David Akers will kick for the 49ers Saturday


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier this week that he had a “leader in the clubhouse” in the competition between David Akers and Billy Cundiff to serve as the team’s kicker against the Packers.

Harbaugh revealed his choice on Thursday and it turned out to be the same guy who has been kicking for the team all year. Akers will be kicking against Green Bay while Cundiff won’t be suiting up. He will remain on the roster pending any change of heart over the remainder of San Francisco’s run this season, however.

Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group reports that Harbaugh said Akers gives the team their “best chance to win” on Saturday. He’s battled a pelvis injury this season and missed at least one field goal in all but one of the team’s second half games. Akers set NFL records by trying 52 field goals and making 44 of them in 2011, but he slumped to 29-of-42 this season.

That wasn’t enough for Harbaugh to make a change heading into the postseason, where Akers has made 35-of-42 field goals over the course of his career with the Eagles and 49ers.

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  1. Every single time this guy makes kicks I hold my breath. Seems like anything over 30 yards he’s struggling with. If this comes down to field goals we’re in trouble….

  2. Not that I’m happy to know Gimpy is kicking, but the thought of Cundiff who is even worse going out there having never once in his career kicked in Candlestick was absolutely terrifying

  3. The same David Akers who missed two relatively short field goals against the Packers in the Wild Card game back when he was with the Eagles. The one where the final margin was 5 points? Sounds good to me.

  4. The field conditions at Candlestick are absolutely horrible. The NFL needs to make rules regarding the upkeep of fields for 1) an even playing field and 2) player safety.

  5. He’s was a great kicker who is starting to leak oil ! I am a GIANTS fan he made a lot of kicks against the G-Men , on second thought I really can’t remember him ever missing against the G-Men a lot of pressure kicks in his day ! He is a true professional and will do everything to straighten out his game ! If the Niner’s are going to do anything they will need him ! “He may not be as good as he once was, but he only has to be as good as he was once “

  6. With the Niners and Packers kickers, they might need to double the size of the nets behind the goal posts.

  7. Harbaugh signed Cundiff to make Akers look like the better option, he had no intentions of cutting him.

  8. Could’ve let him rest his injury the past 2 weeks instead of putting him through a kicking competition. They should have put him on IR with return designation when he aggravated the injury. I know hindsight is 20/20 but they could have had Josh Brown take his place until he was healthy.

  9. Something tells me with the two worst kickers in the league this game will come down to a missed field goal or two that decides the outcome.

  10. tramonisland says:
    Jan 10, 2013 5:40 PM
    Awesome, hoping for a repeat performance like his playoff game 2 years ago vs the Packers.


    His 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer the week the played the Packers, bonehead.

  11. Ha..god help us if this comes down to a field goal shot between Akers or Crosby this could be dicey…

  12. Akers, Crosby, and Cundiff were the worst 3 kickers in the league this year and it was in that order to round out the bottom too. Only an ignorant fool holding a grudge would rather have Cundiff who is 1/9 from 50+ since 2010 and 58% accuracy this season kick for their team than Akers. I can see why Green bay would rather see Cundiff, but some of my fellow “fans” need to wake up and smell the roses

  13. In fantasy do i take cundiff, crosby, or akers? Hmmmm
    Ive got more confidence in a 6 year old girl that plays soccer

  14. it’s a good thing harbaugh waited until now to announce it. how on earth can the packers gameplan for akers in only 2 days?!?!?

  15. Well Akers, at least this game can not end in a tie if you misfire in overtime. Crossing the 50 may mean 4 down territory this Saturday for both teams, unfortunately I think that favors the Packers.

  16. This will make the game more exciting. The fans will be on the edge of their seats wondering if he is going to miss another makeable kick.

  17. Cundiff is not right in the head since that miss last season in New England and I don’t think he ever will be. When he played in Baltimore he couldn’t hit anything over 40 anyway, not enough leg strength. I’m honestly flabbergasted that he is even being looked at by teams.

  18. His best days are clearly behind him, but he was clutch for the Eagles for a long time. If he’s kicking, I’m rooting for the 49ers. This guy deserves a ring!!!

  19. Would you rather have a guy who’s overcoming physical problems or mental ones?

    Akers reinjured a sports hernia. He’ll be ok for one game. He might have more difficulty with the longer kicks but he’s far more clutch than Cundiff ever will be.

  20. He most likely is injured, who knows. Maybe he lost his focus and love for the game. Who knows, I just hate how sports fans treat the careers of those based on the negatives. Akers has way more clutch kicks than he does clutch misses.

    Consecutive postseason field goal conversions: 19
    Points in a single decade (2000–2009): 1,169
    Field Goals in an NFL Season: 44
    Most games 4+ field goals in a season (2011): 6

    He’s been nothing but a work horse, if anything he’s been used so much he is allowed to miss kicks now. Maybe the rest of the offense should do better.

  21. Harbaugh was sticking with Akers from the start. It was only to calm fans and talk radio.

    Akers from 0 -49 yards is for the most part exactly who the niners had last year.

    What changed is that last year from 50+ Akers was 7/9, 78% accuracy. For his career prior to last year he was only 47% from this range. He came back down to Earth going 2/6 this year.

    His accuracy from 50+ range last year masked his real problem. He declined in his 40-49 yard range.

    Akers career was 72% from 40-49. Last year only 55%, this year 54%.

  22. Great move…He has been so money this year. I will laugh when he misses a kick that could cost them the season.

  23. Before he left the Eagles he couldn’t hit a 50 yarder. Goes to SF, home of Balco, and he’s hitting 50’s easy and has a 60 yarder. Coincidence?

    Justin Smith also seems to have found the fountain of youth in SF.

  24. LOL Poor Harbaugh, does he want his kicker to hook it to the left or push it to the right?! Hook to the left it is.

  25. There’s going to be a lot of “go for it” 4th down plays run by both teams that would normally be 40+ yard FGs this Saturday.

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