Drew Brees named to Pro Bowl roster due to RGIII injury

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With the injury to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III requiring surgery on Wednesday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been named to the Pro Bowl roster in his place.

According to Nakia Hogan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Brees was added to the roster as the first alternate following Griffin’s injury. It will be Brees’ seventh trip to the Pro Bowl. Brees threw for 5,177 yards, 43 touchdowns and a league-high 19 interceptions.

Brees in the third member of the Saints to be named to the team along with guard Jahri Evans and punter THomas Morstead.

17 responses to “Drew Brees named to Pro Bowl roster due to RGIII injury

  1. Brees threw for 5,177 yards, 43 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. All league highs.*

    Fixed it for you.

  2. Surprised that he missed it in the first place… who throws for 5100+ yards and finishes 9th overall in voting? sham!

  3. Absurd that he wasn’t there already. And i’m a Panthers fan. My proof?

    43 touchdowns, 5,177 yards. Don’t like it but the man should have been there in the first place.

  4. Rightfully so. Hes one of the best QBs of our time and and he shouldnt also be punished by the trumped up overzealous punishments that were dolled out. Brees did as well as anyone can expect a QB to do with his HC/OC suspended.

  5. This is crazy… brees throws over 5k yds and over 40td’s. Rg3 pretty much equates to half of what drew brees did, yet brees had to take a back seat in the pro bowl.

  6. He should have been on the roster in the first place. While RGIII is an outstanding young player, Brees’ body of work, leadership and abilities put him in the same class as Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady. The only thing that kept him out was Roger Goodell’s vendetta against the Saints and Brees’s unwavering support of his teammates and coaches, who, is now appears got railroaded!

  7. I’m not really up on pro bowl rosters but in my book, Russell Wilson deserves it. Hope he made it.

    Volume stats like yards are weak sauce. I know because my team used to have a “stat pretty” QB named Drew Bledsoe. It’s one reason why I have so much respect for Aaron Rodgers. He doesn’t throw for that many yards (considering the yardage proliferation these days) but he has a huge amount of TDs and a small amount of INTS. Those are more important…efficiency stats.

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