Rob Chudzinski interviewing for Browns on Wednesday


Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer isn’t the only coaching candidate visiting the Browns at their Berea, Ohio headquarters on Wednesday.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Panters offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will also be interviewing with the team. Chudzinski has a background with the Browns, serving as their tight ends coach in 2004 and as offensive coordinator on Romeo Crennel’s staff in 2007 and 2008.

Chudzinski’s two terms as offensive coordinator have had some similarity. The Browns went 10-6 in 2007 thanks to an offense that ranked eighth in the league with Derek Anderson at the controls, but they slumped to the bottom of the league in 2008 to hasten the end of Crennel’s run in Cleveland.

The Panthers improved from 6-10 to 7-9 this season, but the offense did not gain as many yards or score as many points as they did in 2011. Chudzinski’s offenses have featured a lot of work for tight ends — Chudzinski played the position while in college at Miami — and a fair amount of deep passing, two things that weren’t staples of the Browns offense when Pat Shurmur was in charge.

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  1. This goes against the Eagles Rule … which is much like the Rooney Rule, except that it stipulates that every potential Head Coach candidate must be interviewed by the Eagles first.

  2. Good riddance and I hope the Browns take him off our hands.

    The man had no idea how to use Cam and our stud backfield. Read options every other play don’t work Chud!

  3. As a Panther fan, I hope the Browns give him the job. If they do, I wish there was some way Chud could take Cam with him, too. And the Big Cat, while we’re at it. And Rivera.

    I haven’t been to the fish market this week, but the rehiring of Rivera, the firings of assistants, and lack of a general manager sure are starting to smell like another lousy season next year.

  4. At least Cleveland is back to interviewing NFL people. They dodged a bullet with Chip Kelly. I hope he’s still there when the NCAA punishes Oregon for hiring a bag man to recruits.

  5. As a Browns fan reading this story…I think I just lost a little respect for Banner. Chudzinski? SERIOUSLY? This guy was a complete failure while he was in Cleveland a few years back.

    We have to be able to do better.

  6. Don’t the Browns have to roll Denny Green or Romeo Crennell through the hall just to make things “look good”?

    Oh….I forget….Art Shell would be perfect for Cleveland.

  7. The “read option” is the new “wildcat”. Teams are getting away with it this year because it’s still new to the Pros. Defenses will figure it out next year & these “read option” QB’s are going to have to learn to be pocket passers.

  8. this man refuses to run the ball and gets waaaaaay to cute in situations that don’t call for it. this would actually probably help the panthers get back to running the ball and going downfield with playaction

  9. Read option took the Broncos to the playoffs with Tebow last year, and was used widely by teams this year as well, most notably Washington with RG3.

    It isn’t something brand new. Yes defenses will adjust to it, but it has been around in college forever for a reason. Read options, triple options and the like force defenses to stop getting upfield and after the QB and instead hang back and react. You might not be able to run an offense strictly based on the concept but from RG3, to Kaepernick, to Newton, to Wilson, the idea is showing it’s merits as part of an NFL playbook.

    The wildcat fad died out because it basically took your real QB off the field and limited your offensive options. The read option stuff keeps an athletic QB on the field and forces your defenders out of their comfort zones.

  10. As a Browns fan reading this story…I think I just lost a little respect for Banner. Chudzinski? SERIOUSLY? This guy was a complete failure while he was in Cleveland a few years back.


    Yeah….he was only the OC when the Browns had their best regular season since their return. Of course, you geniuses didn’t enjoy it because your dreamboat Quinn wasn’t starting.

    Stupidest fan base in the NFL strikes again.

  11. Here’s a Panther fan take on Chud. The guy is brilliant. He is also prone to reading his own press. After a brilliant 2011, he rightly assumed the defenses would figure out what we did in ’11. So he tried to be really cute – way too many trick plays and gadgets, and little or no use of the RBs, especially Tolbert.

    But he adjusted. He put Cam under center a few times. He actually called plays for Tolbert in the Chargers game, and it worked so well he kept doing it. Once Stewart got hurt, he called a bunch of plays for DeAngelo, who went wild.

    I think this is not the same Chud that was in Cleveland in ’08. He has learned how to make adjustments. His only pitfall is getting too impressed with himself when things go well. If he can keep that in check, he’ll make a good head coach. Selfishly, I want some continuity here in Carolina and want him to stay. If he gets the Cleveland job, most of us around here think Rivera is going to go after Norv Turner to be the OC. That’s OK, unless we go 1-5 again and Rivera gets fired, then we’re stuck with Norv Turner as our head coach. But I don’t think we’re going to go 1-5 again, no matter who the OC is.

    Of the candidates interviewed, I think Chud or Zimmer should get the Browns job.

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