Bills hire Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator


The Jets held the door open for Mike Pettine, and the Bills were eager to welcome him in.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Bills have hired Pettine as their defensive coordinator.

The move was expected, but the pace with which new coach Doug Marrone is filling a staff implies a plan was well in place. He hired brought his Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett with him from his previous job. And Marrone’s own background on that side of the ball makes Pettine’s presence more important.

The Bills have some parts to work with on defense, but what Pettine gets most is a degree of independence, as he’s no longer working for a defensive coach putting his own, ahem, imprint on things.

21 responses to “Bills hire Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator

  1. To be honest, I think the Bills got it right this time. Now get a QB and you’re on the way up.

  2. He had a top 10 defense every year he was with the Jets but was that because of him or Ryan? I just hope we don’t switch back to a 3-4, we don’t have the personnel for it on the roster.

  3. Cool. Jets fans say he was a leak. Well Nix is the leak in Buffalo. As was Chan. I welcome him to Buffalo. I think this staff has some fire. Hope they are ready for a just as brutal media. Its not new jersey but its a media that covers buffalo. They are more salty.

  4. Yeah, so what was all that bluster about ‘Buffalo-is-the-worst-job’ and ‘No-one-wants-to-go-to-Buffalo’?

  5. The Bills are making a lot of good moves this time. Their future looks bright.

  6. Looks like they finally got some good coaches…not that Chan cant coach offense..but as HC he was lacking… Bills should move easily to just behind the Pats …10-6 9-7 definitely doable with that roster now even with Fitzpatrick at QB

  7. the one good part of the jets team this year is now with a division rival. i used to think rex knew what he was doing. not sure he has a clue after this.

  8. As a Jets fan, I’m pissed and I live in Rochester so I will let him know come training camp. You don’t go to division rivals. Who knows maybe the Jets could bring in Rob Ryan as their d- co. That would just make everyones day. See which Ryan can make the more outlandish statement.

  9. Bills fans think they’re getting an aggressive, pressure defense. Don’t see it. Ryan actually took the play calling duties from him because he wasn’t blitzing enough or effectively. I like Marrone, but this one seems like a stretch. If you wanted a Ryan like defense should’ve went with Rob…

  10. Pettine got salty when Rex took back the play calling from him this season. It doesn’t matter what D scheme you play or teach if you don’t have a feeling for calling the plays. If he can learn that he’d be a good fit in Buffalo. Rex thought he was too passive with the blitz and wasn’t aggressive enough. Don’t get it twisted Bills fans, this was Rex defense not Pettine’s so don’t expect a top 10 D off the bat. He may take a lil bit to get it situated. Nothing but the best of luck Mike in your new job and keep the leaks to a minimum.

  11. @bills56shout

    I was thinking the same thing this morning when I heard about the hire (about the switch back to 3-4) and I didn’t like the idea. However, I actually just talked myself into the idea, as long as they continue with a hybrid look. Kelvin Sheppered is not MLB on a 4-3 team. He is way to small to handle blockers. In a 3-4, however, he is a better ILB. In a 4-3 you have to scrape the line and find the hole and take on the lead blocker as a MLB. A 3-4 ILB (depending on scheme) usually fills and attacks upfield. Shep has the speed to do it and it allows him to take his phsicallity to the O-line without a whole lot of insticnt, instead of trying to handle the blocks coming to him. You would also be able to rotate in Arthur Moats, who has the tools to develop into a decent pass-rusher. Mario Williams has spent time in a 3-4 and they could adopt a scheme from the Colts and how they handled Freeney. Is all that really matters to me is that they hired a guy with legit experience, and that has been productive. As a Football fan, I would love to see him put some pull in for Landry to come and hook up with Byrd. We also get the Jets Assistant Secondary coach, his name escapes me, but maybe he can turn Gilmore and McKelvin into some decent play makers on the outside. I am truely excited now. This just has a diffrent feel to it. The Draft will go a long way to truely define this season.

  12. Like the hire, familiar with the division. Also, wants to make his own name. Need some LB’s.

  13. Before Mario was hurt running his position in Wade’s 30 defense in Houston , Mario had 5.5 sacks… that was good for the limited time he spent before being injured! I am feeling good about this. I think it’s a good hire and it also is a plus when you get a DC hire from the same division for the inside info. Looking good Bills… I’m liking the hire even tho my wish list included Lovie, Horton and Raheem…. Good Hire! Let’s see if it works out.

  14. Helps Bills, hurts Jets. Knows Pats, beat ’em in he playoffs. Knows Miami too. Smart move. Ryan took over D to try and take media pressure off him, like it wasn’t his fault or something. They didn’t get better when Ryan took over. He’s free to succeed in Buffalo now

  15. Some of you people crying about “you don’t go to a division rival” sound like you’re still in high school. This is the NFL. There are a limited amount of these jobs available. These coaches aren’t beholden to some “high school rivalry”. These are grown men, who are getting paid for what they do. They go where they think they have the best opportunity, and where the work is. Some of you hurt “little girls” need to grow up!

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