Bernie Kosar undergoing treatment for brain trauma


We noted last month that former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar sounded so unintelligible in a radio interview that fans were concerned about his mental well-being. Kosar said the next day that he was feeling fine and surprised by the reaction to the interview, but he now acknowledges that he is getting medical treatment for brain trauma.

The good news is that Kosar says that treatment is working: Kosar says he has been under treatment from a doctor whose techniques for increasing blood flow to the brain have made Kosar feel better and sleep better.

“When I heard some of the things he was capable of doing I was bluntly a little skeptical . . . but just after a few weeks of treatment to not have the ringing in the ears, not have the headaches and to be able to sleep through the night without medications and all the stuff,” Kosar said.

Kosar said he has spoken to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the treatments, and that he’s hoping other NFL players can benefit. We hope Kosar, who has had a string of personal, financial and health problems in his retirement, continues to feel better.

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  1. I had a tumor rupture in my head that caused me to lose the ability to speak.. It was benign, but it still could have been fatal. It’s nothing to play around with.

  2. Anyone who’s ever seen Bernie interact with fans of any age – especially kids or elders – knows that he is even more special off the field than he was on. Anyone who doesn’t know how special he was on the field doesn’t know football. Get well Bernie.

  3. If this continues to go well for Bernie, maybe he can become an advocate for treating brain trauma for other athletes.


    I think he should start with media analysts – like Rob Parker. Clearly some brain damage there.

  4. Here’s what these guys need to realize. And I’m talking about the most succesufl players, not the average. You are going to be done by 30-35 years of age. That means 30-45 years of retirement. So what you need to do is base your living standards off of a realistic base and realize that you need to live off savings (not earnings) for decades. It’s math. And it’s not that hard of math. Troy Aikman set a great example of how to think about this and I will not get into that here, but google it. These guys think they can earn a few million a year, spend it and somehow maintain that lifestyle when there aren’t millions coming in. Makes no sense.

  5. its obvious that most people don’t know what bernie did for his family and also what he did for kids here in cleveland and miami. he had put something like 1000 kids or so through high school and college/ The guy has screws metal and other metal parts holding his ankle together.. his back is a mess, so it understandable that at a young age the drugs to help the pain became addictive, but he has moved on from those days, he is enjoying life with the kids, and his g/f at longenberger. good luck bernie. best of luck, and wish you were able to be the browns qb coach!

  6. So glad to hear Bernie’s treatment seems to be successful. Praying he’ll continue having a positive outcome, and these techniques will benefit more players and others affected by brain trauma. All the best, Bernie, from Steeler Nation.

  7. This issues have nothing to to with brain Trauma. When you’re rich , famous and everyone is looking up to you you are on top of the world. When that goes away its hard to adjust- look at child Hollywood stars or Hollywood has-beens, no brain trauma there.

    The real study should be with people that have it all , then lose it – that cuases suicides, not brain injuries for years ago.

    Basically you have a bunch of leach lawyers looking for easy paydays and hasbeens looking for another paycheck.

  8. I have conflicted emotions about reading this. It is widely known that both Kosar as well as Jim MacMahon tend to enjoy themselves out on the town to the point of excess. While I understand the concern of potential CTE-like symptoms, those same symptoms present themself in habitual heavy drinkers.

    Not to say that neither of these guys actually suffer some sort of mental debilitating brain issues due to their football careers, however, I am dubious when well known “drunks” blame peculiar behavior on being “damaged”.

    Pretty cynical, I know, but can’t help myself to not consider it as part of the equation.

  9. Why does Steve Young and Troy Aikeman not have brain trauma as they had more concussions than anybody……………..

    They are still famous and still have money – if everyone of the plantiffs were in Steve or Troy’s position there would be no lawsuits.

    Its all about money – not the real issues of depression of being a hasbeen

  10. I had the pleasure to meet Bernie in either 93 or 94. I was in Naval Station Norfolk Honor Guard and I won tickets to an auction raising money for local sports programs. There was around 20-25 pro athletes there. Most from the Tidewater area. If memory serves me right Bernie owned a chain of Wendys restaurants in Va Beach. He was the only athlete that even looked at us. He actually stood there and talked to us for a good hour, even asked us to sit as his table. Which was cool because he was and still is my favorite player! Bernie cared about his fans. More than I can say about the other pros that were there. Get well #19!

  11. Bernie was one of the brightest guys to ever play QB and provided great/insightful commentary on football today.

    As a Steelers fan, I have a lot of respect for Bernie and wish the Steelers would have grabbed him to compete for the Starting job in 1994, playing on behind that offensive line with that defense, the Steelers could have won back to back Super Bowls instead of having Neil O’Donnell show as the weak link to an otherwise stacked team that choked in the 1994 AFC Championship and O’Donnell gift wrapped the 1995 Super Bowl to the Cowboys.

  12. My aunt was the Associate AD for the University of Miami in 1983-1984 season. That year she got us tickets to the Orange Bowl game and brought the fam to a player event. I was 13 at the time and met Bernie Kosar. He was so sweet. He took me around and introduced me to the other players as his “date”.

    Never forgot that. He was so classy.

  13. God bless you, BK! Get yourself prepared bc we need you at QB coach now that we’ve got Chud and Norv Turner (2 guys who know you very well) lined up as HC and OC. You always had perfect timing! It’s time for a class act to get the 2nd act he deserves. Go Legend all over again!

  14. I’m sorry to say this, but if you listen to Bernie’s radio interview, it’s clear the man is totally wasted. The “football trauma caused slurred speech” defense is a sad excuse, which if you’re honest- you’ve never seen before. Seriously, I know you people love him, but are you blind? Evidently, Joe Namath should have used the same story.

  15. That is incredible news. For years as Browns QB, BK was one of the most intelligent, articulate QBs in the NFL. It has been a very sad experience to watch what his injuries did to his brain when he’s analyzed pre-season games for the Browns. How amazing it will be to get the “old” Bernie back.

  16. to vancouvernfl
    I will pray that you nor anyone you love ever has a serious illness or injury.
    very classless and immature of you

  17. BK got his degree in three years by the way. Most of the people bashing Bernie probably spent more years than that in 9th grade.

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