Denard Robinson will be a receiver at Senior Bowl


While Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III opened the door for smaller, mobile quarterbacks in the NFL, Denard Robinson won’t be getting that chance.

Senior Bowl officials told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that the Michigan quarterback would be playing wide receiver in the Jan. 26 all-star game.

He could also get some looks as a running back, after Michigan used him in various ways after he missed time with an elbow injury.

Robinson set the FBS record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 4,495.

He has Antwaan Randle El-type skills, and could add value to a team on special teams. He has enough arm that he could factor into trick plays, even though no one thinks he’s an every-down quarterback.

So obviously, the Jets are going to draft him.

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  1. Denard’s success, I believe, will be based totally on who drafts him and not as much where on the field he’ll be playing. You know if a team like the Pats take him, he’ll turn into a versatile star used in the right packages, whereas if someone like the Jags takes him he’ll flame out in a season or 2.

  2. Special Teams performer. That will be his niche if he wants to stay around in the NFL for a little while..

  3. If you are comparing Denard Robinson to RGIII and Russell Wilson, I can only assume you’ve never seen him play.

    The first two are QB’s who can also run, Robinson is a RB that can occasionally complete a pass as long as it isn’t more than 10 yards down the field.

    It’s probably not quite right to say “he won’t be getting that chance”. You make it sound like he wanted to go the game as a QB and they wouldn’t let him.

    From everything I’ve heard, he has pretty much committed himself to the fact that he would be playing a position other than QB for quite awhile.

  4. Randle-El type skills?

    So he’ll be a mediocre number 3 receiver who makes 1 play in a super bowl and subsequently gets vastly overpaid by Snyder?

    Oh, and can’t forget about running backwards on every single punt return.

    – Steeler fan who had a Randle-El jersey in adolescence

  5. “So obviously, the Jets are going to draft him.”
    Another attack on Tim Tebow’s 2012 failures as a Jet QB – even though he didn’t actually play QB in 2012 for the Jets other than a play here or there.
    At least Tebow supporters admit his limitations – but the anti-Tebow zealots?
    Completely nuts.

  6. he should have planned this out like randall cobb… should have made a switch 2 years ago…

  7. If Robinson has the NCAA record for most yards rushing by a “QB”, then Eric Dickerson has the same record in the NFL. The last time I checked, we’re not giving Randle El the record for most yards receiving by a QB just because he used to be a QB in a prior life.

  8. this is a guy if he wants to play QB then it’s the CFL and only the CFL not coming up here to groom for an NFL return as that will never happen but he could be a very effective CFL QB…that being said he would make more money being a back-up punt returner in the NFL than a starting QB in the CFL

  9. He looked pretty impressive running the ball up the gut in the Outback Bowl. This kid can play, and few if any players have his kind of speed. On the right team he could be a lethal weapon.

  10. Seahawks will draft him and unveil a groundbreaking offense called the RobCat. Denard and Michael Robinson (current fullback, former Penn St QB) will line up on either side of Wilson at the snap in shotgun formation. They immediately spin and face Wilson with their backs to the line of scrimmage, then break right and left into the flat. Which of the three has the ball? Either Robinson could be running around end, or pulling up and passing the ball. Both could be open in the flat for a pass from Wilson. Wilson can run between the tackles, follow either Rob on a run or roll-out, or stay in the pocket and pass. With 2 tight ends sealing each edge and then releasing on a route, one Wideout keeping the D honest deep, the options are virtually endless.

  11. I kept telling ppl of Ann Arbor Community College that there was NO WAY Robinson was an NFL QB!

    They didn’t want to believe it – probably still don’t.

  12. dasboat says:

    By “Randle El-type skills” do you mean he can’t pass?
    Think of all the “great” quarterbacks who have fewer Super Bowl TD passes than Randle-El threw in his career.

  13. Robinson wont get picked in the draft. He is a project player regardless of what position he will be tried at. He is too small to be a running back. He might make a decent slot type reciever, but proven college slot guys are waiting until day 2 to get picked now. His agent will be shopping him around after the draft. He’d be a decent fit in any spread offense if the team has time to teach him the position, and if Denard has the ability to learn it.

  14. elmaxoh says:Jan 9, 2013 4:51 PM

    He should try to play QB , Look what RGIII brings to an offense , this kind of QB is the future

    LOL. Really? The only reason we see any option based offense in the NFL is because colleges refuse to play a QB in the pocket. The only way that the future of the NFL is all read-option system, is if the NCAA football teams stop using the pass as a primary way to move the ball. When that happpens, and there are no passing QBs available, the NFL will be done. People wont watch it. Look what there is now. Like 3 decent option type QBs in the league. Will be the same in the future. That means that 28 or 29 teams will have serious trouble scoring. We will start seeing games with a score of 3-0 at the end. People will quit watching it because it will be boring. The Punter will be the guy getting the 15 million dollar contract because he will be the most important player on the team as he punts 12 times a game. There is a reason the NFL is a pass heavy league. That is how you score a lot of points. Run 3 times and punt isnt much of a system.

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