Wednesday morning one-liners


Patriots DT Vince Wilfork may make life miserable for Texans RB Arian Foster on Sunday.

People in Buffalo aren’t sure what to make of the decision to hire Doug Marrone.

Asked if he’s certain the franchise has the right people in place to build a winner, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said, “How in life are you ever certain? I believe they have the talent to deliver day-in and day-out. But this is a business that’s really measured. It’s probably like no other business in the world. You measure it with wins and losses.”

The reviews are in for Tuesday’s Rex Ryan-Woody Johnson press conference, and the New York media was not impressed.

The Ravens say they don’t care about the fact that they’re underdogs against the Broncos.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is being compared to Susan Lucci.

Is the presence of QB Brandon Weeden a positive or a negative for potential head coaches of the Browns?

A Pittsburgh man was arrested for breaking into Heinz Field.

The Texans need to win the turnover battle in New England.

Said Colts QB Andrew Luck of the end of the season, “It’s weird. You’ve been going 100 miles per hour for 20-something weeks. Now, you’re at zero miles per hour with nothing to do. It’s weird cleaning out your locker.”

Said Jaguars owner Shad Khan of new G.M. Dave Caldwell, “We got our man. I have a lot of faith in David Caldwell, and I can assure our fans that the best days for the Jacksonville Jaguars are in front of us.”

Titans tight ends coach John Zernhelt, who had one year left on his contract, was fired on Tuesday after seven seasons with the team.

Broncos QB Peyton Manning says his neck injury affected his grip strength, which is why he now sometimes wears a glove on his throwing hand: “I certainly don’t think I would have had to wear the glove had I not been injured last [season]. It’s part of my injury, some things that I’ve had to adjust.”

Here’s a look at some of the candidates to become the next general manager of the Chiefs.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen says he’s done talking about what the tema could have done differently last season.

An announcement on the Chargers’ next general manager is expected to come today.

Firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan could signal that Dallas plans a complete overhaul of its defensive scheme, which would have personnel implications as well.

Giants FB Henry Hynoski was named to the 2012 USA Football All-Fundamentals Team.

Says former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil of the team’s current coaching search, “I think it’s an advantage for an NFL coach to be an offensive coach, he’s gotta answer all the questions anyway and 90% of them are going to be about the offense. More often than not, the conversation starts about the QB or the offense. So why not have somebody who’s the hood ornament of your organization have that as their strengths. I’m not saying it’s the only way or the right way, I just will always lean that way.”

DE Phillip Merling, a former No. 32 overall pick, is among the players signed to futures contracts by the Redskins.

Bears special teams coordinator Dave Toub is becoming an old pro at interviewing for head-coaching jobs.

Lions DE Ronnell Lewis was drafted last year with the idea that he’d be primarily a special teams contributor as a rookie, but in 2013 he may see plenty of playing time on defense.

Packers fans are everywhere, including at a bar in Paris.

The Vikings have some decisions to make about 36-year-old CB Antoine Winfield, who’s due $7.2 million in 2013, and 33-year-old DT Kevin Williams, who’s due $8 million.

Although it’s technically a sellout, there are about 9,000 tickets available, starting at $60, for Sunday’s Falcons game.

The Panthers have now finished 7-9 seven times in franchise history.

The New Orleans media gave Saints RT Zach Strief the annual Good Guy Award.

The Bucs may need to diversify their play calling.

New Cardinals G.M. Steve Kleim believes in drafting a quarterback every year.

Rams QB Sam Bradford had a C-plus season.

San Francisco LB Patrick Willis says he can accept it if he doesn’t get a lot of playing time because the 49ers need to use their nickel and dime packages against the Packers.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he likes the fact that his team won’t back down to anyone.

8 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Atlanta might have the worst fans in all of professional sports. Can’t sell out MLB playoff games and now an NFL Divisional Playoff when your team is 14-2? Dang.

  2. JJ is an idiot for firing Rob Ryan! It wasn’t his defense that threw interceptions at the worst possible moment and end all his play-off hopes this year.

    When his offense constantly puts the defense on the field – it is their failure. The defense was one of the best things about Dallas’ team this year. When your on the field all the time, of course plays are going to be made, and stats will grow.

    Well on the bright side, at least we won’t have to see them eliminate a good team next year either.

  3. Of course Marvin Lewis wants you to find the positives about him. He is the current longest tenured coach in the league and has never had a playoff win as a head coach. Not only that, but in the last 3 visits to the playoffs, the team looks absolutely disgusting. They didn’t even show up. They MIGHT have won the game against the Steelers had Palmer not got taken out on the 2nd drive. But that’s a big MIGHT. Lewis is horrible and should have been gone years ago. But he’s a “yes man” for Mike Brown so Brown will keep him around for as long as Lewis will stay.

  4. Atlanta doesnt have the worst fans Seattle does…Google worst sports towns in America and see what one comes upconstantly year after year….Seattle..

  5. @norcalmafia – you are completely wrong. Atlanta does have the worst sports fans, not Seattle. Are you not listening when commentators & players & even journalists say that The 12th Man is the best fan base in football? The LOUDEST fans in the NFL??!! The consecutive sell-out streak at CenturyLink is off the charts. The waiting list for season tickets…?????? Do Seattle fans sell out Safeco Field consistently, no. Money is too tight these days to waste $100 on a mediocre club!

  6. I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but I believe Belicheat is the longest-tenured HC in the league now, not Mediocre Marvin.

    Also, JJ is not an idiot for firing Rob Ryan. He was already an idiot. Look how he’s run his franchise for the last 17 years.

  7. Houston will try to run to whichever side Big Vince is not lined up on. Win or lose, The Ravens are gonna put some hurt on the Broncos and Peyton. That poor guy in Pittsburg just ran out of ketchup and the stores were closed, that’s all. The Giants should send their whole team o Football Fundamentals School after their abysmal season; especially the guy with the tired arm ( wuss). Lastly, the reason the Packers have fans in Paris is because the French think Green Bay is in Canada, as do many Americans.

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