Brian Kelly goes for the green

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Not long ago, college football coaches pursued NFL jobs discreetly.  They didn’t want to risk undermining the current recruiting class, or to affect future recruiting classes by acquiring the reputation of a guy who is looking to leave.

Recently, the game has changed.  Now, more and more college coaches are willing to create the perception of having one foot out the door if it gives rise to the reality that they’ll bury one hand into their current employer’s pocket.

From Chip Kelly to Bill O’Brien to Jim Mora to, perhaps now, Brian Kelly, the script is becoming clear.  Flirt with the NFL, rattle your current employer, and sit back and wait for the concessions to come.

In Brian Kelly’s case, there has been zero discretion.  Within minutes, multiple reporters knew that he’d met with the Eagles.  From FOX’s Jay Glazer to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer to Reuben Frank of to possibly even others who I’m forgetting or don’t particularly feel like mentioning because, yeah, I’m that guy sometimes.  (Or more often than that.)

And so it’s no surprise that Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated writes that “[a] Notre Dame source tells me that the expected result of Kelly’s NFL flirtation is a raise and an extension.”

Of course it is.  It’s the expected result because it was and is the intended result.

Unfortunately, everyone except the three folks who are searching for the next Eagles coach realize that.  Which means that, eventually, they may have to bite the bullet and call Jon Gruden.

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  1. If Kelly leaves God Tech, you can bet that Notre Dame fans will scream loudly and long. They conveniently forget that this is Kelly’s MO. He said he wasn’t leaving Central Michigan and left; he lied to his players’ faces and said he wasn’t leaving Cincinnati.

    But I guess promises only mean something at ND when they’re made TO ND.

    IMO Notre Dame will be no worse off if Kelly leaves. The losers in the deal will be Eagles fans–until he lies/leaves.

  2. After his team’s performance on Monday night, everyone involved in this charade is a clown.

  3. If Jon Gruden has any pride he is not going to want to come here now after all the interviews before he even received a call

  4. After that brutal beatdown by ‘Bama in the BCS, the only person who should be talking to Kelly is a priest… giving his team their Last Rites.

  5. Please call John Gruden… it would be nice to be able to watch MNF with the mute turned off.

    And just to be safe please hire Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jawoski for something too!

  6. I’m a big nd fan and id be bummed if he left, but it’s not that big a deal. I don’t see why people hold coaches to such a different standard than every single other profession on the planet. You know, where getting a raise or a better job is a good thing.

  7. As long as Philly isn’t smart enough to hire Lovie, it’s ALL good with RedskinsNations.

  8. Or Lurie should just fire Roseman.

    Roseman can’t draft or sign free agents well.

    These two seem to scare off candidates. What else happened in that chip Kelly 9-hour interview?

  9. This is Philly with ADD …. Oh! Shiny! These nfl teams are becoming a joke the way they go after coaches. It’s ridiculous

  10. The Eagle Head Coaching job is a tough job.

    It’s gonna be tough following Andy Reid because he had so much success there, Philly has some of the toughest football fans in American and the media in Philly is nasty too.

    This job to me isn’t very attractive.

  11. These NFL owners could buy nations with their money, yet they allow themselves to clowned over and over by NCAA coaches and universities. I don’t get it.

    IF… I wanted Brian Kelly, and had their money, “How does 7.5 mil per year sound Brian?”

    “You got something to say now Notre Dame?”

  12. Stevenwilliams2013,

    Philly phans phront like they’ve shed that reputation of being a throng of philthy demanding santa-haters and they can’t stand it when they’re (legitimately) characterized as such. They are solely responsible phor getting Andy Reid phired by taking the stance of a negative phan phoundation. Now they’re stuck having to choose some phool coach out of an array of candidates who barely move the Richter needle and they’ll never admit they made a mistake in running Andy out of town. I say Lovie Smith is the guy. It’s a shame though; they didn’t know how good they had it.

  13. Anyone who doesn’t use whatever available leverage he has in order to better his station in life is a fool. I’m sure that most of the nay sayers here aren’t very well compensated for their efforts.

  14. Do all of you people that are calling Brian Kelly a no class liar feel the same way about Nick Saban? Didn’t he lie to Michigan State when he left for LSU? Didn’t he lie to LSU when he left for the NFL? Couldn’t hack it in the big leagues, so he went back to college. I’m not really seeing the difference between the two.

  15. If I’m an Eagles fan, I’d pray like heck tonite for Brian Kelly as opposed to Lovie Smith. Lovie’s a classy guy and all, he’s just an average head coach, however.

  16. One of these days, a school is going grow some balls (like BC did) and tell their coach, if you interview, you’re fired. Better yet, get it in writing, and interview voids their current deal, removing the school from any financial obligation to the coach.

  17. He’s the NORMAL guy now.

    Kelly (Chip and Brian)

    Just a few guys that manipulated and will continue to do so to benefit themselves.

    Remember when coaching was about the players? I miss those days. Where guys like Tom Osborne stayed put because he cared more about the kids he coached than money. Proof by his salary during his career. Further proof by him never firing an assistant coach, and producing several assistants that went on to success.

    We need more Tom Osbornes, and less the guys I mentioned above. Fans of every program can agree with that.

  18. If history is any indication, if a Notre Dame head coach does not win a national championship by his third year, then he never will win one. Notre Dame should have its succession plan ready, and be prepared for BK to run away to the NFL.

  19. Better question is why the hell is out of the country… Is he at the Vatican??? Shouldn’t he be recruiting right now? Saban is!.What must committed recruits think of this ploy? Have to think the trustees at fish eater tech have to feel exploited… Stupid move on Kelly’$ part… Unless he bolts and then the Eagles are the stupid ones.

  20. Many of you are underselling Kelly. His resume is superb, and to be honest, better than Chip Kelly’s. He’s won everywhere he has went, including 2 national championships at Grand Valley State, a MAC Championship at Central MI, a 12-0 season and two Big East titles at Cincy, and a 12-0 season and National Championship appearance at Notre Dame, despite not being top 25.

    Kelly is an east coast guy. If there is a 20% chance he’d leave Notre Dame, Eagles should do the interview. Kelly has left his last couple college jobs all after 3 years.

  21. Whoever the new coach is, his first step should be to change the ugliest most outdated uniforms in the NFL. Wings on the helmet/head? Really?

  22. The Philly job is more attractive than some of you make it out to be. They are not a 4-12 team. The Eagles lose their best 3 offensive lineman, all early in the year, and they were all out for the year. No team would do well with that. McCoy was out at RB for 4-5 games, DeSean Jackson missed 1/2 the year….on offense, they have a lot of good components, and Foles showed great potential. The D line isn’t bad and has some youth. It is just the secondary that needs work, but Eagles have the #4 pick, which helps. Philly also has state of the art facilities compared to many other teams….way better place to live than Cleveland

  23. Here is another case of my Eagles trying to prove they are smarter than everyone else. Stop screwing around and go get Gus Bradley.

  24. Very naive to think the Eagles dont know its a possibility that the coaches could be using them to get more money from their current employers, its nothing new. Should that stop them from giving them an interview? Should they not interview anyone who might get something out of the process of having an NFL team interview them? What to save face in case the guy stays put? Maybe that’s what someone like you would do Florio. Actually its exactly what you would do. You dont ever take responsibility for the things you post. You write something but make sure you find someone with the same opinion as you who has already reported it and put their name in your story to hedge your bet. So in case its wrong you can claim it wasnt you saying it, it was just you passing along what Adam Schefter said . Well sorry NFL teams dont have the luxury to do cowardly things like that. They have to put themselves on the line. Otherwise they will end up with a replacement ref caliber head coach.

  25. It seems everyone is forgetting that an assistant on a playoff team can not be hired until after their team is out of the playoffs. So what if the Eagles want a guy like say Mike McCoy. They cant sign him until the Broncos lose. So why not keep an open mind during the wait and hear what other candidates have to say. Whats the harm in that. Maybe someone will blow you away.

    But I know its funnier just to rip them and say they have no clue what their doing. Instead of using your head to realize hiring a head coach is a big commitment especially for an owner like Lurie who isnt overly reactive and likes to make long term hires . And that turning over every stone is the smart thing to do.

  26. Kelly’s M.O is to leave. Don’t be surprised if he uses the Eagles to do to Notre Dame what he did to Grand Valley, Central Michigan, and Cincinnati.

    He must come from the Saban tree of coaching

  27. Why wouldn’t he? If this is all just part of the process and there’s money on the table, then what choice does he have. He can be committed to ND and still talk to pro teams to establish his market value. Wouldn’t be surprised if the AD was even in on it.

  28. I didn’t understand the Eagles interview with this guy from the first I heard of it. ND got ANNIHILATED……..& then within the blink of an eye he’s up for an NFL head coaching job?
    It’s embarrassing the the Eagles part. First off call Gruden & see what you can get done there. After that go after either Gus or Bruce. Just please hire one of those three. Just stop interviewing every damn person on the market who’s ever glanced at a football.

  29. Maybe Reid doesn’t look so bad after all Philadelphia?

    Guess your GM and owner should have had a better plan in place before he let Clark Hunt come to town.

  30. I*t would be so great not have to listen to Jon Gruden gush over and over again “I just love that guy”

  31. It’s gonna be Gus Bradley. Then the gang green defense will be back and rg3 will be just another guy just like the recent playoff game

  32. To say the job isn’t attractive is ridiculous. An owner that will support you AND a long leash. Coaches don’t stay as long as Reid did in one place often, kudos to Lurie for that.

    Secondly, top five media market – not for everybody, but most laches have egos and most egos want to succeed on a big stage.

    Thirdly, the media is tough, but not any worse than New York, Chicago or Boston – basically the best sports towns in America. The media’s job is to find stories and create discussion. When a team quits or underachieves, shouldn’t the media call it out?

    Lastly the fans: philadelphia has perhaps the most knowledgeable an passionate fans anywhere. The city is a real mix of white and blue collar. Fans want to see effort foremost (Eagles gave up this year, Jimmy Rollins not running out balls, Nick Young’s relentless laziness & machine gun shooting, etc). And EVERY fan wants to win – anywhere.

    Look, pro sports are a big part of the society in Philly. It’s not like Miami or San Diego, there’s not a warm beach nearby for football , hokey or basketball season. Clearly people want to live here though as it is a top five media market.

    At least Philly fans aren’t like Los Angeles, Atlanta, all of Florida, etc.

  33. If I understand correctly, Saban lied and fled also, more than once. And he’s now the top paid college coach at $5 mil per year.

    Kelly could make that in the NFL iommediately. What’s wrong with trying to increase your income in America, even tho the concept is ripped by the liberals?

  34. We are all going to be pining for the days of Andy Reid within 2 seasons. This is turning into a circle jerk & is only going to get worse.

    We will be missing Andy shortly. Just watch fellow fans.

  35. Hope Kelly stays in ND. Despite the crushng loss he accomplished a lot. He’s doing well in recruitiing and he has a good support system. I think this is a play for more money.

  36. Every time a coach has an interview and doesn’t end up getting/taking the job he had some ulterior motive? What if Chip Kelly had a disagreement with the Browns or didn’t click with them. What if he wanted to get rid of someone they wanted to keep? Are you not aware that interviews work both ways, especially in cases like these when the interviewee has a rare talent/skill? Sometimes when A guy doesn’t take a job it’s because he wanted to hear what management owner had to say but maybe they didn’t fully sell him. Sometimes guys interview to interview, just to sit down and share ideas and then decide if they want to take it further.

  37. Despite that debacle on Monday (which I slightly regret attending) he probably deserves the raise/extension. He could have been a bit more tactful about it, but he has completed a much needed turnaround for a program looking to get back in the elite discussion.

    Oddly, it’s Kelly and not Saban who has the rumor mill turning. There is not much more Saban can do… like it or not he’s flirting with Bear Bryant status, ugh.

  38. This is nothing more than Kelly and his agent working the system to get the university and their boosters to open up their checkbooks.

  39. Brian Kelly has the three year plan: 3 years at Central Michigan, 3 years at Cincinnati,3 years at Notre Dame. He is becoming the Larry Brown of Football-never satisfied to stay at one place until he finds himself another job to take.

  40. Anyone ever think the Eagles are putting together interviews and uncovering multiple view points/angles on future position coaches, coordinators, etc? Kinda give their new head coach some help….plus, I really don’t see what the rush is. It’s not like they have to have a new coach in place to keep their recruits committed for signing day!

    Lighten up, it will all come into focus soon enough..

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