandos like norcalmafia feel like they are that much more special. Like maybe if he spent a few days in the gym, instead of blogging his life away, he would amount to something in life. Besides being funny.

  15. I’m a Broncos fan and I loved Chukwurah when he played in Denver. The guy has a high motor, plays his heart out, and made some big plays. I remember being kind of sad to see him leave for Tampa Bay after the 2006(?) season. Of course, that was several years ago, so no idea how he’s doing now. But seeing that he beat out Maybin and Edwards doesn’t surprise me all that much.

  16. Either way he will play a little Sunday and then fly back north for the winter and watch the NFC Championship game on there couches with all the other Seachickens.

  17. Personal trainers are usually in top physical shape, both in strength and aerobics. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t generate much of a clientele.

    He must have shown some sort of “wow” factor during the tryout. Maybe he lost a few pounds over the last two years, which might help him get to the QB just that much faster.

    I have a feeling Predator will do just fine.

  18. Settle down Seahawks fans. As a bronco fan I remember this dude playing for the broncos. (And as a wyomingite, i remember him playing for the uw cowboys) He was a great special teams player and got some sacks in mop up duty. I’m sure Seattle is signing him strictly for emergency purposes. He’s a good dude but to expect “2 to 3 sacks a game” out of him is ridiculous. Marvin would’ve probably been a better option, if you consider age and recent playing time.

  19. Hey Norcalmafia Your just a troll! I’d say the same about your city and your sorry franchise. other than 5 Super Bowls with the two of the greatest qbs and WR to play the game what have you done? your fan base is a joke swapping back and forth between the raiders and the whiners always looking to stab some one!! I hope we play you in the championship game so we can punch you in the mouth again
    That’s if you get past the packers loser!!!

  20. Norcalmafia makes the worst comments on pft. I know many Niners fans and they consider you a trash talking retard. You stereotype the city of Seattle and its culture. Ok, that means since you’re from the bay area that you areautomatically gay. JJudging by how angry you are on each post you’re obviously a bottom.

  21. For some reason, the more out of left-field a signing is on the Seahawks, the more confident I am that it will be a raging success.

    The level of out-of-nowhere for this probably means he’ll finish the game with 27.5 sacks and win comeback player of the year.

  22. norcalmafia, how old are you? You sound real young. The last time I checked, the Seahawks destroyed your 49ers on national television. You have lost the right to speak to Seahawks fan. We don’t fear the 49ers and we will continue to punch your team in the mouth. Harbaugh just came and made your team respectable. You guys hadn’t been relevant since Steve Young. So get use to the Seahawks kicking the crap out of you guys. Ask Vernon Davis if he respects us. #LegionOfBoom

  23. “out of the box” is one thing, but to not be in the league since 2008 – when Ray Edwards was available? I mean Ray Edwards must have the worst personality in the world! Falcons cut him going into the playoffs, and Seattle won’t sign him even though they need a DE badly.

    This is a bit too odd really – a player out of the league for 4+ years, and before that didn’t do all that well is really an odd-ball move. HOWEVER, somehow Seattle has pulled some unlikely players out everywhere….so lets see.

  24. Good Lord, I remember when this guy was drafted by the Vikings what seems like ten years ago. Didn’t realize he was still playing anywhere.

    Can’t question Pete Carroll on this though. The Seahawks look as good as any NFC team right now, and I expect them to win in Atlanta this weekend.

  25. As a Tampa fan, I remember this guy and he was pretty good. Patrick C has a great motor and speed. I don’t know why we let him walk except the bucs always let their best players go. See Bo Jackson and Steve young and doug Williams for reference.

  26. On behalf of the real and true 49er fans, please ignore anything this child “norcalmafia” posts. A true football fan brings something to the table regarding football. This guy only posts insults and juvenile comments. He, if it is a he, is an embarrassment to the real 49er fans on this site. And he cannot speak of the history of this team as he probably wasn’t even born when the 49ers won all the titles.

    He is infatuated with the Seahawks for some reason. For every 1 post on a 49er page, there are 10 on the Seahawk pages. To constantly post attacks to the fans and the city of Seattle are proof he is a boy amongst men.

    Hey “norcalmafia”, grow up and leave the football conversations to us. Go play badminton or something.

    Sincerely – All real 49er football fans (who have been part of the legacy of this team)

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