Cowboys will let defensive assistants interview elsewhere, but possibly not leave


These are strange times for the remaining members of the Cowboys defensive coaching staff.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the club has given the defensive assistants permission to speak to other teams after the firing of Rob Ryan.  However, they won’t be released from their contracts until they have interviewed with the new defensive coordinator.

Which means that they’re stuck in place until the Cowboys hire a new defensive coordinator.Of course, that’s one of the realities of signing a multi-year contract.  With the security comes a potential obligation to remain in place.  And that’s why the best way for coaches to have maximum flexibility is to insist on one-year contracts only.

8 responses to “Cowboys will let defensive assistants interview elsewhere, but possibly not leave

  1. the cow boys are only interesed in picking the brains before they devoure these defense less coaches and no cream for the saddle burns.

  2. We should let our GM interview with other teams too. Hopefully, someone will take him off our hands!

  3. Don’t they get paid if they’re fired and don’t get another job? Multi-year contracts must have a benefit somewhere, right?

  4. Hmmmm….

    So this is actually news? I mean, I get it that you put “Cowboys” or “Jerry Jones” on any article, and it at least doubles the readers (which is ridiculous, but factual). But seriously – this is news?


    “So basically they have to interview just to keep their jobs??”

    YES. This is exactly what happens when the D.C. who brought in the majority of these coaches when he was hired gets canned. The new D.C. interviews these guys and decides who to keep. Nothing new here. It is usual and customary, and not news unless it is out of Dallas.

    It is nauseating, but this is EXACTLY why these inept press leaches (are you listening, Florio?), most of whom are biased against the Cowboys anyway, continue writing about the most insignificant issues regarding the Dallas Cowboys to pad the # of their readers. Meanwhile, they have no problem bashing Jones or the Cowboys for what they do or don’t do. A serious catch 22 if you ask me. Pathetic……..

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