Report: Bill Cowher has turned down several coaching interviews

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Bill Cowher said on Tuesday that he thinks he’ll eventually coach again. But he’s telling the teams with vacancies this year that his return won’t be soon.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Cowher has been contacted by several NFL teams that are looking for a head coach, but that Cowher has told all of those teams he’s not interested in interviewing for their head-coaching vacancies. The Browns were mentioned as one team that may have been interested in Cowher’s services, but that interest is apparently not mutual.

If Cowher does return, it’s not going to be this year — and maybe not for four or five years. Cowher is apparently happy living and working in New York City and likes the hours of a CBS studio analyst.

That raises the question of what it would take for Cowher to return to the sidelines. If he likes the more comfortable life of working in television, would he be willing to go back to the long hours and high stress of coaching?

Maybe eventually he’ll get the desire to see if he can lead another team to the Super Bowl. But it doesn’t sound like that’s coming any time soon.

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  1. Contrast this with Jon Gruden’s desperate “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE!!!” routine.

    We love ya, Coach Cowher. Do what you want to do. If you never coach again, you’ll still leave a fine legacy.

  2. Why would you hire someone who is happy doing a cushy job and would end up despising having to work hard again? Yeah he’ll return to coaching…after CBS finally dumps him for being a poor analyst. Like I said before, he’s overated-Tomlin exposed that. His sucess was generated by the front office.

  3. I wouldn’t want to hire a coach who’s been out of the game for 10 years no matter what he did back in the old days. The game is going to pass him by.

  4. Can’t imagine he’d be interested in a complete rebuild scenario….and Belichick, McCarthy, John Fox, etc.. don’t appear to be going anywhere soon.
    My guess is he’ll be the Giants coach in a couple years, thinking Coughlin will move on.

  5. You answered your own question – – he’s “apparently happy living and working in New York City”. Everyone thinks it will be once Coughlin retires . . . but will Rex get fired before that happens?

  6. When other coaches and players retire with more recent on the field glory then Cowher might fall further off the radar as an analyst. He is certainly not as energetic a commentator as Gruden, Ditka, Dungy, Madden, Johnson, etc. I am surprised he is not interested in the Bears job, with the pieces they have in place.

  7. If I were a betting man, I’d say he’s patiently waiting for the Giants job to open up in a few years. He’s not looking to take a franchise in shambles and rebuild it, he wants another ring.

  8. At least some teams are calling him. Unlike the ESPN analyst who has his friends putting his name out there.

    This is getting worse than the media generated Favre hypes.

  9. He wants a turnkey operation where he comes in as the conquering hero and does not have to turn around a team, which is why you normally go out and get a new coach anyway. Next time someone leaves a successful operation due to burnout, his name will pop up again. NY Giants?

  10. People forget he was close to taking a job, in Carolina I believe, before his wife’s passing. That’s probably had a large continuing effect on him to this day. I think maybe the idea of coaching again is a way to connect to his past, but something he will never go back to.

  11. He will return to the Steelers as the assistant HC and we will continue our path of glorious championship winning.

  12. Cower is washed up and playing the dangle my name and keep my name in the news because my ego needs it. Get with you ARP buddies and grab another cold one Bill and tell us how good you used to be, and how others should do things, because your days have passed as anyone with any sense call see!

  13. If he is waiting for the giants job, why not come in as a coordinator? I know it may be beneath him, but really why not do that and at least get in the organization, maybe be assistant head coach. He wants the giants, I’m sure the giants want him when Coughlin is done, why not start a plan of secession?

  14. Cleveland Browns to Bill Cowher…. Bill would you be interested in coaching the Browns? Bill Cowher to the Cleveland Browns…. I would, but im planning on masturbating with a cheese grader, so im going to be pretty busy.

  15. Did he pass on “jobs” or the cleveland job?

    If I was sitting out 5 years waiting for the right spot, Cleveland isn’t it.

    IMO, the browns should be focusing on getting an up and coming guy

  16. I like Cowher, but can’t help but wonder if the game isn’t passing him by while he apparently waits for the right job to open up.

    The only coach who ever took a long layoff and came back successfully was Dick Vermeil. If Cowher does take another coaching job, I wish him the same success.

  17. The Giants argument makes more sense than the Carolina Panthers job. Cowher moved to New York City after his wife passed from cancer. He moved to Raleigh after coaching the Steelers with his wife since they are both NCST alums. His girlfriend lives in NYC.

    As a Steelers fan, Cowher was never as hard on his players as the media said (he never fined a player, ever- ask Plaxico Burress). Yet, he still went to AFC title games with Neil O’Donnell (Super Bowl, too), Kordell Stewart and the playoffs with Mike Tomczak and Tommy Maddox.

    His biggest gaufe may have been running Dick LeBeau out of town after 1997. Even when he returned Cowher would not let him implement his exotic fronts…only when Tomlin became coach did this happen. That and not playing James Harrison over Clark Haggans.

  18. FinFan68 says:Jan 9, 2013 12:12 PM

    Why not just ask Coughlin when he plans on leaving?

    Because nobody wants to coach the giants and deal with their horrible fan base.

  19. The rumor over the past several years is that he covets the NY Giants HC position. I do agree with other posters that the game can pass you bye over a period of time, plus the fact that it would be difficult to get back into all that coaching entails after having a cushy network job (for a long period of time).

  20. Living in Chicago,and being a Bears fan.I am highly surprised he is not intrigued to come and coach the bears,maybe he wants his old job back in Pittsburgh…It will be a while before Tomlin gives that up though,LOL…

  21. The game never changes, Blocking-Tackling-Protecting the football remains the same. Schemes may change but fundamentals remain the same.

  22. The three teams that he had relationships with as a player or assistant coach, KC, Cleveland and Philly, all needed a coach this year. The fact that he didn’t interview for any of them shows that his interest level in being a head coach again is probably very low. Especially since KC and Cleveland were once widely thought to be his preferred landing spots.

  23. He is going to wait and see if he can make the HOF without having to coach again.

    He will end up making the Hall and not coaching. Mark my words.

  24. He’s not waiting for the Giants job. By the time Coughlin leaves in a few years, Eli will be in his twilight or retiring and my beloved team will be….gulp…. in complete rebuild mode. With the billions spent by Jerry Jones building one of the world’s most valuable franchises, it’s amazing that he hasn’t turned the keys over to Cowher yet.

  25. The only way Cowher returns to coaching is to a team with a great defense and a franchise quarterback and great front office where all he has to do is talk to the media after an easy win where he had nothing to do with it.

    The Patriots come to mind if Belichick would happen to get hit by a truck.

    Cowher wants nothing to do with finding a quarterback or rebuilding a team that stinks…like the Browns or Buffalo for example.

    Even the Steelers would not be on his list because their defense is old and finished and Roethlisberger has lost his arm strength and only throw interceptions to lose games in the last seconds.

  26. He needs to be careful. The NFL is constantly changing and the game could pass him by. In the 80s the Joe Gibbs coaching method was great. Joe Gibbs 2.0 was not nearly as successful and a lot of it was that the game had simply changed while he was gone. Cower won a Super Bowl with a running game and defense. When’s the last time that method was a Super Bowl?

  27. Him and his agent must have been sad because nobodys been bringing his name up lately…

    Face it Bill – you’re overrated and outdated, nobody cares.

  28. Why would he want to come back to any of the teams hiring this year ? Most of them are in awful shape and have lousy owners. There isn’t a good situation among them.

  29. He’s never coming back to be an NFL coach. He is done with that. He keeps leaving the door partially open for a bargaining chip to assure he gets top dollar from CBS. Cowher is 55 years old. Anyone really believe that when he is in his 60’s he is going to want to go back to the grind of being an NFL head coach? Seriously doubt that!

  30. One of the teams calling was probably Detroit but the conversation ended after Ford Sr said “… you’ll be working closely with Martin Mayhew.”

  31. he is waiting for the giants he is a franchise coach steelers for 12 years thats the long haul eli has 6-7 strong years left coughlin probably retires after this season

  32. I’m surprised that he doesn’t seem interested in the San Diego opening. I know he wanted to draft Rivers over Roethlisberger back in 2004, but he got scooped up to the Giants and traded to the Chargers before the Steelers could pick him. I’ve always been under the impression that a coach will like his job as much as he likes his quarterback.

    Maybe this is a sign that he thinks that Rivers’ last two seasons weren’t an anomoly and that he really is “broken.” Then again, this is just baseless speculation, so maybe it means nothing.

  33. Didn’t Dick Vermeil leave football for many years and came back and won a Super Bowl with the Rams? Not saying Bill Cowher will but it has been done.

  34. @sdiegosteel
    Forget about replacing Rex Ryan. This guy has a possible Superbowl team, an elite (and future MVP) quarterback and, AND!, a top-5 defense. Oh! And a tattoo!
    Cowher is waiting for the Giants.

  35. osteelers says:Jan 9, 2013 12:54 PM

    The game never changes, Blocking-Tackling-Protecting the football remains the same. Schemes may change but fundamentals remain the same.
    Yeah, it’s not like success is predicated on which schemes you run, or anything ….. right?

    I mean, anybody can win in the NFL with a wishbone offense, right?

  36. His wife dies a couple of years ago so maybe he is waiting until his daughters (who are in university) are finished school. Who knows – maybe he enjoys the free time and living the dream. I am sure he will be back and if he’s not, I am sure it will be his choice and not that the game has past him by

  37. @stoolerz

    ” Like I said before, he’s overated-Tomlin exposed that. His sucess was generated by the front office.”

    I think you have it mixed up. Farrior, Ward, Miller, Smith, Roethlisberger, Polomalu, Hampton, = Cower Era. Tomlin has still been riding the coat tails of Cower but now these players are aged and retiring. The team is starting to fade. Cower lost players and reloaded. Year after year. Maybe your a bandwagon jumper or a young person who wasn’t a Steelers fan during Cower’s days. Tomlin got his ring from Cower’s work. See Dungy/Gruden

  38. I don’t get the Carolina thing. Not that he couldn’t end up coaching there eventually, but that job was open two years ago and he didn’t show any interest in it.

  39. did some of you forget the Carolina job was open year-before-last? If Cowher didn’t want it then, why do you think he wants it now? He would only come out from in front of the cameras for only a select few jobs, the obvious of course being NYG…

  40. Report: Bill Cowher has turned down several coaching interviews

    He’s waiting to see if Jim Schwartz rebounds with the Lions. If not, he’ll be interested. Everyone knows how generous Mr. Ford is. After all, he threw milions after millions at Mutt Millen, the worst GM in the history of the NFL.

  41. The rumor has been that Cowher is interested in the Giants job after Coughlin leaves, but if Cowher wants full control of personnel, he won’t get that with the Giants.

    I think the Carolina job makes more sense for him if they decide to make a change next year.

  42. broncostevenp says:

    Cowher has made it very clear to his inner circle that if the Bears called…he’d listen.


    And then he will laugh at that joke of an ownership.

  43. I understand him waiting, I heard last week that he is paid $3.4M/year by CBS, that some nice cash.

    I beleive Bettis, that he waiting until the NY Giants job is open.

  44. I don’t know, that is what I am hearing from his inner circle. Franchise QB and running game, and a top rated Defense. The only thing missing is a good offensive line.

  45. The only way he’s going to coach again is if he winds up needing a job.

    Has there ever been an example of a coach being out of the game for 10 years (give or take) and then doing well when they came back?

    Joe Gibbs was a way better coach than Bill Cowher and his comeback didn’t turn out so great.

    I think there was a time Bud Wilkinson tried to come back to coaching after an extended time off (Cardinals?) and got fired in less than 2 years.

  46. Even though other teams tried to talk to Cowher and were also roundly rejected, it just wouldn’t be PFT without taking an easy, snarky swipe at the Browns- which is, of course, the reason they’re the only team mentioned by name.

  47. Bill is in the rare position of being able to choose where he wants to go and what he wants to do. I don’t think he’d ever choose to coach in the same division with the Steelers. He grew up a Steelers fan in Pittsburgh and still has good relationships with the Rooneys. I’d expect him to go to an NFC team, if possible, and imagine–as others have said–that he’s waiting for an opportunity with either the Giants or Panthers. As he’s said, he still watches film and stays involved with the game. If Dick Vermeil could make a successful coaching comeback after years in the booth, so can Cowher.

  48. Most coaches get stale after five or six years IN the job. Cowher won a Super Bowl in his 14th season as head coach. Only three other coaches have done that, and only one other in the last 30 years. (As a Patriots fan, my fingers won’t let me type his name.)

    He was able to adapt and succeed before, he’d be able to return and coach at a high level again. After all, being a commentator, he’s been watching a whole lot of football, so it’s not like he’d be seeing anything new to him.

  49. Cowher got to the champ game w/ Kordell…he’s the best coach my eyes ever saw and I know this game. But the last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it…

  50. The game never changes, Blocking-Tackling-Protecting the football remains the same. Schemes may change but fundamentals remain the same.
    Yeah, it’s not like success is predicated on which schemes you run, or anything ….. right?

    I mean, anybody can win in the NFL with a wishbone offense, right?


    I hate to tell you this, but the read option is a form of the veer…a.k.a. Wishbone. So yes, it was used to win in the NFL this year with the Panthers, Seahawks, and Redskins.

  51. you People say he doesn’t wanna start with a rebuliding sitch. Wouldn’t rule the NY football giants rebuilding by then

  52. I think Reese would go more modern once Coach Coughlin decides he wants to call it quits.

    I can understand Cowher wanting the Giants job for obvious reasons.

  53. @jeremycrowhurst – If it makes you feel any better, I can confidently say that Giants’ nation is rooting for the Pats to route the entire playoff field and win the SB for two reasons. First, it makes our Lombardis glisten brighter knowing that the Pats still “got it”. Second, it will be a juicy side story next SB when we dethrone your rear ends in our stadium!

  54. A Bill Cowher interview aired Wednesday on a Pittsburgh TV station, and he didn’t sound like a man eager to get back to coaching.
    He said only if he got the “itch” to coach would he return. He made it clear, however, that no itch exists…

  55. Chower (yes, I did that on purpose ) has never impressed me. He benefited from a very lame division that they would win just falling off the bus, then quickly died once they played real teams in the playoffs.

    He has been gone long enough for people to stop mentioning his name when coaching jobs are available so now he puts out an unsolicited sound bite that he “will coach again”.


  56. Cowher is too old and lazy to take on an actual challenge like coaching, especially if it is a coaching position that would require him to work.

    When he replaced Chuck Noll, he was handed a team in very good condition.

    As such, he has no history of actually making the major improvements necessary to turn a non-winning team – even one with considerable player talent like the current edition of my beloved Cleveland Browns.

    It is for that reason alone that I am relieved he will not be the Browns head coach.

    Let’s hope the Browns hire a coach who can and will do what Cowher NEVER did, and never had to do.

  57. tv426:
    That “lame division” got Bill Belichick fired in Cleveland.

    When Cowher replaced Noll in 1992, he was handed a team that was irrelevant. The rest is history: 161-99-1.

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