Jets G.M. search moves to Jimmy Raye

With the Chargers choosing not to elevate director of player personnel Jimmy Raye to the position of G.M., the Jets are now considering San Diego’s second choice for the top job for the New York team that plays second fiddle to the Giants.

Per multiple reports, Raye is the latest name to be added to the G.M. search with the Jets.

Though Raye could indeed end up being the answer, the current perception in league circles is that the Jets are having a hard time filling the job.  As one league source put it fairly bluntly, the Jets are “screwed.”

They initially were believed to be ready to hire 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble.  But word on the street is that Gamble’s interview didn’t go well.  And while that shouldn’t necessarily matter to a guy’s ability to find players, it’s the primary tool for screening candidates for these jobs.  Also, the inability to interview well won’t go over well for a team that is blessed/cursed by so much media attention.

The Jets wanted Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell, who took the Jacksonville job.  And before they could get themselves in position to get Colts director of player personnel Tom Telesco, he picked the Chargers.

In the end, the winner could be coach Rex Ryan.  If the Jets can’t find someone to whom owner Woody Johnson feels confident turning over the keys to the car, Johnson could decide to hire a G.M. who wouldn’t be Ryan’s boss but his right-hand man.

Actually, that arrangement probably would work a lot better than having a G.M. who wants to hire his own coach and who is biding his time until a case can be made to fire Ryan.

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  1. When you say Gamble’s interview “didn’t go well”, you seem to be assuming it was Gamble who wasn’t good.

    Maybe “didn’t go well” meant that once Gamble found at the he would basically be second fiddle to a bad coach, he wasn’t able to act interested in taking the job.

    There three options sitting in front of Johnson this offseason: fire Tannebaum and Ryan, fire Ryan and not Tannebaum, or fire Tannebaum and not Ryan.

    Is it any surprise he picked easily the worst of those options?

  2. This is a joke. The Chargers themselves had a GM opening and specifically chose not to promote this guy who worked for them for years. And now the Jets are interested. LOL

  3. Even though the Chargers didn’t hire Raye doesn’t mean he is a bad choice. It just means Telesco was better to them. I heard a lot of good things about Raye around San Diego and was actually rooting for him for the Chargers.

  4. No one wants to work with the crazy one, maybe it’s time to fire the Coach. You’d find a GM then.

  5. Is this the same Jimmy Raye who got fired from SF for not being able to speak clearly among other things?

  6. Looks like the jets are being left at the alter…. again. Nobody wants to join this train wreck.

    It’s gonna being interesting to see what they roll out next season.

  7. The Chargers went 7 and 9 vs the Jets 6 and 10. This guy was rejected by the Chargers but is the leading candidate for the Jets GM? In what universe does that make any sense?

  8. As others speculate, my guess is that Gamble, as one of the more sought after GM candidates out there, actually wanted the authority of a GM if indeed he was to have the responsibility of a GM

    Woody Johnson had already made it clear that the Jets are only interested in a weak and neutered GM

    If Gamble refused to accept that demand of the Jets (and why would he?) then one could expect “the interview did not go well)

    The Jets should have many choices if they are seeking a meek, sub par GM candidate.

  9. JSpicoli:
    I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Jimmy Raye Sr. He was at one time an assistant coach in SF. Jimmy Raye Jr. has worked in the Personnel Department for the Chargers for several years.

  10. When Raye was director of college scouting for Chargers, they got Brees and LT in the same draft, then 5 Pro Bowlers in another (’04)

    So Raye was in charge of college scouting when SD got: Merriman, Sproles, Castillo, Brees, Rivers, LT, Michael Turner, Nick Hardwick

    More of Raye’s picks from SD: Nick Hardwick (pro bowl C), Shaun Phillips (pro bowl DE) and Nate Kaeding (pro bowl K), Vincent Jackson (PBWR)

    Do any Chargers fans know the reason they passed him up? Seems like a legit prospect.

  11. Response to peep touchers:

    Jimmy Rae III is well respected in San Diego for his ability to find talented players and was rumored to be the future GM of the Chargers

    I think Spanos was just blown away when they interviewed Telesco so they went with him but they clearly want to retain Rae.

    In addition to the players you mentioned Rae was involved in finding undrafted free agents Antonio Gates and Chris Dielman.

  12. Woody Johnson is keeping Rex Ryan, as the head coach no matter if the GMs like it or not. Rex Ryan will be picking the players in this year’s NFL draft in Apail, if no GM is hired. He wanted to clean house his way. What makes a coach and GM look bad, is that the players are not doing their job right. Bill Belicrap of NE looks good because the players are doing their jobs. I put the blame on the players, not Rex Ryan. Get rid of the lazy ones on the offensive line.

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