Sav Rocca to have surgery, Pierre Garcon hoping to avoid it


While one member of the Washington Redskins will be undergoing surgery this offseason, another is still hoping to avoid it.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, punter Sav Rocca will have surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. Rocca continued to kick through the injury to his kicking leg since injury his leg in late October. Rocca is planning to have the surgery and do the rehab back home in Australia.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Pierre Garcon is planning on getting several opinions on the best course of action for his injured toe. He’s hoping that course of action isn’t surgery.

“That’s the LAST thing [I want to do],” Garcon said. “Hopefully surgery is not an option, but if I get enough doctors to say I need surgery, then surgery it is. But, if I can limp around for seven more years, I’ll probably limp around for seven more years and be all right.”

Garcon suffered a torn ligament on his second toe of his right foot and missed six games because of the injury. He returned for the final six games of the season and caught 33 passes for 480 yards and three touchdowns as the Redskins won their final seven games to win the NFC East.


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  1. Simple rules of thumb, Pierre–If there’s any question about having the surgery or not, have the surgery; and if there’s any question about having the surgery now or later, have it now.

  2. Sav Rocca is the actual thing that Kellen Winslow’s dad said about Kellen Winslow Jr. Rocca’s punting was top notch and he still tackles like a beast. That he was doing it with a torn meniscus just shows that the guy who was an NFL rookie after a 13 year career in Australian rules football is made out of rocks and steel cables.

  3. Get the surgery NOW! Take care of your body and come back ready to go. It will be a lingering issue if you dont

  4. savannahrose44 says: Jan 9, 2013 5:58 AM

    Dollars to doughnuts that crappy mud hole they call a football field is to blame.
    Ya think? The first time Griffin went down, the play before his second TD, there wasn’t even any contact, his foot got snagged in a patch of uneven ground as he was rolling out, causing his knee to buckle as he fell to the ground. And no matter how much you may dislike Griffin, I don’t think anyone on the planet would label him as a clumsy guy.

  5. Pierre Garcon would rather limp around for 7 years than fix the problem with surgery. This is the same thing that a once prominent Redskins strong safety named LaRon Landry did with his achilles until he was released, signed with the Jets, and had the surgery. He could barely get on the field and was totally unable to stay on the field with his bad achilles that he refused to address through surgery while with the Redskins. Are we going to have the same problem with Garcon and his toe? Just get the fkng surgery already.

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