Video, audio surfaces of Williams-Sherman incident

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After the Seahawks defeated the Redskins on Sunday, FOX cameras caught an image of Redskins tackle Trent Williams applying an open hand to the face of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

The folks at Q13, the FOX affiliate in Seattle, have more video and audio of the incident (via USA Today), thanks to the fact that Sherman wore a microphone during the game.

Sherman wasn’t talking trash or otherwise agitating in the seconds before the confrontation with Williams, who is looming as Sherman turns from saying “nice work out there” (in non-sarcastic fashion) to Redskins defensive lineman Kedric Gholston, who publicly called Sherman a “cheater” in the days before the game.  Just before the exchange begins between Sherman and Williams, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson breezes by Williams and pats a hand on his chest.

“What you goin’ do, boy?” Sherman asks Williams, who stands and glares at Sherman from behind a helmet and visor.

“I’m gonna punch you in your goddamn face,” Williams says.

“Well then do it then, boy,” Sherman replies.

The strike comes quickly, appearing to be much more violent and potent than the angle captured by FOX.  Immediately after the punch, Redskins linebacker London Fletcerh and quarterback Robert Griffin III surround Sherman, who says, “He punched me in my face! . . .  I didn’t do nothing, he came up to me!”

The video ends with Sherman and Griffin sharing a long hug, and with Sherman telling Griffin that Sherman is proud of the rookie.

Sherman also makes reference to Griffin’s decision to “spurn us,” an apparent reference to Griffin’s decision not to attend Stanford.  And Sherman’s words and demeanor suggest that Sherman believes Griffin did the right thing by not joining a depth chart that already included quarterback Andrew Luck.

In all, the video shows a much different side of Sherman, and it shows that Sherman said or did nothing to provoke the exchange with Williams.

128 responses to “Video, audio surfaces of Williams-Sherman incident

  1. Sherman talks trash but the National media finds a terrible angle to portray the man.

    Even the Megatron stuff was mislead as Sherman before and after the game called Calvin a physical beast and that he caught him on a off day.

    Brady situation was bad but Brady definitely talks trash Sherman just didn’t back down.

    Thanks florio for not just feeding the mass media bully.

  2. Richard Sherman has a big mouth but he often backs it up with his play and didn’t deserve that. I’ve never really liked Trent Williams and incidents like this don’t give me reason to.

  3. Rewind the audio and listen to the whole game and i bet Sherman said things to provoke the stiff arm.

  4. If Goodell doesn’t suspend Williams for this for at least one game, then everything he does and says about player conduct – and safety – is complete bollocks.

  5. In all, the video shows a much different side of Sherman, and it shows that Sherman said or did nothing to provoke the exchange with Williams.

    “What you goin’ do, boy?” Sherman asks Williams, who stands and glares at Sherman from behind a helmet and visor.

    “I’m gonna punch you in your goddamn face,” Williams says.

    “Well then do it then, boy,” Sherman replies.

    Seems like provocation to me. Ask and you shall receive Hoss.

  6. “did nothing to provoke” is for when someone walks up to another person and punches them out of the blue for no apparent reason.

    Provocation is walking up to someone on another team that you had just beat and saying “what you gon’a do, boy?”

    At least thats how I read it…

  7. It’s always best to sucker punch a guy in the face when you have a helmet on. What a B#%ch. No wonder he is a bum.

  8. I dont know what happened during the game to provoke this (I cant imagine Trent Williams and Sherman matched up head to head on too many plays), but Sherman actually didnt seem like the instigator in this one.

  9. so, saying ” whatcha gonna do, boy?!” and ” well then do it,boy” isn’t instigating I don’t know what is.. if you don’t want someone to punch you in the face, dont get in their face and tell them to do it.. Not sayin Trent was right, but this is football with grown men.. Words are spoken and retaliation happens.. cameras don’t capture everything.

  10. Oh all the Sherman haters are going to hate this, all you clueless people need to get off his back. You were all after him about how he was a dirty and classless PED user but didn’t even think for a second that the huge gorilla could’ve started it. Sherman is one of if not THE best corner in this league hate it or love it he’ll be shutting down your wide receivers for a long long time and we are proud to have him here in Seattle.

  11. In all, the video shows a much different side of Sherman, and it shows that Sherman said or did nothing to provoke the exchange with Williams.

    What?! Did you read your own text of what Williams did to antagonize him? Or even include any of the “stuff” Sherman did and said all through the game to antagonize the whole team? Your conclusion doesn’t jive with your own post.

  12. “What you goin’ do, boy?” Sherman asks Williams, who stands and glares at Sherman from behind a helmet and visor.

    “I’m gonna punch you in your goddamn face,” Williams says.

    “Well then do it then, boy,” Sherman replies.

    This is not antagonizing? PFT is way off on this one. and not bothered to mention any of Sherman’s in game antics.

  13. “In all, the video shows a much different side of Sherman, and it shows that Sherman said or did nothing to provoke the exchange with Williams.”

    I’m fairly certain men don’t particularly enjoy being called “boy”, especially by other men half their size.

  14. So where are the redskins fans now? Seems like Sherman had alot of respect for the opposition after the game and Williams acted like an idiot. Is is still Sherman’s fault, typical redskins fans.

  15. Fail; now I have to edit (totally defeating my comments in the process)

    After making the open hand reference it’s later called a “punch”. I think most, including the dictionary, would define that as with a closed fist.

  16. You may not post all of my comments, but you have to be looking through rose colored glasses to excuse Shermans behavior and not realize he was antagonizing Williams. Seriously? He was straight up talking trash/daring him with that “what you going to do boy” stuff.

  17. I think a one to two game suspension would be fair. Post-game + lack of equipment make it nastier. Not cool but man, he must of been steaming…

  18. Wait, I’m confused. I was led to believe that Richard Sherman was the worst person in the world. Always runs his mouth and deserves everything bad that is wished upon him. Heaven forbid that the facts actually tell a story that differs from what the haters want us to believe. Be afraid, Atlanta. Be very afraid.

  19. Sherman wasn’t talking trash or otherwise agitating in the seconds before the confrontation with Williams,

    “What you goin’ do, boy?” Sherman asks Williams

    What the hell are you talking about???

    The second comment belies the first one.

    Sherman WAS “talking trash”.

  20. So a genuine apology to Gholston then Williams pops him?

    Great genuine exchange between him and Griffin. Probably the usual chatter after a game you always see, but still cool to see. Griffin apparently wants Seattle “to win this thing” and Sherman wants him to get that knee right.

    Hardly wait to see the Redskins fans spin this one.

    Video doesn’t lie.

  21. Pretty cowardly of Williams to throw a punch while wearing his helmet. Hopefully Goodell throws the book at him.

  22. Maybe if Williams had used that energy to block instead, his team wouldn’t have been one and done. It’s to bad Redskins didn’t pick Okung when they had the chance, but at least they got to see how a real LT takes care of buisness ON THE FIELD last sunday. Sherman can dance and talk all he wants cause he’s the best CB not named Champ.

  23. I kind of wish Trent and Jim would of drafted this kid for my Niners. Baldwin too, Jim new these kids could play but didn’t want to seem like a Stanford v2.0 or Trent didn’t listen. Should of taken Fleener instead of Jenkins too. Thanks for reading my rant!

  24. All of which could have been surmised by Williams’ immediate and complete apology. Instead, that was ignored by the media in favor of their typically lazy approach.

  25. Appologies from all the press and fans who immediately blamed Sherman? Quick to judge and find fault where none was…….Kind of like the PED issue, eh?

  26. This is pretty cool. I thought for sure Sherman was talking trash. I was clearly wrong and glad I was.

  27. Everyone was so quick to judge him and instantly assuming he was talking trash. He clearly did nothing wrong and Williams is a huge punk.

  28. Queue the, “man i hate this Sherman dude he talks to much” comments.

    Nice how everyone outside of the Seahawks faithful that only follow the national media continue to spout hate towards a guy they know nothing about and assume no one else in the NFL talks trash on the field.

  29. Huh imagine that! I’m sure skin fans will just say the audio is forged and its a conspiracy against them! Poor poor skins fans

  30. He deserves an apology from ESPN and other analysts that called him out for “instigating” the confrontation. He talks a lot, sure, but he did nothing wrong in this situation

  31. I’m sure by the time the comments get posted, someone will claim that all this is because Pete Carroll is a cheater and Sherman is a cheater… blah, blah, blah. Atlanta is next. Bring it on.


  32. rg3 whambulace guess you have some work to do u will never be the same or for that matter you wont be as good as when you went down and you will have your coach to thank

  33. “…said or did nothing to provoke Williams…”

    Based on what your wrote the dude immediately was confrontational and said, “What you gonna do boy?” Not, hey good game. Nothing. He walked right up to Williams and immediately provoked him.

  34. Sherman is a really cool (and nice) guy, it is unfortunate that so many people would rather make up stories in order to hate someone they know nothing about.

  35. Sherman congratulating Skin players after the game. Williams still hot is stepping in aggressively to a 200 lb CB because his didn’t back up the pre-media and game trash talk and couldn’t beat Sherman for even one play on the field. Williams cheap shots and yet all the idiots say its on Sherman. Give me a break. Trent Williams is a punk, would love to see him step to Bryant or Mebane that way. Anyone that has met Sherman or gets to watch him on “Real Rob Report” you gotta love the guy. Can’t wait to see him do his thing vs the Falcons.

  36. doesn’t matter. he’s still a cheater. and i’m not a hater i could really care less about the seahawks or the playoffs since my teams out. but guys who use steroids should not be praised after the fact

  37. Why has no one noticed that Sherman was just standing there, with Williams, who (stands and glares at Sherman) from behind a helmet and visor. Who wouldn’t say something? if a 300lb man was just staring at you, most would not have said a word. Takes a man to say what Sherman did, who’s the boy….williams, I hope you are fined, and get a few weeks off next year. What a big man.. with his helmet ON !! Enjoy your OFF season…..

  38. Trent obviously said something to Sherman that we didn’t hear, in which his response was “whatcha going to do boy” he did not initiate his interaction with Trent by saying that.

    Again, you haters will make crap up to support your visceral reactions.

  39. I do not like the Seahawks but that was a complete cheap shot by Williams. What a punk. First off it was a cheap shot, Second Williams hit like a little girl by slapping. This guy should be suspended.

  40. Wow, some “new” “uncut” “unadulterated” piece of video? What a crock. I dig the fact that the Skins LT has the wherewithal to at least stand up for his team, even though he blocks like a turnstile at times. The real measure of this game to me was Okung vs. Williams, a measure of a draft a few years ago for franchise left tackles. The jury is out as yet, but it appears that although Trent is improving, Okung had a better game.

    The game is won on the line…And yes, I am a Skins fan.

  41. Ok Seahawk fans don’t get to carried away with yourself because we all know if RGIII had both his wheels that game was over by halftime. No doubt that was a tough game for us but you will be sitting at home soon don’t worry. And Trent Williams showed Sherman who “THE BAMMA OF THE WEEK, WEEK” winner was. That Pimp hand must be strong huh Sherman?

  42. The most shocking part of that video is how happy Griffin is at the end of a game he lost, having just blown his knee to bits.

    He was actually LAUGHING????

  43. Don’t care for neither team nor players and both had a hand in the whole incident. But unless Williams is truly, beyond any reasonable doubt, one of those NFL players that just make plays or plainly shows up every game, puts his pads and helmet on and goes and plays the game, no one, NO ONE, can say or claim he does not talk trash during the game.

    Football is a high adrenaline and testosterone-driven game. Emotions run high, specifically when you have to play to move on or go home. Players who’ve been there, done that, know this. For a player to lose his cool and intentionally hit another, outside of a football move and, more importantly, after the game, is a straight up punk move. Quite a few trash talkers out there and some have even turned it into an art form and have included it in their game plan. If you can’t or don’t know how to, I suggest you either learn or just let your game speak for itself. If you don’t or can’t, get ready cause you won’t last long and your pockets will be lighter as well.

  44. sherman says to golton helluva game boy… the same guy who called him a cheater so he took the high road. then williams gets up in his face. the game is over trash talk ended calling someone a boy is hardly trash talk he literally had just said it in a positive way towards golston so by him saying boy sounds like its just the way he talks williams was out of line if he was so upset throughout the game he should have taken it out on the field not hiding behind his helmet.

  45. All the Sherman haters have zero clue what his trash talking is all about. The guy does it to egg on the opponent until they make a mistake…like throwing his direction.

    If you were to take the time to learn about him you’d find out he a very, very intelligent, well spoken young man. Hell he went to Stanford, that’s the Pac 12’s equivelent of Harvard. 🙂

    In all seriousness though, Sherman always pays his opponent respect after games whether it be in person or in an interview. His “trash-talk” is just that…talk.

    That said I’d probably be hating on him too if he played for someone else.

  46. Williams and Sherman have already made up, any anti-Sherman talk is just because you just dont like the guy.

    On a side note, Sherman called RG3 boy a bunch too, if you watch the Real Rob Report Sherman is always saying ‘Boy’ and ‘My Brotha’.

  47. Well thank goodness there are players out there who keep it real. Maybe next time someone will put a cap in someone else’s ass too.

  48. To those that were wondering about the conversation Sherman and Griffin had….Sherman hosted RG3 on his recruiting visit to Stanford. The two remain friends to this day.

  49. after reading through these comments, one thing stood out. The only ones defending Williams are the bitter skins fans. Your season is over, figured you would be used to be irrelevant by now.

  50. It really is too bad so many fans outside of Seattle don’t take the time to watch and listen to Richard Sherman because he really is a great guy and an even better story. He grew up on Compton, CA and got himself a Stanford education.

    If you followed him on Twitter, you would have seen that Trent Williams apologized to Sherman to which he graciously accepted the apology and complemented Trent Williams on being a great player and Pro Bowler. These guys already squashed this incident and the media continues to run with it.

    The exchange between Sherman and RGIII was no surprise either as it was previously reported that Sherman was RGIII’s host on his recruiting visit to Stanford years ago.

    Richard Sherman is a guy that likes to talk as a means of motivation and a way to intimidate/agitate his opponents. If you do watch, you will see him pal around with some players who see it as good competition in a fun way.

    Frankly, I love people that talk if it’s not malicious….even as a fan hearing it from other fans. Then after the game you can have a good chat and get to know one another. Part of the reason I enjoy wearing my team’s jersey when I go to other stadiums (Green Bay and Kansas City fans are the nicest in the league).

    It’s all in good fun!

  51. I’m pulling for the Seahawks the rest of the way. I like Seattle and I dislike San Fran, and Atlanta. Green Bay would be my second choice but they’ve won it recently so they should give someone else a chance.

  52. Please… It’s football. You can’t play it all hopped up on estrogen. These men are all highly motivated and jacked on testosterone. This is just a product of that. For the most part these are all decent people like the rest of us.

  53. Wow. Williams is the only player in the clip with his helmet still on, making it not only cowardice, but also premeditated. He knew what he was “gonna do” when the game ended, and left his helmet on because he is afraid to get punched back. What a nancy.

  54. Delusional seahawk fans out in full force. They’ll beat matty ice cube, but that’s the end of the line. NFC championship is on Saturday.

  55. Do you people not realize that the team YOU root for has a handful of players who yap all game? This has gotten ridiculous, it’s like Sherman is the only one in the world “committing” trash talk, which is clearly forbidden in sports!

  56. allidoiswin55 says:Jan 9, 2013 9:23 PM

    Sherman talks trash but the National media finds a terrible angle to portray the man.

    Even the Megatron stuff was mislead as Sherman before and after the game called Calvin a physical beast and that he caught him on a off day.

    Brady situation was bad but Brady definitely talks trash Sherman just didn’t back down.

    Thanks florio for not just feeding the mass media bully.

    So….you know Brady definitely talks trash to the opposing team “off the field”? Where do you get your facts? Were you on Brady’s shoulder listening in the whole time Brady was walking OFF the field AFTER the game? And if you actually did your research you would see that Brady said what he said “on the field” AFTER being egged on by Sherman and Browner. Sherman is a classless punk who will get his some day…What Goes Around Comes Around.

  57. Trent Williams apologised for acting like a spoilt child. Pity we can’t ask the same of some people on here.

  58. Sherman quite obviously provoked Williams.

    Neither showed class or sportsmanship to each other

    Sherman showed restraint (although he really did not want to fight). So, he “wins” this pissing match

  59. What stupid redskins fans font get is, it doesn’t matter what you say to someone you can’t punch them. If I go up to someone and insult them and they turn around and deck me guess who’s going to jail? The one with the hurt fist not the hurt face. Sherman could press charges against Williams for assault. So yes Williams should be suspended and anyone who says Sherman deserved it better go line up and allow every person they have ever been rude to or who have talked crap about them(like Williams leading up to the game) and take a fist from each or get off your high s

  60. Two questions here: Why did that big lineman punch that woman in the face? Also if he is going to do that why is he so soft that he has to wear his helmet to do so after the game? I cant stand the no policy part of the NFL not making all these guys look professional with up keep with their hair? Goes for both black and white!

  61. That was straight up assault and Williams should be charged accordingly. If this were fans in the crowd the puncher would have been going to jail.

  62. The reaction of Sherman apologists and Seahawk fans is typical here: “He talks trash but he backs it up”. Great. So now any good player has license to act like a jackass. Sportsmanship is so far gone in the NFL it isnt even funny. Sherman is a stud on the field. Now he just needs to learn to act like a man. Until that happens, Williams, who was no better for taking the shot at him, wont be the last one to do it.

  63. Love this video! Shows an entirely different dimension of the game that Sherman exploits expertly to his advantage, and that is talking smack to your opponents in order to get THEM to lose their focus and make mistakes.

    Obviously, he got under Williams’ skin over the course of the game, and I’m guessing Williams made some sort of threat to him earlier about settling things afterward, and that is what we see the camera catching.

    Sherman is taking part in the usual post-game mingling and congrats — and, BTW, haters, he is calling everyone “boy,” which I liken to how white guys call each other “dude” — when he turns and finds Williams suddenly in his face with a very cold look in his eye. Sherman’s immediate response at this makes it clear he must have been threatened earlier during the game; it’s obviously a continuation of an earlier exchange, and unsaid is: “Oh, right. You.” And then vocalized, “What you gonna do, boy?”

    Carroll is teaching his Hawks the fine art of discipline, and they are winning that battle, too. Get the other team all riled up and mad over smack talk, they lose focus and drop passes, miss assignments, etc, and if they get chippy and throw a punch, smart Seahawks throw their hands in the air. No problem here, ref! I just wanna play some ball, ref! Result: Personal foul — other team. My Hawks are owning you mouth-breathers!

    This thread is really a good indicator of which fans are football savvy, and which are mouth-breathing bullies themselves. Go Hawks!

  64. They are both punks. Sherman needs to control his mouth, he never stops talking. Williams is a loser for hiding behind his helmet and starting crap with someone half his size. I’d like to see Williams do the same thing with someone like Ritchie Incognito or Eric Wood. He would be laid out. Punks.

  65. Attention Florio and apparently, anyone from Seattle: If you call someone a “boy” or say “What you gonna do, boy” in any other part of the country it is considered provoking and you would only do that if you are prepared for the consequences.
    Most likely, something along the lines of a punch in the face. And further, your friends would tell you that you had it coming!
    Are you guys zooted on fairy dust out there or what?

  66. Last time I checked black men don’t particularly like being called “boy”. Check your history and you’ll understand why.

    For those of you who think that those two statement weren’t provocation, please go give it a try. I’m guessing you’ll experience similar results.

  67. I saw another version of the video where you can hear Williams say something along the line of “You better not…”- it was pretty inaudible, but this and the fact that he was lurking in the background says to me that he went on the field postgame w/ the intention of confronting Sherman, which is inexcusable. And the fact that he kept his helmet on shows that he wouldn’t have minded if it got physical- which it did.

    I think Williams should be suspended, but he’ll probably end up with a pretty nice donation to a charity of the league’s choosing

  68. I know someone who was at the game and he said Richard Sherman started it he went and started talking trash to Trent Williams who was minding his own business. I am not going to defend Trent Williams though because he should not have hit him.I’m a Redskins fan and none of us are defending Trent’s actions.

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