Report: Eagles interested in Brian Kelly


After getting perhaps direct preparation for the job (i.e., facing an actual NFL team in the BCS title game), Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly may be ready to coach an NFL team of his own.

One team reportedly thinks so.  According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles are interested in Kelly.

ESPN takes it one step farther.  Per Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter, the Eagles already have met with Kelly.  Currently, Kelly is out of the country; discussions may continue when he returns.

Per ESPN, the interest is mutual.

It’s no surprise.  Philly already has interviewed two college coaches (Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brien), both of whom chose to stay in college.  The Eagles also wanted to interview former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone, who became the Bills coach before that could happen.

Kelly has been successful at each of his college stops, most recently taking Notre Dame to a 12-0 regular season and a berth in the championship game.  With a rabid national fan base, intense media attention, and various competing constituencies in South Bend, the Notre Dame coach arguably is the closest thing to an NFL coach that college football has.

This news comes as another coach with ties to Notre Dame, Jon Gruden, reportedly is interested in coaching the Eagles, but the Eagles apparently aren’t interested in him.

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  1. Why not? Notre Dame’s embarrassing loss to Alabama Monday proved they didn’t deserve to be there, and Kelly’s value as a coach can only go down from here.

    Might as well take the offer while it’s still open.

  2. Chris Mortesen is reporting that he already interviewed with the Eagles. Hope he stays with the Irish and avenged the loss in the National Championship.

  3. For gods sake, call cower and gruden and see what they say. Otherwise get Gus Bradley who can fix the D. And stop messin around with these reach coaches.

  4. Wow don’t even know what to say…. I’m really starting to worry about the direction of this team.

  5. This might seem funny after Monday’s game, but Kelly makes every team he coaches and every QB he mentors better than they were before. Wouldn’t be a bad choice, but like the others he actually has to want to coach in the NFL.

  6. Brian Kelley will be HC at Notre Dame for quite a while. He has some outstanding recruits coming in, Brian isn’t going anywhere. He doesn’t need an ego trip like Chip Kelly in Oregon. Chip was never going to leave Oregon, it was all an ego trip.

  7. Howie wants to be sure he hires a coach with little or no NFL experience. That way, the new coach will be less likely to usurp Howie’s power. That’s exactly why coaches like Gruden and Cowher won’t even be considered.

  8. If they want a real college coach, pick someone out of the SEC, not one of those high school teams.

  9. I feel like we really missed the boat by not signing Doug Marrone when we had the chance. I think he’s going to be a special HC. Buffalo probably deserves it after all their year in the basement….

  10. Jeff and Howie, don’t listen to Jason Whitlock!!!

    Just because he thinks Brian Kelly is the best coach for any NFL team it doesn’t mean he’s right.

    You need REAL NFL experience!!!

    Go ask Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh!!!

    If not, go look at Greg Schiano. That 7-9 record so made the Bucs have filled up seats and a playoff spot.

  11. Well, Kelly did sweep his Big 10 games this year. Any chance Purdue and Michigan can move to the Eagles division?

  12. Brian kelly looked his prior team in the eyes and told them there was no truth that he was interested in or would he leave them for Notre Dame. He looks out for himself and will do whatever he thinks is best for himself. nothing necessarily wrong with that. It is, however, why i like the other Kelly ( chip) so much more. He wouldn’t and didn’t play that game with his players- no promises.

  13. Uh…if you consider Alabama an NFL team, why is Brian Kelly the closest thing to an NFL coach in college football? Nick Saban would be closer to an NFL coach using your own reasoning. It also helps that Nick Saban was actually an NFL head coach, and coached for years in the NFL. Brian Kelly has no idea how an NFL team is coached. He’s more MAC than he is NFL.

    Steve Spurrier, Jim Mora, and Lane Kiffin were all head coaches in the NFL. David Shaw coached for many years in the NFL.

    If I did more research I could certainly find more NFL ready coaches that would be a better choice than Brian Kelly.

    I’m also racking my brain trying to figure out if any Notre Dame coach has ever proven to make a successful leap to NFL level to make the historical argument that a Notre Dame head coach. I can’t think of a one.

    Brian Kelly is no more closer to an NFL head coach than any college coach that has to answer to any level of media or fan base.

  14. greatone91569 says:Jan 9, 2013 8:47 PM

    Gruden was in philly today so don’t be so sure since it’s been added to every eagles post
    What, is he handing out flyers at Lincoln Financial?

  15. navyeoddavee9 says:
    Jan 9, 2013 8:45 PM
    Florio: Alabama as good as they are, cannot be compared to an NFL team.

    That was strictly tongue in cheek.

    I think.

    Wasn’t it, Mike?

  16. I smell a huge raise for Coach Kelly in South Bend. Pretty sure that is what’s going on here.

  17. Okay, they officially have a hard on for coaches with the last name Kelly. Are there any more coaches with that last name? How about Jim Kelly?

  18. I’m not a Cowboy fan but living in TX I “get” to watch all 16 of their games. Chuckie in Philadelphia would probably make 2 more of those games somewhat more entertaining. Added bonus would be that I wouldn’t have to listen to him slather his emotional lovebutter all over whichever team/player is currently on-screen.

  19. Pick someone who’s experienced. We are a notoriously fickle fan base and don’t want to wait around for a new coach to find his big league legs.

  20. Kelly has been a success everywhere. Central Michigan, Cincy, and now Notre Dame. He’s ready for the pro game. As an Eagles fan, I see no harm in interviewing him and wouldn’t mind him as a coach.

  21. Notre Dame wasn’t even ranked heading into the year. They played well above their talent level all year long until the championship game. That’s the sign of a good coach.

    No level of coaching could make up the talent difference between Alabama and ND. Coaches are supposed to get their players into position to make plays. That happened. But not even Manti Te’o could make the plays when he got there.

    That said, it’s too early for BK to go to the NFL. And this is coming from a Grand Valley State Lakers alum.

  22. The best head coaches in the NFL assemble good staffs, and are very organized. They trust the other coaches they put in place and are meticulous in their planning. Kelly would be an excellent head coach at any level. Anyone who looks at Monday Nights game and thinks because of that outcome he wouldn’t be a good NFL coach just does not get it.

  23. I’ll tell you why this report makes sense. Lurie likes stability but is more obsessive about it than the usual owner. He wantssomething like a 25 year coach. He’s used Cowher’s 15 years as example as what he wants in interviews/adresses. He let Andy go 14 years. The tumblers are lining up… He wants a young guy he can get for a longgggg time.

    Probably then, truth to the rumors he hasn’t contaced Gruden.

    Smoke and fire?

    The problem is, Luries is rather close-minded obsessive about the super-long-term idea of a coach. Any fan would take 4 years of a veteran (fill in the blank of your pick of veteran coach) who wins and rides off into the sunset after winning a championship.

    But Lurie? Nooooo. Never take that approach. And that’s the problem when you have a hide in the bunker mentality.

    We’re headed for another Andy: A guy who will be here at least 15 years and that’s that.

  24. great I hope he takes it so we can hear all the damers cry about it. plus it will be fun to see what happens to him the first time he gets in a pros face and screams at them the way he does college kids who have no choice but to take it.

  25. Grand Valley State, Kelly was 41-2 his last 3 years with 2 national championships. At Central Michigan 9-4 and won the MAC Championship his last year. At Cincy, 2 Big East titles, 12-0 his last year (he did not coach vs. Florida). And then at Notre Dame, takes a team not even in the Top 25 to the Championship at 12-0. His teams have overachieved based on talent. Good record of success everywhere. Time to go pro.

  26. Notre Dame was exposed, again, as over rated, lucky and not a top ten ream
    Their arrogance about remaining a quasi-independent is particularly galling.
    Get out while you are a hero, Kelly. You will come down to earth quickly if you choose to go to Phily.

  27. “the Notre Dame coach arguably is the closest thing to an NFL coach that college football has”

    I’d love to read the reasoning behind that statement. It reads like something the ND publicity department (as if the school needs one) and/or NBC and/or ESPN had in their pockets in case ND had won Monday night.

    IF there is an NFL-caliber coach in the college ranks, it’s Nick Saban, and we’re quite familiar with his record as an NFL head coach.

  28. He’s a smart man on and off the field. I’m sure while he was laying on the beach his agent called and told him either way he wins. Which in turn gets the agent more ducks. It’s a vicious game and the NFL teams are being made to look like fools and so are the colleges. The NCAA has rules for these poor players who eat ramen noodles because they aren’t fed well but these coaches can stretch the truth to a potential recruit while getting ready to jump ship? Should be rules for them as well!

  29. razorbyrd says: Jan 9, 2013 9:09 PM

    Howie needs to NOT be involved in football operations…


    Actually, Howie needs to NOT be involved at all!

  30. He is smart. He did NOT as some yahoo on here stated, tell his team he was in for the long haul at ND. He even stated at the BCS presser that though he loves ND and has the best job in COLLEGE, he has always been intrigued with the NFL. He should be. With that said, I see him staying at ND and coaching the #1 recruiting class in the country next year…money!

  31. ND vs. Alabama…reminds me of an old joke:
    What’s the difference between Cheerios and Notre Dame. Cheerios belong in a bowl!

    Anyway, I’m wondering how PFT is going to spin this story to make it Tebow’s fault. Hmmm…

  32. Rich Kotite is the right guy at the right time for the eagles!! Its time to bring KOTITE BACK!!!

  33. Did you ever stop and think that the Eagles are bring in more people to interview to do a fact finding mission. To see how different coaches run their teams, run their offenses or defenses.

    Also, I simply do not understand all this hype about Jon Gruden. He won the Superbowl but that was 10 years ago. He coached the Bucs for 6 years after the Superbowl and only made the playoffs twice.
    Has anyone really taken a look at the Bucs drafts when Gruden was the head coach. Also, could you honestly name a QB that he help grow. What ever happen to Chris Simms or Bruce Gradkowksi or Josh Johnson?

    I would be all for Gruden being the Eagles coach if he took over the team after the NFC Championship loses to Panthers and Cardinals but now. Gruden needs to have talent in place to be successful and besides McCoy I think the Eagles talent is pretty over-rated.

  34. this would be the best hire in eagles history if they hire the right coordinators for kelly!!!!! Hire Norv Turner as OC, mike martz as asst oc, Monte Kiffin or Lovie smith as DC and brian Dawkins a ST coordinator!!!

    the irish should then hire gruden as hc!!!!

    Kelly should bring back the kelly green eagles uni’s

  35. ace8842 says: Jan 9, 2013 10:01 PM

    Grand Valley State, Kelly was 41-2 his last 3 years with 2 national championships. At Central Michigan 9-4 and won the MAC Championship his last year. At Cincy, 2 Big East titles, 12-0 his last year (he did not coach vs. Florida). And then at Notre Dame, takes a team not even in the Top 25 to the Championship at 12-0. His teams have overachieved based on talent. Good record of success everywhere. Time to go pro.


    One thing you’re missing. He yells at those guys like they are 5 years old and the players have no choice but to take it. His style will never fly in the NFL. A grown man with millions in his bank account won’t take kindly to being talked down upon.

  36. Kelly is a great coach.The only reason they lost to Alabama is they don’t have the athletes Alabama does.He would be a great coach for the Eagles.I remember in the the late 1970s the Eagles hired a great coach from the college ranks who was very successful and his name is Dick Vermiel.

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