Jake Locker’s getting left shoulder fixed today


While we doubt it gets (or deserves), the play-by-play treatment of Robert Griffin III’s knee surgery this morning, Titans quarterback Jake Locker is getting a little work done today as well.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Locker is having his left shoulder repaired. He dislocated his non-throwing shoulder twice this season.

Wyatt says the Titans are hoping to have him back by May. Locker clearly wasn’t the same player when he returned from the injury, as a rough finish created doubt about the future of coach Mike Munchak.

But Munchak got another year, and now he hopes to have a healthy quarterback to pin his hopes on.

Meanwhile, we’re wondering what the NFL Network would get if it crossed Dr. Oz with Albert Breer-on-a-lockout-street-corner for minute-by-minute surgical updates.

9 responses to “Jake Locker’s getting left shoulder fixed today

  1. As a Titans fan, I really want Jake Locker to succeed … not only from a success of the team point of view, but he seems like a real down-to-earth, nose-to-the-grindstone kinda guy … the anti-Vince Young, if you will …

    but … damnit, he’s gotta get better at throwing the ball …

  2. As a Husky fan, I can tell you Locker is the real deal. As a Seahawk fan, I wonder how much success R.Wilson is having based in large part over the team being so good around him.

    We KNOW Matt is a great QB, yet he hasn’t been very good for the Titans. Johnson complains about the same thing, maybe Titans need to upgrade their team before judging Locker.

  3. One thing to add – R.Wilson was not having a great year the first 4 games or so, and they changed the offense up and it made all the difference. That is good coaching.

    It changed for R. Wilson on a dime, and I wonder how much is Jake vs. outside issues. Jake was a great QB here at Washington – I still say Titans have a real great they can work with.

  4. Jake clearly has NFL talent – he showed it in the Detroit shootout and when the Titans brought in Tom Moore is began to show as well. The Titans are going to be good with Locker.

  5. Locker was “great” at UW only in the minds of the Husky fan base. The truth of the matter is that he never even made second team all-conference at UW–merely honorable mention.

    His passing stats at UW and in the NFL speak for themselves. As a senior, he was one of the least productive QBs in the conference. The team did better as they took the ball out of his hands, reducing his passing attempts by one-third during the last half of the season.

    The fact that he is a better all-around guy than Vince Young does not mean that he will last any longer in the NFL than VY did.

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