McElroy: Pay no attention to the circus behind the curtain


A year ago, third-string quarterback Greg McElroy unloaded on his own team, talking about “extremely selfish individuals” and a “really corrupt mindset within the locker room.”

To hear how much things changed, you’d think the Jets were still in the playoffs, instead of home after a 6-10 season.

During an interview with Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio, McElroy said the perception of the organization being a circus wasn’t accurate.

It wasn’t at all,” McElroy said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “A lot of people assumed things weren’t terrible. It wasn’t the case.”

McElroy also supported fired offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, even though his one start with Sparano calling the plays resulted in 11 sacks and a concussion.

“I have a lot of respect for Tony Sparano,” McElroy said. “I think he’s a tremendous man. I think he’s a tremendous football mind and I was really blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him for this past year. . . .

“I respect and admire him. I really enjoyed working with him and I always will wish him the best. I’ll be a Tony Sparano fan for as long as I’m around.”

McElroy’s willingness to pull back the curtain on the Jets last year revealed him as one of the few honest players, willing to hang his name next to controversial remarks.

By backing a coordinator who was a flop by their standards, he has again set himself apart.

9 responses to “McElroy: Pay no attention to the circus behind the curtain

  1. Brian Schottenheimer was last years scapegoat for brutal quarterback play. Now it’s Sparano’s turn. Only so much a coordinator can do when you’ve got no quarterback to work with.

  2. You know what do you want McElroy to say..should he blast sparano? If he does then you would blast him as kicking someone after they were liked him when he blasted the jets but when he defends them you say he sets himself he is only right when he calls them fools..

  3. This article is proof that the media is part of the problem

    Mccelroy clearly states the jets lacked the selfish drama seen past year and the title of the story not only misleads it actually leads in the opposite direction

  4. I like this kid. I’m not saying he is a good NFL QB (still unknown) but the kid seems to have his head screwed on tight and provides frank, honest answers. I’d rather they (all teams) kept internal issues internal instead of throwing teammates under the bus but at least this guy is gives an honest opinion. Others throw people under the bus to make themselves look better. That’s not been the case with McElroy

  5. Note to NFL teams…it’s probably best not to hire ex-oline coaches with no prior play calling experience…see the Jets with Sparano and the Bears with Mike Tice as evidence. Both seam like good guys but shoot neither of them can call a game to save their lives. I get Tice had talent issues on the Bears oline and Sparano had talent issues at QB and no WR but both are very predictable and do not properly emphasize the pieces they do have. Maybe a generalization but I think your best OCs come up through the QB coach ranks.

  6. This guy seems to be the only proefessional on this team at this point.

    The last time he blasted the team, he put his name to it. He is trying to be a leader right now.

    If only he was a better QB, he would be penciled in as starter right now.

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