John Abraham returns to practice on a limited basis


As the Falcons prepare for the fourth playoff game of the Matt Ryan era (and, hopefully for them, the first postseason win), one of the team’s key defensive players is moving closer to being available for the game.

Defensive end John Abraham, who sprained an ankle during a meaningless Week 17 loss to the Bucs, returned to practice Wednesday, on a limited basis.  The fact that he even can walk 10 days after the injury is good news; it looked like an ugly injury when it happened.

Also limited on Wednesday was safety William Moore, who has a hamstring injury.  Safety Charles Mitchell (calf) and cornerback Christopher Owens (hamstring) did not practice.

Absent from the injury report was cornerback Dunta Robinson, who suffered a concussion in the regular-season finale.  He has since received full clearance to return to action.

The Falcons host the fifth-seeded Seahawks on Sunday.

16 responses to “John Abraham returns to practice on a limited basis

  1. The ATL gonna need this guy right and healthy….you got a game this weekend dirty birds. Hawk vs. Black bird? Haven’t seen this one on YouTube yet, but I would figure it would be the hawk. BTW, isn’t the crow a trash bird?

  2. Despite playing one of the hottest teams in the NFL yet again (Arizona 4 yrs ago; Packers 2 yrs ago; Giants last year), the Falcons do have a lot going for them.

    Looks like the Falcons will be at nearly 100% full strength (RIP, 2012 Brent Grimes, you are VERY sorely missed).

    Seahawks banged up, traveling 7K miles in a week.

    They’ll need every bit of an edge going against the Hawks. Should be an awesome game.

  3. Just glad we did not have to play at Fed Ex field last week. Atleast we will get to play home for the next two weeks!

  4. @daknight93

    And He lead ALL DE in SACKS!!! Lol
    Go Falcons!
    Ill wait to here all excuses on behalf of the Seahawks after the game!

    Just keep in mind
    Payton & Eli Manning &
    Drew Brees! Beet em all! Russell Wilson ain’t nothing we haven’t seem B4!

  5. Hawks O is gonna take care of business, I don’t see the falcons D being able to stop them all game long… I see a RW driving the Seahawks down the field on the final drive in the 4th quarter for the win… Seahawks 21
    falcon 16

  6. Don’t discount the Falcons motivation to shut up the critics. Also, don’t discount all the Hawks mega-travel AND the game being at 10am Seahawks time.

    This might just be the Falcons year. Maybe. 😉

  7. @ebrownwareagle…Abraham leads all DE in sacks…LOL!! regular season success means absolutely nothing…The Real season starts Sunday for falcons…Lose Sunday and your regular season success was a failure..Falcon fans, please stop the rise up’s old and slow just like Abraham

  8. John Abraham is a monster and has been his whole career. That being said Russell Okung has shut down every top tier pass rusher (Al Smith twice, Allen, Peppers, Ware and the list goes on) RT AND RG are the weak spots is pass protection but they excel at running the ball. This is going to be a close hard fought game between two really good teams. I would have said we had an edge in special teams but we lost our steady kicker to Fedex field.

  9. I’m afraid we may be in some trouble this Sunday. If old Abe is not at full strength we are going to have a really long day. It pains me to say it but we may have the eventual NFC SB participant in The dome this Sunday I just don’t know which bird it will be

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