DeMarcus Ware having shoulder surgery Thursday


Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware was limited by shoulder and elbow injuries near the end of the season and he’ll have an operation to deal with one of those injuries on Thursday.

Todd Archer of reports that Ware will have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. Ware, who had just 2.5 of his 11.5 sacks in the second half, said he hopes to be cleared to return to the field in time for training camp, which doesn’t seem like too tall a task unless his elbow complicates the recovery.

Ware wore a brace down the stretch to protect a hyperextended right elbow that will not be operated on at this point. It’s hoped that rest will correct the problem, but Archer writes that surgery will remain an option later in the offseason.

Ware presumably won’t have to reinterview with a job with the incoming defensive coordinator, although his role could be different next season. There’s talk of a shift to the 4-3 defense in Dallas, which would necessitate a shift in positions for Ware.

13 responses to “DeMarcus Ware having shoulder surgery Thursday

  1. I do believe that Jerry Jones has had enough of RGIII and his knee being the focal point of the NFL headlines.

    Time for that light to shine on a Star…. A blue and silver Star…..

  2. Better heal quick since you’ll be learning a new position in 4_3 , great idea jerrah have your 3 best players on defense Ware, Lee and Ratliff play out of position in a new D..I love when a guy siting in box can tell his coaches what they should be running because they know what schemes fit their personnel

  3. Mcintosh-play out of position? Do you actually follow the Cowboys? Ratliff is much better suited as a 4-3 DT than a hardcore NT like Raji or Ngata. Lee would be a great middle linebacker in a 4-3 setting the defense. Put Spencer and Ware on the ends and let Carter play OLB. I think people are missing the big picture. 3-4 isn’t working.

  4. I’ve had labrum surgery in both shoulders. Extremely painful, but D will be totally healed and pain free by training camp. Complete recovery takes a full year.

  5. Cowboy fans may I ask you this? How is it that your QB/Romo cost you so many games on countless turnovers? Yet he still holds the job? What’s even worst than that headache of a question is y’all aren’t even preparing for the future at the QB position. Last time I checked Romo Is in his mid 30’s, and too some, his prime has passed or he is currently in it. Either or, neither look good.

  6. Ware won’t be learning a new position. He learned to play outside linebacker for the first time in the pros.

  7. Maybe the surgeons can find what it is about D-marcus that causes him to be offsides on every play. Maybe they can take that out of him.

    This guy is a joke – if he weren’t offsides on every play he’d be ineffective. He cheats to get his numbers.

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