Panthers name Dave Gettleman general manager

From the moment Ernie Accorsi was brought in to consult on the Panthers general manager search, Dave Gettleman became a favorite for the job.

Wednesday, he became the Panthers’ General Manager.

The team announced the move moments ago.

“I was very impressed with Dave’s experience and think he will be a very good fit for our organization,” Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said in a statement.  “He has an extensive background in personnel and comes from an organization in the New York Giants that I hold in high regard and he played an instrumental role in their success.”

Gettleman was most recently the Giants’ senior pro personnel analyst, after being director of pro personnel.

The fact he had more than simply a personnel background was important to the Panthers in their search, as he was replacing a G.M. (Marty Hurney) who came up through a cap-and-contract background.  The Panthers wanted a manager as much as a scout, and Gettleman is widely hailed as a solid choice among personnel sources (a notoriously fickle lot).

The job has its challenges, as he doesn’t get to pick his own head coach, and inherits a team that’s roughly $16 million over the cap next year.

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18 responses to “Panthers name Dave Gettleman general manager

  1. Would’ve been happy with either him or Ross. Now that the search is over, they can go about figuring out the best roster to put forth come April, and get some of those vacant positional coaches hired.

    Copy and paste this into your brains, because the 2013 Panthers are gonna make the playoffs. Heard it with your eyeballs here first.

  2. Great hire. Gettleman has a very diverse background and has been my favorite target for quite some time.

    Has been involved in many different aspects of many successful teams and am looking forward to seeing what he does here.

  3. Great hire!

    Item 1, figure out what to do with big contracts like Chris Gamble, Jon Beason/James Anderson, and several other veterans to get the cap back to normal

  4. Bad news Panthers fans, you picked the wrong NYG scout. Gettleman is a LB’s scout. If you haven’t looked at our roster in awhile, I’ll just tell you that the last LB we drafted that was worth anything was Jesse Armstead about 9 million years ago. Since then, the road has been littered with Bryan Kehls.

  5. I’m sorry, but accepting this job without being allowed to make the most important decision a GM makes – head coach – puts you into the “yes man” category. Jerry Richardson is still is acting as the GM, otherwise he wouldn’t have made the decision to keep Rivera less than a week before making this hire. I’m not disappointed in our new GM, but, at least from a PR standpoint, hire the GM and then let him announce he’s keeping Rivera. Now there will always be the potential perception that Rivera’s not “his guy” which could breed divisiveness. This was a poorly managed timeline of events – but hey, the Panthers never could manage the clock.

  6. The Panthers could have done a lot worse, but Jim Popp would have been a better hire I believe. Popp has a proven record of finding talent and with the Panthers’ upcoming cap situation, a guy who can find those diamonds in the rough that play for entry-level money would be very beneficial.

  7. Was there any doubt that the new GM would be from the Giants? I wish him well, but I don’t know enough about him to comment. All of you that call Jerry Richardson a bad owner are totally ignorant. One of my first memories of football was JR catching a TD from Johnny U. My Dad said “That guy is from Wofford”. Since I was only 4, he went on to explain that he was a homeboy. Barry Switzer didn’t even know where Charlotte was until he came here and got his a**s whipped. I don’t agree with every move he has ever made but the man deserves respect. Who did you like before there was a team here? Thank you Mr. Richardson for getting us in the NFL.

  8. Great I’m excited about this new GM, maybe he can fix Marty’s mess. Aside from having a new GM. Rivera needs to stop coaching scared. I understand playing safe, but don’t take your foot off the peddle win you have a team down, and for Christ sakes, take a chance go for it on 4th and inches, have confidence in your team to get the job done. As a coach if you don’t have that confidence that your team needs as a leader it shows, and it shows with the Panthers record. If Rivera reads this comment and takes it to heart, I can easily see the Panthers at worst 8-8.

  9. I figured Gettleman or Ross was going to get the job, and I would have been happy with either one. I don’t see Rivera already in place as an issue – he and the team got better as the season progressed. I’m looking forward to Gettleman finding some real players late in the draft, as the Broncos did with Terrell Davis and the Giants with Ahmad Bradshaw, both when Gettleman was with those teams.

    I heard somewhere that if we cut Chris Gamble and Jon Beason and restructure Jordan Gross (and hopefully move him to RT) after June 1, we’ll be under the cap. I like those guys, but we won late in the season without them. We also need to get rid of DeAngelo or Stewart. Either one will do, Tolbert is a better second option. Hopefully Gettleman is going to hire a cap-ologist quickly.

    I feel good about the future of my team. Let’s hope we get a good draft, a good start to the season and go on to bigger and better things.

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