Report: Robert Griffin III out 6-8 months with complete ACL, LCL tears

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The final diagnosis appears to be in for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Griffin will undergo “total reconstruction” surgery early Wednesday morning to repair complete tears to his ACL and LCL. Dr. James Andrews will perform the surgery and he is expected to miss six to eight months. Mortensen reported at 1:03 a.m. ET that the surgery would take place in “about six hours” placing the actual time of the surgery somewhere around 7 a.m. ET.

Griffin left Sunday’s Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter after his right knee bent awkwardly trying to reel in a poor snap. It was already expected that Griffin was going to undergo surgery for at least partial tears of both ligaments but the extent of the damage appears to be greater than first thought.

The timetable of the injury could mean Griffin is ready to go in time for training camp in late July or that he could still be sidelined when the season begins in September.

275 responses to “Report: Robert Griffin III out 6-8 months with complete ACL, LCL tears

  1. So according to Shanahan he should be fired. Bob should’ve never been in the game in the 1st place. Even as an Eagles fan, you hate to see this happen to a franchise QB, especially when it could’ve been avoided in the 1st place.

  2. Brutal loss. But as Peterson showed this year an ACL tear is not the end of the world.

  3. According to the Redskins timetable, he should probably be ready for the Pro Bowl at the end of the month and any and all practices that take place in late spring and early summer.

  4. Time for Shanahan to go. Bring in Jon Gruden.. he may appear goofy on MNF but he is no joke when coaching football.. look up some of his sound FX’s this guy will tell griffin straight to his face that he needs to get his act together or he will be on the bench (I.e. needs to learn to slide, drop the ego). Griffin told shanahan “he wasn’t coming out” and Shanahan backed down. That’s why RG3 is injured now.

  5. Hope RGIII rehabs well but takes his time to heal completely. I’m sure all his fans want to see him back and playing as good as ever. Good luck ans God bless.

  6. Hope he has a complete recovery. He beat my Vikings this year almost by himself, and he is really fun to watch play football. Best of luck to him.

  7. such a bummer for such a great competitor, player. and by all accounts person. good luck RG3, know he will all he can to get ready.

  8. Well done, Shanahan. Well done. There’s not much else that needs to be said. I’m sure fans are very appreciative to you for destroying the knee of a once-in-a-lifetime franchise quarterback. Not like those come around very often.

  9. Thomas Davis tore the ACL in the same knee 3 times in a 2 year span. After the 3rd ACL tear, TD was ready to call it quits. Dr. Andrews preformed the surgery and Thomas Davis was able to make it a whole season without any injury.

    I have faith that DR. Andrews will get RG3 back on the field again.

    Go Panthers-
    Keep Pounding.

    Prayers for a healthy RG3 in 2013.

  10. As an eagles fan I pray for u. Hope u come 110 percent strong n keep killing defense’s. Fed ex field sucks just as the lincs ground I keep telling people.

  11. Well, this is terrible for the game. RGIII is an insane talent. Hope he can keep it all after a 2nd ACL surgery plus LCL surgery.

  12. Should be back by August. September by the latest. For a QB it shouldn’t take as long. I understand his legs are apart of his game but he should be back by then.

  13. Complete shame. Especially considering it most likely came during a losing effort. I do believe he has a chance to be what Vick never could, but he runs a lot of the same risk with the way he plays.

  14. RG3 expected to be ready by 2013 season opener is AMAZINGLY GREAT NEWS!

    Let’s all hope, for the sport’s sake, that the surgery is a success and he’s right back to being the most dynamic player in league history.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you RG3!

    Shannahan, you are one lucky SOB.

    Redskins fans have grown accustomed to having their dreams crushed, but I think this news is proof that RG3 has broken the 20 year team curse.

  15. This is the coach’s fault. Period. RG3 is a rookie who is going to say anything to stay in. Shanahan has lived football for 50 years. He KNOWS the difference between hurt and injured. Its been so long since he tasted post season success that he jeopardized this kid’s future and that of the franchise. Short term thinking and hubris. Shame on Shanahan.

  16. I twinged when I saw that knee buckle live, and that picture doesn’t help me forget. It had to be this bad.
    Had the same tears myself playing sports…never got it fixed and tried to play again with a big brace and even then 2 games in had the same crumpling as pictured above where the knee feels like a rubber band giving way, and haven’t played since.

    Best in recovery from a Seahawks fan…hopefully this gets you ahead of the Madden curse for when you make it onto that game.

    Shame on Shanahan for taking the risk of letting him out there, no matter what Griffin told him.

    Shame on Snider for watching his pennies which ends up resulting in a horrible playing surface..two stars in just over a year, as a solid DE and a kicker in the same game as Griffin.

  17. Complete tears are 12 months plus rehab. Where’s this 6-8 business coming from? Maybe for someone not playing professional sports, it’s 6-8 months.

  18. I feel for the kid but I fear this may be the beginning of the end. teams are going to look to target his legs, crappy, but legal. also, he may get a little skiddish with defenders bearing down on him. this is the second major injury to the same knee. skins fans, I am not banging on your boy, just stating what could be a very likely possibility.

  19. With his medical-knee history, it was quite likely that RGIII was going to eventually need this reconstructive surgery. The small ‘silver-lining’ here is that the inciting event occurred during the last game, thus allowing him the fullest possible time for recovery & rehab. Plus, this surgery has even advanced from the time he had similar surgery in college. Let’s hope he comes back like A.D….EVEN STRONGER.

  20. It was obvious to everyone that RG3 shouldn’t have been playing that game. Nice, Shanahan.

  21. This is for all of the DC-Area sports fans who tore into the Washington Nationals when they stayed the course on Straussberg being shut down amidst a playoff run. This is what happens when you push your young franchise player to play through a serious injury/rehab, just because the team is making a playoff run.

    Hope this doesn’t derail what could be an amazing HOF career.

  22. Skins fans arrogance n rg3 arrogance and logical God’s team comments, …karma!!! Rg3 is finished!!!!

  23. 6-8 months? Ya, right. Expect Shanahan to say he got the OK from Andrews for that timetable when RG3 doesnt play all of next season and Dr. Andrews to reply there was miscommunication. Seems the timetable was tailor-made to placate Redskins fans.

  24. R2D2 would’ve been more mobile. They weren’t going to win the whole thing this year, so why was he left in? I understand him starting and wanting to stay in, but at some point the coach has to pull the limping hero from the lineup. The Redskins gambled with short money.

  25. Congrats to Mike Shanahan. It was really worth it to have him play for three more quarters, so you can have him starting next ear as a big ??? It is just amazing how even smart people like Shanahan can become so blinded by their desire to win and not see what any fan like me could see on TV. It would have been bad enough if you risked his body and long term health for the chance to win a playoff game. But it was as plain as day that he couldn’t throw an accurate pass, or run anywhere other than in a straight line to the sideline. With a decent passer on your sideline, the choice should have been a no-brainer at least by the third quarter. Too bad for RGIII. Hope he can have a speedy and quick recovery.

  26. Watched the game again tonight on NFL Replay and was again impressed by Griffin’s gutsy play with what was obviously a painful injury. Hoping he heals quickly and completely.

  27. RG3 is a knucklehead. But if I was that talented, I’d be a knucklehead too. I think everyone hopes he comes back healthier than sooner. Take advice from Derrick Rose not AP. AP is an alien.

  28. It was criminal to squander that talent in that game. Shucks.

    It felt great to have the Redskins emerge this season. I was rooting for them to win their way into the playoffs. I was rooting for Robert Griffin III to be a star in the league for years to come. I was looking forward to some exciting games between the Redskins and the Packers in future post seasons.

    Now this.

    I never got a chance to see RGIII play …. they don’t show Washington games in Wisconsin.

    So, I tuned into the Hawks/Redskins game (late/got my time zones wrong) looking forward to a real QB talent show. I see this guy limping around in a black brace getting himself sacked because he was immobile. What was that? I couldn’t believe the coaches left him in there. Then the wounded warrior going down trying to reel in a bad snap. Oh, what a heart-break to see that leg go out of kilter. Damn.

    Doesn’t matter if the game was a junior league or high school or a university or pro …….. no coach on any level should have left that vulnerable kid in the game thinking that he could help win the game. That is the most egregious example of lousy judgment I can remember.

    Shucks. Let’s hope he has a miracle Adrian Peterson recovery and 64 TDs next year. May the Lord bless him.

  29. As a die-hard Cowboys fan, I sincerely wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back by the start of training camp. While it may not be in my team’s best interest to have RG3 on the field, my respect for him outweighs my fan hood. The way he plays, and carries himself on the field, in the locker room and off the field are all deserving of the utmost respect. I would love to see him back and competing, because I would also like to (hopefully) see my boys take down the Skins at their best. I firmly believe that regardless of who your team is, you have to respect this kid and put your personal fan feelings aside in hoping for him to be able to continue what will undoubtedly be a remarkable career if he can stay healthy. Best of luck RG3.

  30. I find it freakin hilarious that Jay Cutler took so much bs from the media for sitting out when he sprained his mcl but now rg3 and coach shanahan get the same for staying in! What a double standard…

  31. We’ve seen what modern medicine (read HGH) can do for Adrian Peterson’s recovery, I’m sure a man with RG3’s work ethic will be ready to go come Week 1 2013.

    He’s got quite literally the best medical care money can buy, the force of a billion dollar business behind wanting him to be completely recovered.

    Doctor I know (who does work with several high profile athletes) was injured in a car accident and told it would take him 2-3 years to recover from it, with a good rehab attitude, HGH and steroids he was back on his feet and working in 6 months. Stuff’s amazing for medical purposes (and I’m pretty sure legal in the NFL if being used for recovery from major injury– if not it should be).

    Hell, Peyton Manning flew to Switzerland for stem cell treatment and experimental surgery, and look where he’s at now.

    Praying for a solid recovery from RG3, he’s so much fun to watch when healthy.

  32. I dont get why they expose him to such risk. Yeah the initial injury where he fell was a freak accident but his knee already had been worn out. The guy can throw the ball well from the pocket theres no point of doing those stupid gimmicks. This isnt college NFL defenders are monsters who will continue to hammer him.

  33. Sucks for him if this is true. Going to be out at least until the start of the season from the looks of it. Heads should roll in Washington. This could have been prevented.

  34. Wow, crazy… It will be interesting to see if he can pull an Adrian Peterson comeback or if this will really affect him

  35. Shanahan could have pulled him and they would have just had to rehab the knee, now a complete reconstruction is required. This is gonna affect this kids career (see Daunte Culpepper) and def slow his progression.

  36. Unreal, I don’t like skins or RG3, but I am a football fan, and it sucks to see a talent like him get that injured! Hope he has good recovery.

  37. For the sake of the NFL lets hope this kid is back in time for Week 1 and stays healthy for the future. I’d hate to see ESPN making a 30 for 30 about him one day about how great he could of been..

  38. Hate to see a major talent get this type of injury. RG3 will be back at some point, but
    How long will he last?

  39. Shanahan now mortgaged RG3’s growth into a start quarterback to win one playoff game…
    and he had a competent back-up…
    Well, I hope it was worth it!

  40. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    I hope he comes back having learned that “being a man” means you may have put your pride aside and let someone else do what is best for the team and not “play till you physically can’t, regardless of the consequences for the team.”

  41. RGIII should consult Jamaal Charles for advice.

    Dr. Andrews’ rep has taken a serious bashing recently and the Dan Snyder/Mike Shanahan brain trust is in CYA mode.

  42. Wow, I hope he comes back at 100% but I just can’t see it.

    I hope the rat is proud of himself.

  43. There may be no worse feeling than losing a game based on a superstar’s injury. Was there when Kimo von Oelhoffen crawled up Carson Palmer’s knee, and in some ways we still haven’t got over that as a franchise.

    Obviously, the entire NFL fanbase is pulling for a full recovery for RGIII. I’m sure AP will be calling to answer any of Robert’s questions.

  44. I’m assuming the tear happened before the last play, or at least partly before that last play. And to that I say that RG3 is one tough hombre.

  45. Shanahan owes this kid an apology. After the first quarter I kept saying that they should pull RGIII. He was obviously afraid to run the ball, and he wasn’t throwing the same. Times like that are exactly why he drafted Cousins. As a coach, you have to be the man to bench your injured player no matter how much he protests.

  46. It boggled my mind to see the Skins leave him out on that field that long. The game was lost, nothing to be gained but they let him limp around until it was completly shredded. If that was an animal people would have been arrested for cruelty.

  47. Just sickening. This was the most egregious coaching error I think I have ever seen. How Shanahan still has a job after this is mindblowing.

  48. Anyone who saw the hit Griffin took in the Ravens game on Dec 9, 2012, could see that his knee did some serious “unnatural” movement.

    When I saw that hit and RG3 dragging his right leg as he went to the sidelines after that hit, I felt his season was over…maybe it should have been.

    He may not have suffered complete tears at that time but by rushing RG3 back, not allowing the knee to heal, it weakened the knee, risking the possibility of a complete blowout of the knee, if he continued to play.

    Players are taught from the time they start playing ball, suck it up, when hurt.

    A player will tell you he knows the difference between being injured and hurt, just so he can return to the football field.

    Sometimes a young player has to be protected “from himself”, because they know not what they are doing to themselves, to their body.

    Robert Griffin counted on his coach and the Redskins medical staff to do there best to protect him…to protect him against “himself”.

    Griffin was more seriously “injured” than he realized … and Shanahan’s response “that was good enough for me”…was not good enough for RG3.

    Good luck to RG3..hope to see you back on the field next season.

  49. Yo, I’m not a doctor but, I don’t think the leg is supposed to bend like that…

  50. Bush league tactics bite Skins in the ass. Wish RGIII the best in his recovery.

    The ‘Hawks will be waiting to beat you again next time in the playoffs!

  51. I don’t understand all the subterfuge on this guy. Since he first got hurt, his knee and the status of said knee has been as secret as a member of the CIA.

    The season ends, (in a game where Griffin’s knee clearly just……stops functioning due to the stress) and they’re STILL mum, like there’s a competitive advantage or something. Other ACL-type tears are revealed in like, two days.

    Is this the new hidden injury? Coaches can’t hide concussions as easily anymore, so they’re going to hide ACL tears??

  52. Shanahan is an idiot! He knew! Awful decision to let him play that game knowing that. Risk your future.. so stupid!

  53. Will the procedure be done in that little red plywood hut that he and the doctor kept visiting during the game ?

  54. Get better kid. Take your time recovering and realise the future is more important than the moment (well, at this moment and for the next year).

    Andrews, do your job well. It isn’t a joke. Your career probably depends on this.

    Other young QBs, take note. Protect yourself and slide!

  55. I just don’t understand why all of the blame goes to Shanahan and none to Griffin… He is a grown man, not a little boy. If he tells Shanahan he is good to go, why wouldn’t we start our franchise qb?

    A lot of you fans are calling for Shanahan’s head, and that the redskisn should fire him. I don’t get why that makes sense whatsoever. I have been a fan since the 99 season, and this is the ONLY time our team has been this exciting since. If he gets fired, our running game disappears. Please stop saying he should be fired. I hope Snyder can see past all of the hype about Shanahan being irresponsible and realize he is trying to start and dynasty, and has been reasonably successful so far.

    Try to look at the big picture skins fans… Lets get excited for next year and stop adding to the hype! RG3 will have a great year next year after learning how the nfl works this year! HTTR!!

  56. I wish RGIII a speedy recovery. He’s a special player.

    As for Shanahan, he has some explaining to do. Keeping RG in the game clearly led to this injury. Pathetic.

    And for everyone crowing about how they will be fine because they have Cousins, well, if he’s so good why didn’t Shanahan put him in against Seattle?

  57. Is winning one game more important than the long term health, let alone the career, of this young man??? I want to see my Skins competitive for years, and the decisions that were made to allow him to play could have put his future in great jeopardy. Ray Charles, God rest his soul, could have seen on TV that Robert was hurting from the first snap of the game…..

  58. The Shanahans better be polishing up their resumes. Danny Boy has never shown much patience with loosing and the Redskins’ 2013 season is shaping up to be a real downer

  59. Even AP was Limited 3 games into 2012, So if they take care of RG3 properly?Its realistic to even think he will Full tilt at least to week 4 next year !! To Bad he had to have shanahan as a HC ,Look @ what he did to Terrell Davis? He ruined his career aswell !!!

  60. the mri showed that they were both partial tears. how can it go from partial to complete with just a tiny checkup that is less conclusive than an mri? i’m not buying this one bit.

  61. And in other breaking news…the sky has been determined to be blue in color.

    Seriously though, here’s to a quick and full recovery to a great athlete

  62. Poor kid. rooting for him.. welp, for an optimistic perspective, at least he can fine tune being an even better pocket passer while he puts his mobility on the shelf for a bit… eh. If this happened to vick or cam… they’d all be done. At least rg3’s a smart and an reliable passer.

    These are the exceptions where I could give a blanks sake if an athlete jacked up on hgh for couple months. In football only. maybe hockey. god knows the ravens do. cant blame em. wish Gronk got some of whatever Suggs and Lewis were on.

  63. Andrews fixed this knee once already. That lasted 3 years. I guess that gives us 3 more years of listening to Skins fans delusions of grandeur

  64. Well the Skins certainly did there darndest to never tell us what Griffins injury was but now we know. But 6-8 months seems a bit optomistic for a total reconstruction surgery. When AP tore just his acl people were saying he would be out until mid season next year.

    I hope for the kids sake he can and is fine but Im pretty sure AP like recoveries are the exception not the rule.

  65. Not a fan of the team but I’m sorry this happened. He seems to be a good guy who was trying to rally his teammates in a game they were not going to win anyway. Although all of us Monday morning quarterbacks have the benefit of hindsight, it was obvious he was in terrible pain and totally ineffective after that hit in the first quarter. Regardless of what he said, the coach should have taken him out at that point in the game. This one is 100% on Tan-a-han, with his lying behind.

  66. Dan Snyder should be furious. They paid an incredibly high price to get RG3 and he took steps to protect his investment by hiring the best orthopeadic surgeon in the world to be on the sidelines and this is STILL the outcome?? Someone needs to be held accountable – I’m looking at you Shannahan! Best to RG for a. Speedy recovery.

  67. Wow…I hate for this to happen to the young man. I have a couple things about the subject that I want to say. 1st, Im a Bronco fan, and while i think much of Shanahan’s success was due to a mature legend of a QB in Elway, I do not think its his fault about this injury. Ive been hearing the chatter for 2 days that he shoulda did this or that, but RGIII said it himself, he was the leader of the team and told the coach, in fact begged him to leave him in the game. But seeing RG3’s determination, he will recover just fine, as AP did. Best of luck to him..

  68. I don’t second guess him playing injured. He’s not the first QB to play with a torn ACL in the playoffs. Rivers did so for the Chargers a few years back. One can’t run or cut but can drop back and throw fine even with a torn ACL.

    Even if it’s 9-10 months they get him back for most of the season.

  69. What does that say about Captain Kirk Cousins if they were willing to keep RG3 in on one leg, torn ACL and all, rather than play Kirk? Disappointing end to a remarkable year by our team. #HTTR

  70. How could he be expected back in as little as 6-8 months with complete tears of both the ACL and LCL? Unless they’re planning to have him hop around on one leg, since that worked out so well the first time.

  71. Good luck RG III. You are a true spark.

    I think we have to be careful to not hold him or any other player to Adrian Peterson’s recovery timetable. That was freakish and the first ever. Until it is repeated consistently, it is not the new normal.

    RG III better be real smart now with this injury. 2nd torn ACL. A coach who will place him out there even wounded. Can anyone doubt that Shanahan won’t be pressing him to start the season?

  72. I still remember all the crap Cutler took for the NFC championship game because he came out…..double standard.

  73. Stupid. The Redskins are one of the few teams that has an actual competent backup QB. Instead, you risk the guy you gave up a ton of draft picks for, who clearly was not effective after the 1st quarter, and lose the game anyway.

    I can see them starting RGIII, but they were idiots to not sit him and put Cousins in the game, at least in the 2nd half.

  74. Praying for a successful operation and recovery. This is just a flat out shame smh. I really hope he returns as the same old Robert. While the Skins version of the pistol / read-option wowed us all in it’s effectiveness, I think they are just going to have to try a different approach to their offense. Roberts mind has the will but his body might not ever be able to withstand the beating some of the bigger QB’s take.

  75. I’m not a doc. but coming back that soon after complete reconstructive surgery seems like wishful thinking. Kirk Cousins
    will start for the Skins in 2013. And no I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

  76. that’s a shame he really has a bright future in football…but if he gets hurt like this a lot then his carreer will look pretty bleek…he needs to learn not to run a lot…he can still do his thing but more like Aaron Rodger and less like micheal Vick…run when needed not 50% of.the time

  77. RG3 will have to work real hard to be ready for the start of the season. Eight months of rust will require the whole season for RG3 to round into shape. A huge blow.

  78. Report: Although they are very exciting to watch and can be very effective at times, mobile QB’s are not a long term fix for a franchise in the NFL. My source is named History.

  79. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Griffin.

    It doesn’t matter what happened in that game either. If they didn’t win, any decision they made (putting in Cousins early or not) would have been “wrong”, according to everybody. Philip Rivers played through a playoff game with a torn acl and he was called a “warrior”. Cutler left a playoff game with a knee injury and he was thrown under the bus. Yet, the Redskins are terrible because Griffin stayed in. Whatever. I’m sticking with my team.

  80. Hopefully he pulls an ADAP, and comes back strong! I liked watching that kid ball this year.

  81. Surgery was going to be the result necessary regardless whether he continued playing or not, just the magnitude was affected. Thanks to Shannahan’s acquiescence and lack of leadership he’s jeopardized the players future and the future of the team. Besides being a liar.

  82. It was obvious RG3 reinjured that knee in the FIRST qtr of the Seahawk game. He was hobbling around. limping and completely ineffective after that qtr.
    Absolutely outrageous that Shanahan left him in the game.

  83. This is a sad day for Griffin and Redskins fans and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. The fans should not be satisfied with Shanahan’s line of defense IMO. Why was Griffin in there when his legs needed healing?

  84. On Saturday, I supported Dr. Andrews, over Shanahan.

    Dr. Andrew’s credibility went into the toilet on Sunday, when he watched an obviously impaired Griffin play the first quarter, and stood by while RGIII continued playing until the knee finally blew out altogether.

    There’s no deniability on Sunday, Dr. Andrews. You were already on record as saying you hadn’t approved, but there you were on the sidelines ….. silent.

  85. good luck today RGIII God Speed. Will be ready by training camp.People need to calm down now and let the course play out. RGIII will be fine.

  86. What did I tell you,Giants fan here and I wish him the best hate to see any injury,but hoping for Ap mutant wolverine healing powers is alot to ask for since its his second go around. I.e. Terrell Thomas good luck. Because it takes a lot longer then 6-8 months to completely heal may be another Daunte c. agreed Miami fans?

  87. The whole Big Media news robots will continue to obsess all offseason about Shanahan not pulling Griffin. The bigger fail by Shanahan was not feeding the ball to Morris more. He gets the ball 22 times a game on average but only got it 16 times.

    But on this thing, there could be worse things than having Kirk Cousins as the starter. For example, having Matt Schaub or Joe Flacco as the starter. Skins are built for mileage. Sucks that Griffin is hurt so bad, but mostly sucks for him. I think we was supposed to get married some time this spring. Get well soon (because everyone knows that everyone reads PFT … hey, RG3!)

  88. 6 months would mean he’d beat Peterson by 3 months. Considering Peterson’s recovery was considered epic, an RG3 6 month recovery sounds fishy.

  89. I’m terrified that this is the part of the RG3 30 for 30 episode where it goes to commercial with the voiceover, “it would be the last time he and the franchise would ever see success again.”

  90. If only he had shown some kind of sign that he was injured I’m sure his coach would have pulled him out and done what was right for the player as well as for the team and then maybe they would still be in the playoffs with ther backup QB who was 2-0 on the season. Dagg. Too bad he said he was okay.

  91. Feel sorry for the kid. Hope he can come back to have a good career….and that’s from a Giant fan. Nobody wants to see him not succeed because of an injury.
    On the other hand….it certainly appears the Redskins and Shanahan jeopardized this kids future by putting him out there. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  92. Pats fan wishing this kid all the best. Hindsight os 20/2o, so I’m not going to pile on.

    Best thing he could do is call up AP and get the “Freakishly Fast ACL Recovery for Dummies” AP just published.

  93. When you saw him run with a limp, or when he threw that pick because he couldn’t plant his leg. He should’ve been taken out. That’s your franchise! Plus, if RGIII can’t run the spread option anyway, put in Cousins!

  94. Not a complete ACL…Previous ACL injury reconstruction. That’s why the timeline is shorter. From all accounts this will amount to being a dodged bullet. Time for Shanny and Bruce to build a functional O-line.

  95. I wish RG3 all the best but isn’t 6-8 months a little optomistic for what they are calling a total knee reconstruction. I mean when A.P. orginally tore his ACL toward the end of the season last year everyone was talking about him missing games but RG3 going to be ready for training camp?

    And yes A.P. came back way quicker and better than ever but lets be honest that man’s the exception not the rule.

    And yes I am no doctor but I do pay attention to injury reports and this one just seems a bit rosey if you ask me.

  96. Saints lost Head Coach for a year, Players were suspended, Defensive Coach banned from NFL for
    allegations that they were trying to injure players.
    The entire TV audience watched Shanahan put RG3
    out there injured…..causing future injury.. Just saying???????

  97. I wish him a safe and speedy recovery. Hopefully this recovery process taught him to be a little more cautious in the future.

    I would also be perfectly fine if he missed the first game or two in order to fully heal. HTTR!

  98. Sad, but we all saw it coming. This isn’t college, slide, stay in the pocket, get out of bounds, Don’t get hit. Way to important of a position to risk sitting out a few games each year.

  99. I’ll bet his is going to lower the value of ‘athletic’ qb’s in the future. Now is their any debate of who should have been taken first, Luck or RG?
    RG seems like such a classy competitor, hate to see this happen to him.

  100. That picture atill makes me cringe…

    And 6-8 months? I though AP coming back from his torn ACL in 8 months was ridiculously fast. I must be missing something.

  101. In recent years, haven’t docs been making guys do some rehab to strengthen the leg muscles around the knee, and wait for swelling to subside, before surgery? It seems weird they’re operating so quickly.

    RG3 will not have the same speed again unless he gets the same AP28 rehab process
    St. Louis Rams You Guy Made Out Like Thieves In The Night On them Draft Picks Better Use Them Wisely

  103. Feel for the Kid, might not be the same RG3 afterwards but in hindsight look at what Adrian Peterson did this yr…

  104. Hope a couple of meaningless games were worth it.. that knee is going to hinder his performance the rest of, not just his career.. but the rest of his personal life. Good job.. good talk

  105. Hopefully this is the end of his ‘I’m fine’ approach to his health in an effort to demonstrate how tough he is. The team needs to give its collective head a shake that he was still out there in that game. It just wasn’t worth risking a career.

  106. Thats rough, hope he comes back stronger, he has potential to be a very good person for the league.

    Looks like big Shanny was smart in drafting a back up QB to devlop them together.

  107. Guess Cousins won’t be getting traded this offseason (or ever?). Shanahan gets what he deserves, like Jim Harbaugh just too arrogant for his own good.

  108. Well if Mort’s got the scoop, that must be the scoop… Oh, well, I hope RG3 has a successful operation and comes back as healthy as ever!

    He’ll probably be back too late for the crucial off-season work but just in time to start week 1 so he’ll be rusty, but he’ll still make sure Cousins doesn’t get a chance….Anybody change their username to bobbysknee yet?

  109. Awesome!

    Freaking Shanatan.

    This is one of the most frustrating pieces of news in a long time…if you’re a skins fan.

    One of the aspects of Tan’s position is to get the players out of their own way. He failed to do so and could cost a young man his career.

    Kyle better be ready to “get up on the table” for his dad here soon.

  110. as an Eagles fan, sorry to hear….but Shanahan used this guy with total disregard to his health all year especially at the end.
    Deadskins fans better realize he won’t be the same until 2014 season, even that won’t happen if brain dead Shanny brings him back too early

  111. that time frame for return is just help Skins fans feel better about this. He will be back for the start of the 2014 season

  112. Carson Palmer was able to make a comeback the next season after having his knee shredded by the dirty Steelers in round one of the playoffs. Granted, he was never the same, but he didn’t miss any games…

  113. This is too bad, I really like this kid. He’s terrifying to watch if you’re not a Skins fan, but still really impressive. Watching him go down at the end of the game last week was sickening.
    Hopefully the Redskins take this recovery time to reevaluate the way they use Griffin. He just can’t take this type of punishment and last more than a few seasons.
    Oh, and @ravanator seems like the type of terrible person I picture when I think of Ravens fans.

  114. Pure idiocy. Hope RG3 learns from this, if he’s even able to come back and be anything close to what he was. Blame that greedy head coach and owner all you want. But RG3 should have protected RG3. Great kid, but pure immaturity and recklessness ruined his career. See you in 2014. Very sad.

  115. Many said he’d not make it through the year with that type of offense. Looks like they were right.

    He needs to become a drop back passer.

  116. Cousins looked like he lost all his confidence when he finally came into the playoff game.

    Mike Shanahan may have made his biggest blunder feeding Cousins to the lions so late in the game where Seatle could just t-off on the young QB.

  117. S.Nevada says:
    Jan 9, 2013 7:25 AM
    Not a complete ACL…Previous ACL injury reconstruction. That’s why the timeline is shorter. From all accounts this will amount to being a dodged bullet. Time for Shanny and Bruce to build a functional O-line.

    They’ve quietly built one of the best O-lines in football as evidenced by the way a sixth round rookie rushed for over 1,500 yards this season. It isn’t the sacks that got him injured; he was well outside the pocket on all significant plays except the last one, where his knee just buckled while he tried to field a bad snap. So you could argue that the O-line, specifically the center, executed a bad snap, but the snap was only bad due to miscommunication (RG3 wasn’t ready for it), not because the snap itself was poor, and even if the snap had actually been poor, I hardly think that constitutes a bad O-line. That happens to every team every year.

  118. The MRI’s are a joke and waste of money. Didn’t they lead us to believe, based upon the MRI that there was fraying of the tendons and they weren’t sure if it was new or from an old injury when in fact the tendons were actually snapped?

    I guess I am just frustrated about the lack of scientific certainty in these leaked reports and in the technology itself. Despite all the fancy gadgets, sometimes you have to get in there to see what actually the situation is.

    Good luck Robert. Take it slow and easy. Don’t try and prove something by rushing back. You’ll have a long and great career.

  119. I know it’s the playoffs, but I don’t understand why the Redskins under any circumstance would risk the franchise like that – especially after the price they paid to get RG3.

  120. The timetable of the injury could mean Griffin is ready to go in time for training camp in late July or that he could still be sidelined when the season begins in September…


    Well see you were on point until the mathmatical part came in and this is where you get an “F” now out 6-8 months it’s now January early January at that so 6 months from now would be early June and 8 months early August and even if you calculate it to be early September the season will probably kick off September 8th, and with his dedication and work ethic just like AP, I could see him ready for the opener. But you know what if does have to miss the first 2 games I wouldn’t be worried Cousins is quite capable, all in all i’d say things are working out and looking good for the Redskins going into next year.

  121. Many of us throughout the year said this kid won’t last that long in the NFL with his style of play. Well, nothing has happened to disprove those comments. Now the same knee has been blown up twice. Just because AP came back strong doesn’t mean RG3 will have the same success. AP’s body has been trained his whole life for his style of play. I wish RG3 well. Seems like a very cool guy, one you have no problem have your children follow. But lets be real. This is a major deal. His lateral movements are going to be compromised. Stats show 2/3 of athletes that have major knee reconstruction don’t ever make it back. Good luck, RG. You’re good for the league.

  122. Sucks that happened, but hate to say it but it sucks even more that we already ONLY hear about RGIII, now were only gonna hear more.

    RGIII this, RGIII that for the next 2 years…

  123. Good thing for the Skins that a head coach can’t be sued for malpractice and the owner of that atrocious field can’t be sued for gross negligence. If I was a FA, you’d have to pay me a Shanny/Snyder premium to go play for those idiots. They threw the best thing they had to lions and watched while he got mauled.

  124. Where is that a clown the logical voice with his silly nfl’s conspiracy theory’s on how it’s goodell getting back at the redskins that is why rgknee is banged up. Running qbs don’t last

  125. And stop with the “he can come back stronger”. Listen to any doctor, they say the same thing. “You don’t come back stronger”

  126. These same people defending Shanahan are the same people who defended the nationals sitting an uninjured Strasburg. Make up your mind. This redskins didn’t have enough talent to win a Super Bowl. Even one playoff win is worthless. He should have been pulled when up 14-0 period. The nationals could have won it all and instead protected their future. The redskins played RG3 and could have ended his career. Ridiculous! Go ahead and give me thumbs down for being right. Difference between AP and RG3 is that this is the second such major injury. Don’t believe he will come back as strong as AP.

  127. I’m a Pats fan, and we lost a potential all-star running back to a knee injury when Robert Edwards was hurt during the Pro-Bowl some years ago (although he did end up playing again in the CFL). It seems like medicine has progressed a lot since then, and if AP is any indicator, we haven’t seen the last of RG3. That’s great news, because he’s the most exciting player to come along in a LONG time. Hopefully everyone involved learns from this and doesn’t rush him back until he’s ready.

  128. Poor guy. Hope for a full and fast recovery- he’s a special talent and a joy to watch.

    With respect to criticism of the coaching staff, hate to say it, but the damage could have been avoided, or at least minimized, by RG3 properly wearing the brace. In the picture above, looks like its positioned about 3″-4″ lower that it should be, and as a result it provided little to no stabilization benefit. (Having had surgery on both knees, I know that braces similar to the model he’s using woud have prevented extreme movement like what’s shown here).

  129. Here we go again. Some fans get it . Some fans aren’t fans of the game at all. They are hatemongers. Great news in Redskins Nation. Get well RG3. HTTR!!!!

  130. Hopefully the young man learns that he is too valuable to get beat up like that. 103 QB rating and 67 % comp per. Stay in the pocket and do your thang man!!! GET WELL SOON!!!

  131. As I’ve said before and it pains me to say this, the Vikings with Leslie Frazier’s leadership will be contenders a lot longer than this latest version of Dan Snyder’s circus.

  132. The time-frame seems too optimistic to me as well. The reports from his MRI(s) don’t add up either. It looks like they are trying to make it seem better than it really is. Peterson came back much quicker than expected but that is the only guy I can remember that came back as strong as before the first year. RG3 seems like a good kid and he has a drive to succeed. That may be a bad thing if he tries to be ready before the season starts. He has already had the same issue with his knee before. It seems to me that his knee will be weaker even after it is healed. He may be fine but it is just as likely he will never be the same again.

  133. Its funny how everyone except Shanahan and Andrews knew it was torn and we didnt need to see anMRI. Way to put RG3 career in front of trying to save your job. RG3 knew the ACL was gone, it happened before, he knows what it feels like. Ilike the guy but he should have pulled himself out at 14-0. Now you pay the price.

  134. Personally I blame Shannahan for not pulling RG out of that game. He probly shouldnt have played at all, given the injury! It’s the coach’s job, along with medical staff, to overrule a player who is always going to want to try and play!

    RGIII is a very good player with a LOT of charisma and character! Here’s hoping that this boneheaded move by the coaching staff doesnt ruin RG’s promising career. Hope he comes back gooad as new! Wes Welker did it!! Hopefully, RGIII can too.

  135. Stop saying; well, if AP did it. Dr. Andrews, who has done about a million of these, called AP’s quick comeback a miracle. If he says it, then don’t expect RGIII to do it. 8 months is super optimistic, especially for a running QB.

    Here’s what I think. RGIII, Luck, and Wilson all had awesome rookie campaigns. But I’d take Luck and Wilson for the long haul. It isn’t that RGIII can’t be a pocket passer, but he is a running QB. It’s what he does. Don’t expect him to suddenly stop and be as effective as Luck is.

  136. So let me add this up;
    Peterson + Clemons + Griffin=
    3 blown ACL’s on the same field, same time of year
    two years in a row.

    Why isn’t Dan Snyder under more heat for allowing his stadium field surface of choice to be
    painted mud?

    Player safety? I think not.

  137. It is easy to blame this on the Shannihanigans, but surely they surely wouldn’t intentionally put his future in jeopardy for a playoff game or future games to only get knocked out anyway in the next one. Even though I’m a35 yr fan of the Dallas Knuckleheads none of us want to see this shining star ruined. He is everything that you want in the Not For Long league. On national television, we all cringed when we saw his knee buckle. Shanny should be given a very short leash when it comes to decisions like this as should all coaches who are not orth. Surgeons. The thing is you didn’t need to be aDr. to see he shouldn’t be out there. He was ineffective, and in pain easy to see. So, I guess the way things are done need to change or more will be lost to un-necessary injury. Get well soon RGIII !

  138. Reminds of years ago in Atlanta when Steve Bartkowski was quarterback. An unbelievably powerful arm and could move but by the third knee injury he was a statue in the pocket. Hope RG comes back but uses his head more to win and avoids a lifetime limp. The league needs to hold Shanahan responsible on this one. There’s no excuse for intentionally placing a seriously injured athlete in harms way, sure harm.

  139. Also- A lot of you keep referencing Adrian Peterson. (its AD not AP btw not sure how many times he has to keep saying it.) But anyways, not everybody is Adrian Peterson. Just because he was able to recover like he was super human doesn’t mean Bob will. We will have to see.

  140. Now all He needs to do is read Peterson’s recently published book entitled Fastest Rehab Ever and concentrate on chapter 1 entitled HGH Not Just For Baseball Anymore.

  141. RG3 is a freak, he will work his ass off and will be back. AP was able to have his best season ever after tearing his knee up. If everything we’ve seen, heard and read about RG3 is true, his hard work, determination and drive to succeed will get him brought this. Any rookie QB who wins over every veteran on his team and the teams of everyone he goes up against is obviously in a league of his own and he’ll overcome this. Good luck RG3.

    Lifelong Eagles fan.

  142. Total reconstruction of the same knee he had reconstructed 3 years ago doesn’t sound that promising. He is a great talent BUT to anyone watching the games it ALWAYS felt like he was on the verge of getting hurt… Not sure if that’s the offense they ran, his determination to do everything or just the fact that he’s a sprinter who happens to have a great arm and mind for football.

    At least the Redskins have a bunch of picks next year to build around him:) Hail to the DEADSKINS!

  143. This is the coach’s fault. Period. RG3 is a rookie who is going to say anything to stay in. Shanahan has lived football for 50 years. He KNOWS the difference between hurt and injured. Its been so long since he tasted post season success that he jeopardized this kid’s future and that of the franchise. Short term thinking and hubris. Shame on Shanahan.

  144. From an Eagles fan, I truly wish the best to RGIII and hope he is able to recover from this. He has shown a heck of a lot of promise, and I’d hate to see that end so quickly (even if you are in the same division as the Birds!).

    Personally speaking, I am disgusted by the way Shanahan handled this whole thing. The kid has clearly been injured and the risk associated in putting them out there calls into question ownership, management and the coaching staff – all of which should have their feet held to the fire for this.

  145. I am deeply saddened that the warrior mentality of the NFL went too far in this case. I love watching RG3 play. I hope he can recover completely.

  146. It makes me sick that everyone is comparing him to AP. Why don’t we compare him to Derrick Rose. He tore his ACL last April and still isn’t back playing. Not only is he hot playing, he isn’t even practicing. As a die hard Skins fan, I would take this next 9-12 months VERY cautiously! Put him in too soon and he tears his knee up again…..he’ll never play agin.

  147. People, quit blaming Shanahan. He and Griffith are both complicit. Griffith pushed to stay in. He is an adult. Please make him RESPONSIBLE for his choices and quit blaming. Be a grownup.

  148. 2 ACLS now plus the LCL. RG3 is exciting and all that, but he has spindly legs and isn’t a big guy. This is the deal with him. It is like a Ferrari – hot sexy fast but in the shop a lot. He’ll have a short career unless he can lead a team throwing from the pocket. Everyone who watched that game knew the risk / reward deal that was in play and risk won.

  149. WOW Shanny and the owner ALREADY putting it on the kid to come back in that time frame!!! This is competitive he’s going to try and meet/beat that date. They should have said a year and left it at that!

  150. Maybe it’s not such a great idea to have an orthopedic surgeon as your team doc, since their main job is to repair things AFTER they’re broken?

  151. I hope he takes the time to speak with AP and D. Rose to get their perspective on the recovery. I unfortunately see so many unrealistic and reactionary comments about Shanahan regarding RG3’s injury. If RG3 said he was good to go, as a man and a world class athlete, he holds the entire responsibility. Placing blame elsewhere has become as American as apple pie. Imagine a America where we took responsibility for our actions.

  152. All the Best RGIII. You are one beast on the field, As a Giants fan I dont like skins but love to see RGIII Play again. Get well soon kid.

  153. based on his explanations, have to say Shanny is either a liar or stupid or both.
    No way you keep him in the game when he is limping like that..
    don’t forget he left him in for 4 plays in the Ravens game when everyone could see he was injured and hoping around.

  154. Snyder: “I understand Dr. Andrews. So how long will he be out?”

    Andrews: “I would say if he played at all next season it would be very, very late in the year.”

    Snyder: “No, I have tickets to sell and Kirk f’ing Cousins isn’t gonna cut it. He needs to be ready by Week 1.”

    Andrews: “That we’re having this conversation isn’t a surprise, I was actually expecting it but you need to understand that with the severity of this injury physically you’re asking for trouble.”

    Snyder: “Good point, sometimes I forget that we have to sell tickets the NEXT season too. Okay how about this. You say he’s out 6-8 months & we’ll have the media outlets I own leak some stories about Robert having had a “set-back” half-way thru preseason, get him on field in November for a few “Look! He’s okay folks!” games & we’re gold!”

    Andrews: “Here’s my letter of resignation. Go away now.”

  155. Not going to be easy running the read option O coming off of you’re 2’nd ACL tear of the same knee.To all RG3 fans enjoy him while you can I don’t think he will be around for long.

  156. I really do wish this kid a speedy recovery. He is great for the NFL. I say this as an Eagles fan who may be tortured by this guy for years to come.

    However, there is NO WAY this is a 6 – 8 month injury with a full ACL and LCL tear. Especially with the way Griffin plays, this is a 12 month injury. He should just sit out next year and get ready for 2014. He should not step on the field next year and if they let him, they are an even dumber franchise than I thought.

  157. In NFL running QB = injured QB. LBs and defensive backs are too big/strong/fast in NFL for a running QB to survive for long. That’s too bad, talent like RG3 running the read option is fun to watch.

  158. RG needs to be protected from himself. He undoubtedly will push himself to get back as quick as possible. He’s a fighter, and I admire that. But he needs to move forward with caution. And he probably won’t. He wants to compete. Just watching how he pushed himself to get back this season just proves he can’t discipline himself.

  159. Mr. Wright 212 says: Jan 9, 2013 2:42 AM

    Complete tears are 12 months plus rehab. Where’s this 6-8 business coming from? Maybe for someone not playing professional sports, it’s 6-8 months.
    No. They’re not. This 6-8 months business is coming from every doctor in the business, that’s who. And not only will Griffin “not [be playing] professional sports” during that window, but with the most expensive surgery options, laser treatments, and physical therapy teams money can buy, his recovery should be as fast, if not faster than average.

    Mr. Wright, you used to make sensible arguments and actually discuss football on PFT, now you’re pretty much a troll who just wishes the worst for the Redskins at every turn. Can we talk football again? Always pouring salt in wounds is boring.

  160. It’s too easy to Monday morning QB the decision.
    We’ve all seen plenty of players limping around the field during the regular season, but especially in the playoffs. How many times have we seen Big Ben limping around?
    I’d be pretty pissed off as a fan to see my starting QB removed from a playoff game or not used in a playoff game because he was limping.
    Of course if we knew beforehand that he was going to tear his ACL, that would change things, but nobody knew that’s what would happen.

  161. It seemed fairly obvious in the minutes before RG got hurt, that he was most likely going to get hurt- the way he was getting knocked around for several plays before he finally went down and couldnt get up. It hurt to watch that. I wish someone could put a brain in coaches like Shanahan that seem to have no common sense in situations like these. I have seen Shanahan do similar things to quarterbacks before in Denver i.e. Griese (sp). Griese(how the heck do you spell that) hurt his shoulder and they gave him injections and kept playing him. Totally ruined the guy. Disgraceful. Do you run bad gasoline in your Jaguar and ruin it in the 1st week that you buy it? Seems like an NFL quarterback would deserve better treatment than that.

  162. rg3isvictory says: Jan 9, 2013 9:24 AM

    I hope he takes the time to speak with AP and D. Rose to get their perspective on the recovery.
    Seriously? Let’s hope he doesn’t go anywhere near D. Rose, or John Wall for that matter. Prime examples of players to avoid when trying to come back quickly from surgery. Ricky Rubio is the guy to talk to. Also he should stay away from Sidney Crosby. But then again, everyone should stay away from Sidney Crosby, I hear Whiny Little Girl Syndrome is contagious.

  163. You may think you know that he is going to come back just fine….but you don’t. I’d be very worried about my QB tearing up the same knee twice already. And football players are ruthless. That knee is going to have a big fat target on it.

  164. This is no surprise to some with a lot of knowledge regarding injuries of these type. And, as been discussed back and forth, there’s definitely a lot of blame to go around. Also, I can totally understand how Skin fans feel or felt, this is, besides their first appearance in the playoffs in a number of years.

    As a Giants fan, I am disappointed how our season ended, but at the same time, I would not want anything like this to happen to a talented and athlethic young man such as Griffin. I believe, prior, and maybe even, during the game, Shanahan as the coach of the team, should have exercised his power and should have made the ONLY right decision.

    Now, as it seems, his future in the league, is questionable at best. Yes, there is 50/50 chance that he’ll have full recovery but there is also that other half that he won’t. So, in the end of it all, was it worth it? Was it worth, essentially “selling the farm” just to see if you can even win a playoff game? I don’t think so.

  165. No matter how they spin it, this was an absolute travesty–inexcusable. Of course RGIII wanted to stay in the game–youth feel they are invincible. It was up to a coach who has been in the business for years to pull him. A ridiculous error that may have far reacing repercussions for RGIII and the Redskins!!!!

  166. These crazy, running, jumping, back flipping QB’s never work out. They never live up to their projected expectations since they’re bound to get hurt.

    Griffin will NEVER be a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. And now he’ll be lucky to be a Mike Vick after this knee thing.

    As I said previously, the Colts know what they were doing when selecting Luck.

  167. Not a surprise from this horrid franchise, the doctor on the field should be able to call a time out if he thinks a player is injured and avoided care. The Skins and Shanny should see a huuuge league penalty for this.

  168. I think fans are missing the obvious. RG3 has been completely beaten up all year. Something drastic will have to change for him to last 5 years in the league and he might be out after 2.

    I like the guy and think he’s a wonderful talent as well as a fine fellow, but I have eyes and his body just doesn’t appear to be able to take the pounding. There’s nothing anyone can do about that. You can extend his career by making him a pocket passer like Manning or Brady, but then you’ve just got another quarterback, not a pro-bowler.

  169. I don’t blame Shanahan – most of the people on this board would have been just as upset if RG3 was benched for the entire game and the Redskins lost. It’s not exactly easy to stand up in front of the media before the first playoff game for your franchise in years and explain why you’re benching your franchise player even though RG3 is telling everyone that he’s ready to go. This was a lose-lose situation for Shanahan.

    Truth is, it shouldn’t have even been his choice; a coach’s job is to win games. It’s management’s job to protect the future of the franchise at the cost of today’s games.

    But I hope this serves as a lesson to other franchises regarding protecting your franchise players. I’m sure the situation will be handled differently next time a young star is half-injured in key situations.

  170. unionsblow1 says: Jan 9, 2013 10:32 AM

    so long, sooperkneegrow
    I agree with you about unions, but that’s messed up dude.

  171. Too many people are looking at Peterson for new timetables. It doesn’t work that way. Ricky Rubio and Iman Shumpert both took at least 9 months to rehab fully before they even began working out with the team again. If Bob plays before Thanksgiving, I’d be pleasantly surprised.

  172. jwreck says: Jan 9, 2013 9:54 AM

    Mr. Wright 212 says: Jan 9, 2013 2:42 AM

    Complete tears are 12 months plus rehab. Where’s this 6-8 business coming from? Maybe for someone not playing professional sports, it’s 6-8 months.
    No. They’re not. This 6-8 months business is coming from every doctor in the business, that’s who. And not only will Griffin “not [be playing] professional sports” during that window, but with the most expensive surgery options, laser treatments, and physical therapy teams money can buy, his recovery should be as fast, if not faster than average.

    Mr. Wright, you used to make sensible arguments and actually discuss football on PFT, now you’re pretty much a troll who just wishes the worst for the Redskins at every turn. Can we talk football again? Always pouring salt in wounds is boring.

    Not so. And 6-8 months is the HEALING time, he still has to rehab afterward. I’m no troll, and I have said several times that I was looking forward to complaining about our defense not being able to stop him next year, and hoping that he comes back before Thanksgiving, which is a more realistic date. But calling me a troll because you’re upset is misguided. As a matter of fact, aren’t you one of the ones who were taunting Giants fans when they blew the division? Just sounds like sour grapes as you are tight because your team lost and suffered this injury. I don’t play that game.


    A fan of a team that perennially has several guys with season-long knee injuries.

  173. And you cannot be that naive to think that this 6-8 months thing is being put out there by greedy Snyder who KNOWS his previously lagging ticket sales would rear their ugly heads when the fact is, barring a miracle, he will not be ready within 9 months at the earliest. We saw the Colts pull this last year, deep down knowing Manning was not going to play last year, and kept planting stories that he was back at practice and throwing, giving false hope to fans, who kept showing up with the thought that he may have played at least toward the end of the season. I would not put it past Snyder to be pulling the same thing. In every sport, there is at least one player on each of the teams that I pull for with major injuries and it is what it is. Calling it trolling is off base.

  174. joecancun says: Jan 9, 2013 8:48 AM

    So let me add this up;
    Peterson + Clemons + Griffin=
    3 blown ACL’s on the same field, same time of year
    two years in a row.

    Why isn’t Dan Snyder under more heat for allowing his stadium field surface of choice to be
    painted mud?

    Player safety? I think not.

    Not to mention the annual Giants’ ACL tear on that field. Locklear this year, Seubert last year, someone else tore theirs on that field in 2010 I believe, and 2-3 others since the Redskins moved there 15 years ago. Seems like almost every other year a Giants player has torn his knee to shreds on that field. Add in those three injuries (Seubert’s was RIGHT AFTER Peterson’s BTW) and you see a trend.

  175. This just shows how clueless Snyder is. He invested millions not to mention draft picks in a franchise QB and then he can’t care enough to protect his investment.

    Snyder makes Jerry Jones look competent.

  176. @edavidberg

    I was going to say much the same thing. Snyder is a bad penny to all things and people that are football. Success in the sport, beyond greed which is also his curse, is the Titanic to Snyder’s iceberg.

    Every football career that crosses Snyder’s path emerges not triumphant but diminished, or oftentimes washed-up. Wise and lucky is the rare Champ Bailey who escaped Snyder’s grasp.

    Even Martyball and Joe Gibbs – of all people – could not break through Snyder’s spacewarping Fail field. The man is an intrinsic loser unless the game is counting money.

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