Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as their head coach


The Browns took a shot at some of the biggest names in their search for a head coach, but they didn’t wind up hiring any of them.

The Browns have confirmed that they will officially introduce Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski as their head coach on Friday. Chudzinski interviewed for the job this week and must have impressed Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner quite a bit to jump over some candidates considered more likely to become head coaches this offseason.

Chudzinski has been the Panthers’ offensive coordinator for the last two years and spent two years running the Browns offense in 2007 and 2008. The Browns thought they had their quarterback in the first of those seasons as Derek Anderson led the team to 10 wins, but they crashed and burned the next year to help lead to Romeo Crennel’s departure from Cleveland. He’ll need to find that quarterback to avoid a similar fate this time around.

It’s an unexpected choice in terms of the magnitude of the name after Chip Kelly, Nick Saban and others were talked about for Haslam’s first hire. We’ll hear the Browns explain why Chudzinski’s their man on Friday.

134 responses to “Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as their head coach

  1. Anytime you can hire a below average OC to be your HC you just have to do it. Lather, rinse, repeat once again in Cleveland.

  2. Not sure how McCoy and Weeden will succeed on that zone-read gimmick that Cam Newton had to run over and over.

    Of course opposing teams figured out how to stop it!

  3. horrible, horrible, horrible, i thought wisenhunt for sure…must wanted too much money or a lot more say than banner was willing to give…..we’ll see but righ tnow horrible move!

  4. Highly innovative head coach that will be able the career of Richardson by using him on multiple spots on the field, along with ensuring a fair competition between the quarterbacks.

    Intriguing though to see if he the head coach/offensive coordinator or be wise an appoint someone to run the offense.

  5. Good hire. Hear he will bring Norv Turner in as OC too. Even better. Hope they hold on to Jauron. Welcome back, Chud!

  6. To say disappointment would be a complete understatement…although, why should I be surprised??? Change of ownership, same results…unless Chud surprises everyone.

  7. Bringing a big name back from their glory years of 2007-2008. I’m sure those are fond memories for Browns fans.

  8. Are you F@#$%#@ kidding me?? This is the best hire that we can make? I think I am officially done with this stupid a$$ team! I just can’t do it anymore. I want a divorce!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  9. LOL _ they found someone willing to do it huh ? They should have stuck with they guy they were starting to show progress with

  10. It’s a shame the browns can’t get a big name coach. Browns are light years away from competing and when you’re firing a coach every other year, how can you build success. No coach wants to come in knowing they won’t last long enough to improve the team

  11. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’m sorry oh wait bahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha. Sorry again but, holy cow that is funny stuff oh boy that’s funny

  12. He needs a QB to make it work. He had Rivers in SD and Newton in CAR. They’ll be drafting a QB this year.

  13. Young bright offensive mind with proven success in the NFL. Norv Turner as the OC shows he has respect around the league. Hire not the flash of Chip Kelly but will prove to be the right move. Good job Jimmy III, way not to be persuaded by the media. Look forward to finding out who will take DC position.

  14. berniesboys says: Jan 10, 2013 10:32 PM

    Well…we can expect a thriving offense for the first 8 games. But then what?

    You’ll run him out of town because he hasn’t won 20 Super Bowls in eight games. You know, like Cleveland does to every head coach.

  15. Well you know what they say.

    Meet the new coach

    Just as bad as the old coach

    As an Eagles fan I can only say you guys make my day better when things look bad in Philly, I can always say well at least I am not a Brown’s fan!

  16. coonsqualler says: Jan 10, 2013 10:42 PM

    Are you F@#$%#@ kidding me?? This is the best hire that we can make? I think I am officially done with this stupid a$$ team! I just can’t do it anymore. I want a divorce!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!


    Yeah, sounds about right….. And you guys wonder why top guys like Cowher won’t come and save you.

  17. As another mentioned already, word is that Norv Turner is coming along as OC (I don’t mind that, as long as he doesn’t become interim HC if/when we fire Chud in 2 yrs) and a couple reports indicate Jauron is out as DC, disappointed to hear that.

  18. As a Panthers fan, I can’t help but to rejoice over this news. The man stunted Cams growth with horrible and predictable playcalling.

    Thanks Browns! U can have him!

  19. Seriously, who the eff knows? He could be a disaster, he could be a brilliant hire. I hope for Browns fans sake he does well, he make Scam look much better than he actually is.

  20. McCoy can and has run the zone reed. Weedon, not so much. But, Chudzinsky? Who? Typical Cleveland mistake and another 4 or 5 win season.

  21. Notice the pattern of coaches the Browns, Jags, and Bills keep hiring? It’s like a guy in high school bragging he’s going to get the captain cheerleader only to settle for the clarinet player from the band.

    The cheerleader never will go out with Cleveland, Jacksonville, or Buffalo.

  22. Isn’t this the same guy that took over for a 31st or 32nd ranked Offense in Cleveland in 2006, and turned them into the 8th best offense in the NFL in 2007? And did the same thing with Carolina in 2011, going from 32nd in 2010, to the 7th best in offense in ’11 and 12th this past year?

    I hear they are also bringing in Norv Turner as the OC. Turner was a decent HC, not the best, but always was a good OC. Good hire by the Browns. They need to keep Jauron, though.

  23. Nick Saban was never available … and apparently neither was Chip Kelly. Chuzinski is a known quantity for the Browns, so they should be well aware of what they’re getting. I hope this proves to be a good call for them. Would like to see Cleveland back in the mix!

  24. Im ok with this but this hire will have to grow on me somewhat but im just happy we didn’t bring Kelly,jay gruden,mike zimmer,trestman,lovie smith in as head coach i kinda wanted WIZ but oh well GO BROWNIES.

  25. The Panthers offense is the best on Madden13. I think Cam will bitch about anything, and always point the finger. They had leads in almost every game, and moved the ball well. Maybe hes a good hire.

  26. This was a good hire (I think).

    Chudzinski has done a good job where ever he has gone.

    I like seeing guys get a chance that weren’t necessarily on the Radar Screen.

    He has worked with a lot of very different QBs and has gotten a lot out of them along the way.

    The Browns need to stick with him and give him a chance.

    Jimmy Haslam has Steelers roots. Follow their example and show continuity.

    I really want to see Cleveland fans get rewarded, they are great fans and they are deserving.

  27. OK…how is this dude any better that Shurmur? Or maybe it’s just that thney wanted to hire their own “people” and not have Heckert and Shurmur around because they were hired by Holmgren?

    Joe, Joe, Joe. Is this how you wanna show you’re so much smarter than your buddy Lurie? Granted, the Eagles search does raise some questions (Read: see Kelly, Brian, and Kelly, Chip, for references) but it may well be that the guy they have settled on is not available because they are still involved in the playoffs. I just can’t see how you hire a Chud after obviously making a thud in the search process…

    I’m an Eagles fan and was quite pleased to see Joe go, frankly. But at the same time, I don’t wish him on the Browns, either…

  28. C.H.U.D.!

    Seriously, when the Packers hired McCarthy I was unimpressed. “Who?”

    Chud is a better choice than any of those college clowns.

    Remember, they can all do X’s and O’s. You hire the man AND the coach.

  29. As a Panthers fan, I didn’t want to see Chud leave, but everybody in the organization knew it was coming eventually.

    Cleveland, get ready… Yall will probably stay at the 8-8 level for years to come with this guy, but my God it will be fun watching you guys play. This dude is an offensive weirdo, ( in a good way )

    First two picks for Browns: QB and tight end, tight end, and another tight end.

    Good luck Chud, I’ll be rooting for you down here.

  30. This is worse than taking your car to a mechanic who just messes everything up and charges you your house, then a few years later taking your car back to this mechanic again. I swear the new owner is trying to get us to hate him, why else would he do something so unintelligent and blatant especially without a GM in place. Wow I’m speechless at this point however, as all of us brownies realize if the team actually did something smart in the off season all their fans would have heart attacks…..

  31. The big name coaches never work out on their second teams. Thats why Cowher is afraid to coach again. It’s always better to go after an unknown. Like the Saints did with Sean Payton.

  32. This is the big decision? This is what is going to change around the factory of sadness? This will reinvigorate the fan base? Check on all of those… yeah right.

  33. I sure hope it works. But considering that nothing has worked for 14 years …

    Maybe they should start reviewing candidates for the next reboot, coming up in January 2015. May as well get a head start. No point in waiting until the last minute.

  34. This move concerns me. Not the longest resume to go off of. He must have had the worlds greatest interview with Khan. The football fan in me hates this move for Browns fans. The business person likes Khan going outside the typical retread coaches and giving someone new a shot. Good luck Brownies!

  35. Not a damn one of em knows a thing about Chud, but still they have a mouthful to say…. airheads.

    Good hire, he was going to be a coach sooner or later, probably this or next either way.

  36. Dont worry guys things will get better for us when they bring Rivers along with the great Norv Turner, wont it??

    Probably not same old Browns, always letting us down

  37. What a Buffalo-style move. Super pumped about the Bills coaching hires… feel sorry for Browns fans. But who knows? This guy may be the next great coach and the Bills may have made the dumb moves. Only time will tell…

  38. actually seven coaches have failed one place then won a super bowl at the next. But no coach has ever won a super bowl then went to another team and won another. So it seems failing is a part of the process.

  39. Don’t have an opinion one way or the other, don’t know enough about the guy

    But as an Eagles fan, there have been 3 hires now (KC, Cle, and Buffalo), and none of thm were guys that I would of liked as the next Eagles coach. So far, so good

    Still worried about Chi and Arizona. I’m sure jax will find a way to screw it up

  40. You know whats funny Eaglesfan290, I said the same thing this year. At least im not an Eagles fan. Ya know when Vick fumbled the ball all the time and you guys having all these great players on your team and should of done well but oh wait sucked it up. Talk about your dream team.

  41. Hmmm… another 2 to 3 years down the drain for Browns’ fans until another new coach is hired. That said, I hope it works out for them.

  42. I forgot, you so called experts who a ripping into this hire, you know who they should have hired. You all wanted Chan Gailey or was it wade Phillips, or Jim Scchwartz, Josh McDaniles, Rob Marinelli, Mike Mullarkey, Jim Fassel, or some other bust.
    We don’t know how this will play out. I would have preferred Zimmer but let’s wait and see.
    If we keep Jauron as DC and we get Norv Turner to come on board as OC I think its a big win for the Browns.

  43. Oh my sweet Father thank you Cleveland for taking this clown. Sheesh this guy destroyed our season last year and cost us the postseason. Let him take his nonsense to to Ohio and let us work on getting a real coordinator.

    Caught a break here, panther fans.

  44. Love hoe the delusional browns fans are rationalizing this one. Did I really read a comparison to Sean Payton or did I miss the sarcasm? While this hire is probably better than Chip Kelly , who doesn’t run an NFL offense, this is an exciting hire? I though Butch was an exciting hire. I methought Romeo was an exciting hire. I tough ManGENIUS was, I thought Shurmur was that up-and-coming steal!!!!!

  45. think they’ll be ready to relocate again in 4-5 years. this is fantastic. thinking L.A L.A big city of dreams but everything in L.A ain’t always what it seems, you might get fooled bringing in the browns cause we comin from Queens and get down. L.A L.A

  46. Are the Browns even trying to make themselves better?! nobody’s going to take them seriously if they cant hire a head coach, draft franchise quarterback. it’s always the same with this team nothings changing!

  47. I’m not a Browns fan, but I am a fan of cellar-dweller solidarity, and want to see the Browns become a good team again. This is the worst possible news for Cleveland. Chudzinski is terrible. In fact, I was very surprised he wasn’t fired this year.

    DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are one of the better, if not the best, RB tandems in the NFL, yet the Panthers utilized them fewer times than any other team in the NFL. That is to say, if you subtract Cam Newton’s attempts, the 2012 Panthers had the fewest rushes in the NFL, by a lot. The Cardinals were 32nd in rushing attempts with 352, but Williams and Stewart combined for a staggeringly low 318 rushes.

    The Panthers’ dynamic 2011 offense was sparked by Cam Newton obviously; but, like Robert Griffin’s success this year, the rookie quarterback’s brilliance was grounded (no pun intended) in a strong running game.

    Why would the Panthers depart from their pro-bowl caliber halfback tandem, despite the their quarterback’s struggles this year? One can only assume Chudzinski’s incompetence.

    Hell, why don’t they just put Jacksonville’s quarterback coach in charge of football operations? I heard Denny Green was looking for work; or maybe they could have the fans vote on what play to call next.

    Point is, Clevland, are you serious!!? C’mon man!

  48. The Browns pick at #6 in this year’s draft. Since there aren’t any QBs setting the world on fire in this crop, maybe the Browns will trade the pick to acquire an experienced QB that Norv Turner (if hired) could coach up. Alex Smith or Matt Flynn might rather be starters…


  49. Chud will not be a successful head coach at this level, this move smells of desperation on the part of the Browns. Find an assistant with some pelts on his horse, like a Super Bowl ring, or a #1 rank offense, why a OC that was almost out the door a week ago with his head coach?

  50. So the Browns hired a guy that couldn’t even turn the Panthers offense around? The Panthers have Deangelo, stewart, and Tolbert, yet they couldnt even run the ball, and Cam regressed. Should have hired Whisenhunt.

  51. 1 advice for Rob..Don’t get too comfortable..Don’t buy a house there..The Brownies are known for 3 things and they are 1. Losing 2.and that leads to changing HCs and QBs..most teams have moved on but the Brownies for some reason they like rebuilding every year..I feel for ma man Josh Cribbs when he said “I’m tired of rebuilding every year”

  52. Just because half of you Browns fans have never heard of him, doesn’t make this a bad hire. Sexy pick? No…But neither was Banner’s last hire and that guy lasted 14 years with his team. Unless you have something insightful to say that’s negative about him, I’d say it’s jumping the gun a bit to instantly label this as a terrible move.

  53. For qb the browns should draft that snotty white kid from the play sixty commercials that talked trash to Cam

  54. Good Call by Cleveland. It became obvious with the names they were interviewing that once the college coach boat sailed option 2 became coordinators with previous AFC North success. It shows the new ownership has actually done their research enough to know that usually Clevelands 5 or 6 wins a season are all outside their division and it’s the division games that they need help on. (6 outside games plus at least half their division games is a winning season).

    I think the Chud/Turner combo trumps any of the college names they were going after in round 1. The biggest question is who gets the defensive coordinator job. The defense is the only thing Cleveland was known for during the Holmgren era. The best defensive coordinator available right now not already on Clevelands staff is Romeo Crennel and that’s like your ex wife being you new wifes made of honor at your wedding.

  55. Hahaha..Maybe a good coach but going to Cleveland will destroy your resume..Browns fans are just weird..When there team wins 4 games..its like going to the playoffs..They take it personal that they will try to pick fights against lil kids that cheer for a different team..They’d rather see their team beat Cincy and Pittsburgh rather than going to the playoffs or winning more than 8 games..LOL..yeah they are an interesting bunch

  56. All true Browns Fan know exactly who Chud is…. Takes a year and wins 10+ games, then on his second year every D coordinator in the NFL figures him out and his luck runs out quick. Stupid hire, we know exactly who Chud is….. two years and done. Do you people even read these articles? He spent two lack luster years here already, first year: Derek Anderson makes the pro bowl and Braylon actually catches more than a pillow. Second year: Well lets see we won how many games that year with ‘more talent’? No, Chud isn’t welcome in Cleveland. I’m questioning Haslam….. Maybe he really does want to move the team, this would be a good first step. Nice hire for the ignorant or on the surface, but true fans know this guy as a league floater. Too bad we’re all way to used to this kind of crap from our team.

  57. Hey Oracle, he’s already been on staff 2 separate times now (once as TEs coach & once as OC with 2 separate deposed regimes) with these same expansion brownies so that’s a pretty big insult to say the browns fans wouldn’t have heard of him … or else just maybe you’re just as oracular as you must imagine yourself?

  58. The BROWNS hired a big meaty guy named CHUD. Mr. Mackey is laughing somewhere. You just know Trey Parker and Matt Stone are writing an episode about this already. Immature, I know, but comedy in this case really does write itself.

  59. In 19 years as an NFL defensive coordinator or head coach, Dick Jauron has ONE top 10 defense in yards allowed, which was Cleveland’s 10th-ranked defense in 2011. For a guy with a decent reputation, that is stunning.

  60. Thanks for the early birthday present, Browns. We really thought you were going to take Mike Zimmer from us.

  61. Good hire by the Browns. To all the negative people posting, most of them were criticizing Sean Peyton’s selection as head coach by the Saints too. By guess here is Haslam and Banner know more than you.

  62. Wait a minute. Wasnt this the guy fired by then Bucs head coach Raheem Morris as OC after a few games?

  63. His record says it all. Hope he enjoys his two years here in Cleveland. Very disappointed Jimmy, your era starting off terrible.

  64. Joe Banner is an egotistical douch who will be in the unemployment line with “Chud” next year at this time. Thanks, Jimmy……for nothing. Kindly go back to your truck stops in Tennessee because you are in WAY over your head in the NFL.

  65. Wait…Did I just see a Bills fan on here questioning this hire? Didn’t they just hire a Syracuse coach that went .500 in 4 years there, and then hired a 33 year old OC, that has absolutely no NFL Coordinator experience?

    I know Marrone turned around an Orange team, if you call having two losing years turned around, but its the Big East. A weak College football division, and they played in the pinstripe bowl for sakes! Marrone didn’t even call the plays when he was with the Saints!

    Atleast you can see Chidzinki’s track record as an OC in the NFL, and if they hire Turner as OC, they made a very smart pick.

  66. this should be and interesting fire.

    The Steelers are obviously done riding the Cowher wave. That joke Tomlin will have them in the cellar for the next 5 years.

    the Bengals have just finished their twice a decade “one and done” playoff appearance.

    After Baltimore gets pounded by the Broncos, they can look forward to winning the division at 9-7 next year.

    it’ll be nice to see Cleveland win that division with regularity starting in 2014.

  67. So this is “the best of the best”?
    And now we get to watch another newbie learn how to be a head coach as we rack up 4 wins a season for the next couple of years. What are these guys thinking?
    The only way Haslam/Banner can top this is by making Mike Lombardi the GM…. oh wait. Never mind.

  68. mike McCarthy was an unimpressive OC before he was hired as GBs head coach. Some guys are better fit to lead the organization. You never know how it’s going to turn out.

  69. larrybrown43 says:
    Jan 10, 2013 10:56 PM
    Notice the pattern of coaches the Browns, Jags, and Bills keep hiring? It’s like a guy in high school bragging he’s going to get the captain cheerleader only to settle for the clarinet player from the band.

    Another sad, ignorant person that’s never slept with a clarinet player. Have you ever taken a good look at a clarinet and how they hold it?

  70. This is a GREAT move. Chud is the next Andy Reid. That means the Clowns will lose the only SB they get to while the Steelers win two more. That’s what Eagles fans were treated to under Reid while the Giants were winning SBs.

  71. I just want to know if Chudzinski is going to be able to dedicate enough time to coaching the team while trying to take over the Cleveland underworld and fighting Britt Reid.

    Be it the color of my suit or the color of your blood, BROWN will be the last thing you see. Beware the reign of Bloodzinski!

  72. Looks like a poor choice. It’s too bad they didn’t interview and take a good look at Bruce Arians of the Colts. Bruce really proved himself in his interim coaching position with the Colts that he is a very good NFL Coach. Some team will be smarter and hire him.

  73. Chud is a dud. When you can’t coach in the NFL, you can always get a job here in Cleveland. And Haslam paid over a billion dollars for this team, and hands the keys to this guy?
    My heart is sinking.

  74. I guess a prerequisite to being the Browns coach is a bad resume. Chud isn’t terrible, but he’s done nothing to prove he deserves this. And after everything the Browns go through year in and year out, for this to be the hire from the ‘new regime’ is extremely disappointing. If I were a Browns fan, I’d have been excited when someone bought the team. However, upon hearing this news, I’d be ready to scrap my love for the team if they don’t surprise the hell out of me this season.

    How do Browns fans stay fans? I’m really curious…it was hard for Saints fans for a while, but at least we had talented coaches in the past who just couldn’t get it done. The Browns haven’t had a talented head coach (aside from BB who wasn’t anywhere near as talented as he is now at the time). They keep hiring disappointing name after disappointing name. When is enough enough?

    This is not a good hire for this organization.

  75. GREAT NEWS! Now I don’t have to spend money on tickets next year. I’ve already seen this circus once. Now I can afford that “Factory of Sadness” t-shirt I’ve been saving up for.

  76. Maybe it might work out for the Browns but when it cones to Norv, be careful what you wish for.Everybody thinks he is a great OC but anybody could have run offence with Emmit,Irvin,Aikeman.

  77. cospgsmadman says:
    Jan 11, 2013 11:04 AM
    Maybe it might work out for the Browns but when it cones to Norv, be careful what you wish for.Everybody thinks he is a great OC but anybody could have run offence with Emmit,Irvin,Aikeman.


    We saw the same thing in Baltimore with Billick and then Cameron. Their previous offensive success apparently had more to do with personnel than the x’s and o’s.

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