Browns hope Chudzinski’s third time with team is a charm


At least Rob Chudzinski will have no trouble adjusting to Cleveland.

The latest coach of the Browns has been employed twice before by the team, as tight ends coach in 2004 (he served as interim offensive coordinator for the final games of the season) and offensive coordinator from 2007 through 2008.  Both prior stints ended ultimately in failure.

Not specifically failure by Chudzinski, but he was part of staffs who were replaced by new regimes.

This time, Chudzinski is the new regime, the first major hire by owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner, who has vowed that the next set of changes will be the last set of changes for a while.

The Browns officially have announced that Chudzinski is the choice.  It’s the first domino that will eventually lead to a fresh vision for offense and defense and personnel management, especially since the Browns seem to have opted to focus on hiring a coach before bringing in a General Manager.  Which means that Chudzisnki probably have some authority over the selection of the groceries.

While the decision won’t create much sizzle on the shores of Lake Erie, the Browns were never looking to do a cannonball in the Cuyahoga with the hire.  Instead, they wanted the right man for the job.

They think they have him.  Time will tell whether they’re right.

24 responses to “Browns hope Chudzinski’s third time with team is a charm

  1. Mike Mcarthy was a bit of a failure as OC in San Fran before becoming the head coach for the Packers. In fact he was fired and nobody knew who he was. You just never know.

  2. The lesson in the NFL is once again, don’t coach for a team that is going far in the playoffs, or else you’ll be left out in the cold while coaches from 4-12 and 7-9 teams will get scooped right up. The only question in this hire is will he be fired after the 2014 or 2015 season.

  3. Good Luck Browns on your new hire. Hope it works out and produces more wins than in the past few years and finally a much needed Championship.

  4. Simply amazing how these moribund franchises get it wrong time after time after time. I don’t have the greatest memory but has it ever worked hiring a coach before hiring a GM? Simply points to the fact that the owner and defacto President (Banner) will have their mitts all over every decision to be made. Pity the poor shlup who gets the honor of being the next Brownie GM. My heart goes out to the great fans of Cleveland who will have to put up with this utter nonsense for years to come.

  5. SOB. One mite think that eventually they could get it right. But this fan is really losing hope. This is horrible. And they are probably switching to the 3-4 again. Were beyond screwed!!!

  6. Hopefully he is a good fit for them I am mildly shocked they went in this direction before they got a GM. Mel Tucker is available to return as DC LØL.

  7. Eh – he’ll probably do just fine. I remember when people were wondering why the hell you would hire a special teams coach to replace Chuck Noll? But, the first 10 years of the Bill Cowher era were better for the Steelers than the last 10 of the Noll era.

  8. It’s an interesting hire. Chudzinksi seems like he’s at that age, with the requisite coordinator experience, to get a shot. I really don’t know how to judge his recent work, as Cam was and still is a work in progress, but I guess it’s a positive that they got better as the season progressed. Actually, what I really potentially like about the chances of this hire working is that there seems to be a great chance that Norv Turner ends up there. Norv is still one of the best OC’s in the game, and with a stud running back like Trent Richardson, I like Norv’s chances of building a good offense there if Rob is able to get him.

    I’ll be very curious what route they go with on DC. If Lovie Smith can’t find a HC gig, he would perfect there.

  9. Well, there goes Trent Richardson’s Career….

    Wonder how many times Chud will have T-Rich run out of the Shotgun like he did with DeAngelo and Stewart….

    Chud is a RB career killer

  10. *THUD*

    I suppose this means Norv will be bringing 4-wides & a spread offense up there to the frozen tundra & they’ll be switching back to a 3-4 again?

    Speaking as a Bengal fan, I’m delighted …

  11. you got to be kidding me… you know what… my daughter has moved to the burg…. and i think its time to put on some different colors on besides poop… how about some other steel city winning ways…

  12. skunkgoosefly says:
    Jan 10, 2013 11:42 PM
    Mike Mcarthy was a bit of a failure as OC in San Fran before becoming the head coach for the Packers. In fact he was fired and nobody knew who he was. You just never know.
    Can you say Arron Rogers??????

  13. This is the 4th team that has a coach in place before the gm is hired. You got Cleveland, Kansas City, Carolina and New York. It’s not a conventional model but Seattle did the same thing. Pete Carroll was already in place before Korn/Ferry’s interview process led to Seattle hiring John Schneider.

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