Arians had to go back to hospital upon return to Indianapolis


Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was discharged from a Baltimore hospital Monday night, but upon his return to Indianapolis, was checked back into a hospital there.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, a source said the 60-year-old Arians “is fine and in good spirits,” and close to being ready to start interviewing for head coaching jobs.

Those interviews are expected to start Friday or Saturday, with the Bears, Eagles and Browns having asked permission.

Arians missed the playoff loss to the Ravens after he fell ill last weekend, with what is believed to be an inner ear condition.

4 responses to “Arians had to go back to hospital upon return to Indianapolis

  1. Man how much adversity can a team and the coaching staff face? I hope it is nothing more than just that, an inner war infection. One thing is for sure, if he leaves Indy, he will be sorely missed. Good luck Bruce! We really need him to stay, I think we all know why, but can’t hold him back either! Irsay needs to pay this man as a head coach, and keep him here.

  2. Sounds like Vertigo to me. An ear ache would not have kept that coach out of the game in Baltimore- Vertigo is an inner ear issue and it knocks you on your ass with extreme dizziness and nausea. I speak from experience, I couldn’t watch a football game much less coach one.
    The good news is– I had it for a few months (the bouts come and go) but it’s gone now. He should be fine to coach going forward.

  3. This guy deserves a head coaching job. It’s a shame that he got sick at a time when people are questioning his long term ability because of his age. You’d think the guy was 80 years old or something. A big double standard considering that Nick Saban is a year older than Arians and his age is never brought up when it comes to him coming back to the NFL.

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