49ers say grass thin, footing stable at Candlestick

A picture of the field at Candlestick Park posted on Facebook by kicker Billy Cundiff raised concerns that there might be another problematic playing surface one week after complaints about the poor conditions at FedEx Field in last weekend’s Seahawks win.

The 49ers were asked about the condition of the field on Wednesday and agreed that things aren’t in great shape. Long snapper Brian Jennings, who worked out at the stadium with Cundiff, said that the “grass is thin” but said that the footing was stable during the workout. Coach Jim Harbaugh expressed a similar sentiment.

“I thought it was OK, yeah. It’s not like it is in September. Most grass field tend not to be as lush in the winter months,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

Jennings said that the team has played twice on the field since it was resurfaced late in the season and theorized that a lot time under tarps during a rainy December could account for the sparse grass. Hopefully, the footing is stable and the quality of the field isn’t an issue again this weekend.

20 responses to “49ers say grass thin, footing stable at Candlestick

  1. LoL…..

    of course the field is not as lush as it is in September… but they could take measures like they do at Lambeau to keep it nice. Lambaeu looks like it did back in late sept, early oct.

  2. So the ground crew thought keeping a natural grass field mostly under tarps during the few months it actually rains with any regularity in NorCal was a good idea?

  3. The fact that Lambeau Field, in Wisconsin, in the middle of winter, is in MUCH better shape than the field in San Francisco California speaks volumes to the people and dedication of the grounds crew of both teams.

    Perhaps the folks in charge of the field at the ‘Stick should spend more time taking care of the field, and less time in giving out $18.00 tours.

    Ask Daniel Snyder and the people associated with the Redskins if they’d like to reconsider having spent a little more thought and care of their field last week, in light of what happened to RGIII at FedEx Field on Sunday.

    I’m hoping no player from either the Packers or Niners falls victim to this nonsense !

  4. Heard the same stuff before the Saints game last year, everything turned out okay then. The field should be fine if there are not steady rains leading up to and during the game like the NFC Championship last year.

  5. At least there’s some grass on the grass field. That’s an upgrade from last Sunday’s game.

  6. Cundiff will blame the field when he misses a big kick and costs the 9ers the game. Cannot believe they might use him.

  7. The field looks pretty minor league; let’s face it. Somebody doesn’t want to spend money on sod.

  8. I don’t know why anyone would risk the health of their players for an ‘old school feel.’ Someone is going to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to get hurt but if someone does I really hope it is an important 49er because that is the only thing that would get them to put some actual work into their playing surface.

  9. I can’t believe all of these comments about how grass fields cause injuries. So no other torn ACLs or sprained ankles or any other injuries have occurred on field turf this year or any other year? Injuries can occur on any surface. Now I’m not saying a team shouldn’t maintain a grass field to the bestof their abilities, but to say any injury is solely to blame on the the field is a joke. Cleats get stuck in field turf just as they do with natural grass. A team could sod the field prior to a game then have torrential rains for 3 days and the sod won’t take, as it did in the Monday night Dolphins Steelers game a few years ago.
    RG3 had a bad knee prior to the game, he reinsured it during the game, and yet the redskins left him in the game and a tragic injury happened to a player that’s one of the new faces if the league. Heck almost no one is even mentioning Clemons also got injured. I’m sure if they listed statistics on players injuries this year they would even out between grass and field turf, and maybe even higher on field turf as more stadiums have that than grass. I bet even players have gotten injured on GBs immaculate grass field.
    And one last thing, the rest of the league gets it Packer fans. EVERYTHING is better in Green Bay, the sky’s are bluer, the grass is greener, the air is fresher, if only every city could be like GB.

  10. at least it’s not like old Candlestick. for those that are too young to know, Candlestick Park was shared by both the Giants and 49ers. So when the 49ers were playing, the guy would be streaking on the grass, cross over into dirt, then get back onto grass on his way to a TD. we’d say the RB was rounding around second base.

  11. Ridiculous. I just watched my Vikes play in lambeau and the grass there was perfect. If the sconnies can keep their grass in good shape in the frozen north, why can’t these teams in more moderate climates? Spend a little money on something that matters why don’t you?

  12. The grass is greener in Green Bay. Because our owners spend money on the things that matter rather than lining their own pockets.

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