New kicker remembers a bygone era of Seahawks


The new Seahawks kicker was dropping some old names Wednesday.

Ryan Longwell, who was signed to replace the injured Steven Hauschka, grew up in nearby Puyallup, Wash., and remembers a different era of Seahawks stars.

“Kind of growing up a Seahawks fan, and watching games in the Kingdome with my grandpa and stuff, it’s kind of an honor to put on the helmet that you grew up watching,” Longwell said, via the Seattle Times. “I grew up here watching the hydroplanes, watching the Seahawks, the Mariners and the Sonics back then. I grew up a huge fan of [Steve] Largent, [Jim] Zorn and those guys, so the opportunity to come back was awesome.”

His teammates then pulled out their new-fangled computer-phone devices and looked up Steve Largent’s Wikipedia page.

While the 38-year-old Longwell hasn’t kicked in the league since being released by the Vikings in May, he has been in shape. He said he was preparing to run a marathon in Orlando this weekend, so he should be able to handle the cardiovascular exertion of kicking extra points.

And Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Longwell’s experience more than makes up for the time he’s been away from the game.

“When you look at Ryan’s background, the great experience he’s had, the time he’s had in playoff situations and all of that, to make this transition for a younger guy might be more of an issue, and we think he can handle that,” Carroll said. “Some of our coaches have been with him before and knew him very well — a very even-keeled guy, a true professional and all that.”

He’s also an old professional, with five years on the next-oldest player on their roster, just-signed defensive end Patrick Chukwurah. The Seahawks have just eight players on their roster in their 30s, and there are teammates who weren’t even born when Largent retired.

19 responses to “New kicker remembers a bygone era of Seahawks

  1. Great acquisition! This guy is money. Seattle fans not familiar with him – picture Jimmy Chitwood from “Hoosiers”….if put in the big spot..”I’ll make it!”

    May sacrifice some distance on kickoffs, but will be worth it.

  2. Growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, we liked the teams near us, naturally (Saints, Oilers, and sometimes Cowboys). After that, it was based on uniforms; I liked the Buccaneers, Eagles, Cardinals, Packers, and Seahawks. The Largent/Zorn Seahawks in blue and silver kicked butt.

  3. haha what era? The Browns have had more QB’s in the last 5 years than the Seahawks have players in their “ring of honor”

  4. Better than Cundiff for clutch kicks…..right?

    The original…..Curt Warner……yes

  5. Yea and in 15 years they will be looking up the current players
    losers and still no Superbowl

  6. I don’t understand how Cundiff is better than Longwell? The 9ers could have signed this guy but preferred Cundiff even though he has made only 64% of his attempts this year (I believe). Good signing by the hawks.

    My best memories of the hawks before I hated them and had to pay attention to them was Steve Largent making big plays on MNF and the call against the Jets when Erikson was the coach that kept them from going to the playoffs. The King Dome was largely empty and there was no 12th man. Congrats to the Seahawks for turning things around quite a bit. This division will be the toughest in football for quite some time. Let’s meet up in the Championship Game and settle the season series; it won’t be like last game.

  7. If im San Fran Im rooting for ATL on sunday, you know you don’t want another dose of the hawks. But Get by the Pack first before you worry about the Hawks.

  8. Lol..Seattle
    Bwahahahhahajajaja….This team is the staple of mediocrity..No history lames..should be called the Seattle orowheats cause thats just what they are…plain

  9. hendeeze says:
    Jan 9, 2013 8:18 PM
    haha what era? The Browns have had more QB’s in the last 5 years than the Seahawks have players in their “ring of honor”

    That’s a much bigger insult to the Browns than the Hawks.

  10. On behalf of the real and true 49er fans, please ignore anything this child “norcalmafia” posts. A true football fan brings something to the table regarding football. This guy only posts insults and juvenile comments. He, if it is a he, is an embarrassment to the real 49er fans on this site. And he cannot speak of the history of this team as he probably wasn’t even born when the 49ers won all the titles.

    He is infatuated with the Seahawks for some reason. For every 1 post on a 49er page, there are 10 on the Seahawk pages. To constantly post attacks to the fans and the city of Seattle are proof he is a boy amongst men.

    Hey “norcalmafia”, grow up and leave the football conversations to us. Go play badminton or something.

    Sincerely – All real 49er football fans (who have been part of the legacy of this team)

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