Andy Reid may add Brad Childress to Chiefs’ staff


Brad Childress may soon work for Andy Reid again.

Childress, the former Vikings head coach, is in Kansas City interviewing for a job with the Chiefs, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Reid, the Chiefs’ new head coach, could hire Childress as either the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator or as an advisor to the head coach.

When Reid became head coach of the Eagles in 1999, he hired Childress as his quarterbacks coach. After four seasons Reid promoted Childress to offensive coordinator, and Childress had that title for two more years before becoming the Vikings’ head coach.

Childress spent the 2012 season as the offensive coordinator of the Browns.

43 responses to “Andy Reid may add Brad Childress to Chiefs’ staff

  1. I consider myself pretty well informed about NFL and I had absolutely no idea Childress was Browns OC

  2. I never seen the report that Chilly was canned from the Browns. Maybe when the HC goes, it’s a package firing? What about Dick Juaron? Is he still the Browns DC? I hope so. He’s a solid Defensive Coordinator.

  3. As a Chiefs Fan, I am ready to Trust Andy Reid to build a winner here in KC. Brad Childress has never struck me as a Great offensive mind.

    I would rather see Pat Shurmer than Chilly. Whoever they get will be an upgrade over Brian Daboll. A Monkey could be better at calling plays for Jamall Charles.

  4. To be candid, I don’t Childress and the Farve drama he let fester in Minn. and my first thought was SS/DD for Reid at KC.

    But I googled the Eagles’ record for the years when Reid and Childress were together and they had a good run of seasons that went into the playoffs.

    Evidently, Reid and Childress work well together and KC is a fresh start for both of them. Barring them bringing Farve out of retirement, this could be good news for KC.

  5. Apparently Chilly isn’t the best people person, however, results when he and Reid worked with each other where pretty darn good. Good enough ot land him an HC job.

    Just saying, the man must have dome something right.

  6. Say what you want about Childress. He had one team that was capable of winning a Super Bowl and he had them ready to play for both playoff games.

    He dominated the Cowboys and dominated the Saints from a gameplan perspective. Saints were out-gained 475 to 257 and anyone who watched the game knows that fumbles and illegal hits on Brett Favre were the only reason the Vikings didn’t win that game by at least 2 scores– not coaching.

    If you’re going to blame a coach for 3 fumbles and an INT caused by a QB doing something junior high QBs aren’t dumb enough to do (throw across your body) you are an ignorant fan. The 12 men in the huddle thing was Eric Bienemy’s fault and Childress never threw him under the bus. The guy was one Brett Favre total mind-fart away from beating Saints/refs on the road despite losing the turnover battle 5-1.

    Sean Payton is considered an ‘offensive genius’ while Childress is viewed as an idiot. Some idiots think Childress was only good because of Favre. Favre had the best season of his career with Childress at the age of 40. Head coaches and QBs go hand in hand. This is fact.

    The only mistake Childo made was releasing Randy Moss without notifying or asking permission of Zygi Wilf. If the things the Vikings beat writers reported at the time were true, releasing Randy was the right thing to do, just not the right way to go about it.

    The guy doesn’t have the aesthetic of your prototype head coach. The guy can certainly seem cold or unapproachable to fans. The guy can occasionally rub a player the wrong way. At the end of the day though, he took the Vikings from 6 wins to 8, 10, 12, and then it fell apart. The guy is a good coach.

  7. When did Brad Childress pack on 50lbs? When he left the Vikings he looked like he was going to keel over and with the Brown’s he looks like that sweatshirt can’t contain him.

  8. The Eagles went to the Superbowl with this guy as the OC. Him and Andy work well together. Whats with all the haters?

  9. Childress was totally under utilized by Sleepy (Pat Shumur) that we never had a chance to know what he can really still do. I wish him all the best in K.C. I think Andy Reid id going to shock the world. I have know doubt he’ll do well.

  10. Wow Childress sure got fat. He will fit right in with Andy at the buffet line.

  11. Vikings could have been more when Favre was there but Childress had to have his way or the highway and never utilized his skills to the fullest. Not much of an offensive mind…Andy please say it isn’t so. Why not interview Mariucci as QB Coach or OC.

  12. vikingdoode says: Jan 9, 2013 5:26 PM

    who will call plays?


    He’ll have Darell Bevell on speaker phone for the entire game. And if he’s not available, there’s always Favre.

  13. @drekomp:


    Also Childress, say what you will, is AWFUL. I don’t care how many wins he went to/from.

  14. kcflake says:
    Jan 9, 2013 5:27 PM
    As a Chiefs Fan, I am ready to Trust Andy Reid to build a winner here in KC. Brad Childress has never struck me as a Great offensive mind.

    I would rather see Pat Shurmer than Chilly. Whoever they get will be an upgrade over Brian Daboll. A Monkey could be better at calling plays for Jamall Charles.

     Trust me Cleveland had both and as bad as Daboll is Shurmur is much much worse.

  15. @Drekomp, you’re spot on man. I always knew this guy was a good coach. He got a raw deal from the media probably bc he isn’t media friendly. On top of that he made the mistake of bringing the Favre drama to town, when like you said he was already ascending through the ranks of the NFC with TJ as his quarterback.

    Then when things started fouling up with Favre he decided to bring Moss back, Mistake! That guy has been a joke the last 6 years. Before that you had the likes of TO throwing him under the bus back in the day, which probably didn’t help his street cred at the time either.

    I think Chilly was the best thing that happened to that franchise since the Denny Green days. At a minimum he helped turn that franchise into a winner after the Mike Tice Love Boat Vikings.

  16. Omg. I cant believe anyone would say Mr Noodle was a good coach. He took Tice’s team and went backwards. He insisted through his tenure that TJack was a starting NFL QB. The guy was the worst coach in Viking history.

  17. I distinctly remember reading that Childress did not call the plays when he was OC of the Eagles, Andy did. He did not technically call the plays at Minnesota either but he would override Bevell occasionally during the game. So unless Reid still wants to call his own plays, not sure why he would want Childress as OC again in KC.

  18. I don’t think anyone knew Childress was the Browns OC. I wonder if told his players we’re going to have a Kick A$$ Offense, like when coached the Vikequeens. Haha, Packers fans miss Childress

  19. It’s funny watching josetoronto throw stones at the Chiefs new coaching staff while still having Dennis Allen running his team into the ground, further.

    Stay down where you belong.

  20. Andy don’t do it! They say insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results? Brad Childress and Doug Pederson are a no and a bad fit! You wont win a super bowl with them! Aron Kromer from New Orleans should be your pic for OC and go get Lovey Smith for your DC or Spagnola if he’s not available! These are people who can help you build an unbeatable KC Chiefs!!

  21. Sorry drekomp you’re wrong.

    Childress was a disaster from the jump. This is a guy who was a psycholgy major who had his team rebel on him. He couldn’t manage personalities. They quit on him and their performance lead to his firing in a loss to GB.

    After the Moss firing Zygi flew in to interview the entire team. Only 1 or 2 guys tepidly defended their head coach publicly. The rest told Zygi what he needed to make an expensive decision for the good of the team. They laid down & lost without a fight to the Packers. That player protest forced Zygi’s hand.

    Speilman did his best to build Brad a team and Childress jettisoned Culpepper (before finding out if there was anything left, or trade bait) put in Brad Johnson but told him he was not allowed to call audibles, then imposed Tarvaris Jackson on us. Sage Rosenfels was brought in to challenge Jackson and Childress got his panties knotted up and traded him away.

    Brett Favre wanted to be a Viking! He wanted revenge on GB. He said it before he even went to the Jets. He wanted to be here because he could see what the head coach couldn’t. An offensive power and he had a friend in Darrell Bevell. He never got along with Childress. Favre led that team DESPITE Childress! The whole “my QB’s don’t call audibles” a factor in Favre’s despise.

    People like to look at Philly’s offense when he was there ignoring 1 HUGE glaring fact. He didn’t call offense during games (Andy did). And when he wanted to prove he could do it in MN…well the results speak for themselves (pre-Favre) He rode one of the NFL’s historically best run defenses to improbably victory. I think I remember at least a couple of games where the MN defense outscored the offense.

    Collecting Vikings checks and chilling in Florida nobody wanted Childress. After a year the Browns brought him in…Now he’s unemployed again.

  22. joetoronto says:
    Jan 10, 2013 4:52 AM
    The Chiefs are collecting losers and I love it.
    Raiderfan thinking 4-12 gives them the right to flap their gums…I love it.

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