Saints GM: “We can’t just say it was all about Sean”


Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said Wednesday that his team’s 7-9 season was “beyond disappointing,” but that they had to be careful not to make it only about the absence of head coach Sean Payton.

“We’ve got a higher standard than we’ve ever had here,” Loomis said, via Mike Triplette of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “That doesn’t mean we change everything here. We don’t need a cultural change. We don’t need to retool everything in the organization. But we do need to look at everything with a critical eye. We can’t just say it was all about Sean not being here or all about the bounty.

“I’m optimistic. Heck yes. We’ve got a good team here. We’ve got a great culture. We’ve got a great locker room. We’ve got guys that are accountable. We’ve got guys that are disappointed, frustrated, angry about the season we just had. And so that’s a good sign. Guys that care. Guys that are determined to do better next year — and I’m talking about players, coaches, staff, ownership.

“We’re not sweeping this under the rug.”

Loomis admitted part of the problem would be working around a tight salary cap situation, as they’re estimated to be around $16 million over next year’s limit as they stand. He said it wasn’t “a mess,” but there is the small matter of trying to fix a defense that set an NFL record for most yards allowed in a season.

The nearly over suspension of Payton also hinders their ability to finalize their coaching staff for next year, though Loomis said no major changes were imminent.

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer have been mentioned in connection with other jobs, but Loomis said extensions have been offered to all of their assistants who weren’t under contract, and that “the majority of our coaches are under contract for next year.”

That does not, as yet, include Payton, as Loomis said the deal they’ve agreed to has not been submitted to the league for approval.

Getting Payton back is a clear first step, but Loomis is smart to not make it the only issue. If the Saints play martyr, and pretend their only problem was that big meanie Roger Goodell, they’ll be glossing over some fundamental issues with their team, things that Payton alone can’t fix.

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  1. Yes Mickey it is all about Sean. He was the difference between 7-9 and 10-6 maybe 11-5. No Mickey you do not have a QB who is the “coach on the feild”. You have a game manager with a great arm who can manage the game as Sean see it.

    You need to work on fixing the defense for Sean. That is your responsibility that you will be held accountable for moving forward.

  2. The horrid defense wasn’t the fault of Roger Goodell, that’s for sure; that’s all on coaching and players, but just about every thing else was. Goodell isn’t a “big meanie” by the way; that is your words. What he is to most of us is a power obsessed, egomaniacal, complete and total HYPOCRITE of the first order.

  3. No, Sean is not the one on the field throwing interceptions and missing tackles, so obviously you cannot say it was all about Sean.

    So the moot question remains. How would the Saints have fared this season if Payton was at the helm? We’ll never know.

    Would you expect a better record than 7-9 for a team that had become a perennial playoff favorite had their HC not been suspended? We’ll never know.

    The damage is done. The season is over. Time to look to the 2013 season.

  4. what about the distractions caused by a quarterback who was either: (1) whining; or (2) holding out?

  5. lowtalker says: Jan 9, 2013 2:00 PM

    what about the distractions caused by a quarterback who was either: (1) whining; or (2) holding out?
    when did we sign Cam Newton and Brady Quinn?

  6. Hooray for some realism.

    And to the guy who said that it IS all about Sean… If it is, why list the defense as something to improve. Obviously it is about MORE than Sean

  7. The Saints wouldve had at the least 2 more wins if Sean was on the sideline. Hard to win without your leader. The defense was obviously the main issue but the offense wasnt clicking on all cylinders either. No matter what I dont feel we woulda made it far in the playoffs regardless. It time to cut the baggage and release Smith, Harper, Ellis, Shanle, Henderson, and Restructure Vilma. Vilma stepped in and the defense was instantly better. The Window is there but itll close in the next 2 years if we dont take drastic measures soon.

  8. Being a serious Saints fan I believe without a change in defense next season will be the same even with our HC back.

  9. I agree. The defense was already in decline. To be honest, as great a coach Sean Payton is, he has not been able to feild a very good defense since being coach. 09 was a pretty good squad but not great. Thing is, Saints dont need a great defense, just a good, solid unit that can get off the feild on 3rd down, pressure the QB, and keep teams under 24 points a game. Is that so much to ask!?!

  10. People seem to forget the fact that a better offense is on the field more often, thus keeping the defense off the field.

    The Saints defense was not significantly worse than it has been in recent years. They were just on the field a lot more often.

    Would the presence of Sean Payton have made the offense better? I don’t know, what do you think?

    Saints will be back to their usual 13-3 or 12-4 next season, no doubt about it.

  11. southcakpanther says:
    Jan 9, 2013 1:42 PM
    It was so nice beating them twice this year. Go Panthers.
    It must’ve felt nice that you had to have the Saints as a coachless team to beat them when you have back to back losing seasons hey?
    Next year it’s back to the NFC South cellar for you.

  12. Colts had a rook at QB and lost their coach to cancer.

    How did they end up compared to the Saints?

  13. chattanola says:Jan 9, 2013 1:54 PM

    “Would you expect a better record than 7-9 for a team that had become a perennial playoff favorite ………”
    definition of perennial :2.recurring or enduring: constantly recurring, or lasting for an indefinite time. I don’t think the saints* 3-4 years of having a winning season in their entire history qualifies as “perennial”. I think their entire history would better qualify as “perennial losers”.

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