Chargers announce Tom Telesco is their new general manager

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The San Diego Chargers have a new general manager: Tom Telesco.

The team has announced that Telesco is the new G.M., and a press conference introducing him has been set for this afternoon.

Telesco comes from the Colts, where he was vice president of football operations, and he was widely viewed as a strong candidate to land the job. So this news comes as no surprise.

Now Telesco will turn his attention to hiring a new head coach in San Diego. The fact that the Chargers brought in an executive from Indianapolis will ramp up speculation that the leading candidate to become San Diego’s coach is Bruce Arians, the Indianapolis offensive coordinator who spent most of the season as the Colts’ head coach while Chuck Pagano was undergoing chemotherapy. Arians is a strong candidate, and he may now have a strong ally in San Diego.

16 responses to “Chargers announce Tom Telesco is their new general manager

  1. With Telesco coming in and with the organization being groomed for John Spanos to take over for his dad over the next couple of years, it seems to me that they hire a younger coach so Telesco/Spanos/Young Coach all grow together.

  2. Well, props to the ownership.

    I honestly thought that you guys were going to “miss the boat” on getting a proper GM and coach after the deafening silence that came out of S.D. over the holidays.

    PS: I think Tony Sparano is available as a head coach candidate. (signed a Patriots fan)

  3. Arians is 60, Telesco is 40. I think he will want to hire someone younger who he would consider a peer.

  4. This is a great hire. I like the move the Chargers ownership to move in a different direction than the one they had with AJ Smith. I do hope we hire a DC for a head coach instead of an OC, but I am sure we all know who the top candidate for the HC job is now.
    As long as they keep John P. as the DC, I think this is a good hire and should be a move in the right direction

  5. As a Colts fan, bummer. Telesco is a smart and valuable guy and while I’m happy for him, I hate that he’s going to make the Chargers better. Even when SD does something good, like firing AJ Smith, they manage to piss me off.

  6. I think a younger face is the way to go. Arians was great in Indy, but these guys need to pull someone like David Shaw from Stanford. It eliminates the “Rooney Rule” and gives them a young coach from the Harbugh treeline, with NFL experience.

  7. Last month on this board was a rumor that Bruce Arians could go to the Bolts and Norv Turner come to the Colts as offensive coordinator maybe a Win-Win for bothe the Bolts & Colts

  8. I’m excited (haha) about this.

    Now let’s hope when they draft talent like Sproles and Brees, they keep them instead of handing them off on Silver Platters.

  9. Brees was “handed off on a silver platter?” He was a free agent and had a shredded shoulder. Twenty nine teams didn’t even offer him a contract, and one of the three who did (Miami) pulled their offer. That left New Orleans and San Diego. New Orleans offered more guaranteed money, Brees took it.

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