Ex-Jet lauds Pettine, says Bills might have better players now

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When the Bills hired defensive coordinator Mike Pettine after his four-year run with the Jets, it brought immediate credibility to Doug Marrone’s staff.

It might also be enough to make their defense better than the Jets’ according to one former Jet.

ESPN analyst Damien Woody told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News that Pettine will make a “night and day” difference, considering a set of defensive personnel that might be better than New York’s. Woody played offensive line for the Jets for two years while Pettine was defensive coordinator under Rex Ryan.

“Buffalo has some weapons,” Woody said. “Buffalo has some nice pieces to make things happen. If you look at Buffalo’s personnel and match it up to the Jets, I wouldn’t say I would take the Jets defense over Buffalo’s.

“They underachieved. There’s no question about it. But I think part of that has to do with scheme and coaching. You get the right coach and put them in position, they have a real chance to jump up and be a factor.”

The Jets have been the one team in the division to have any amount of success against the Patriots recently, including a 2010 postseason win. And while Pettine worked in the shadow of Ryan, Woody said that might be deceiving.

“A lot of people assume that it’s all Rex, and Rex is the mastermind,” Woody said. “But Pettine had a lot of input. He knows that defense just as well as Rex does.

“You know Mike Pettine’s going to be hungry because he wanted to get out of the shadow of Rex and prove himself. Ultimately, he wants to be a head coach. So he’s going to be a highly motivated guy, a guy that’s been schooled in that defense.”

With the money they spent on defensive ends Mario Williams and Mark Anderson last year, the Bills failed to see a return on that investment. Getting a motivated Pettine might get them closer to it.

14 responses to “Ex-Jet lauds Pettine, says Bills might have better players now

  1. That defense… Get two man 2 man corners and rush 5, 6 or even 7 from all over the place.

    We’ll see if Mario is over the hill… Mark Anderson was a bad investment…

    Pettine’s going to need talented players.
    He is however smarter than Rex.

  2. I think this was a good hire but time will tell if Pettine is more than a Ryan puppet and if the Bills defensive talent is legit.

  3. Dave Wannstedt just didn’t get it. He ran the most vanilla 4-3 defense possible, with almost no stunting, twisting, or blitzing. When you give a QB five or more seconds to throw, any QB will look like Tom Brady. To make matters worse, players were routinely out of position or just plain didn’t know their assignments, and Wannstedt never corrected any of it.

    The Bills could use some upgrades at the linebacker positions, but they have a solid line and secondary. Pettiness should make a world of difference in their play and attitude.

  4. He was my high school coach. I don’t have anything to compare it to but our playbook seemed pretty complex. He also made a lot of decent players quit because he wasn’t the nicest guy. It makes sense he would rather coach men than boys.

  5. Bills D will be fine. They need a starting QB to take the next step to the top. Fitz is a nice backup QB for anyone and won’t hurt a team if he needs to start… but shouldn’t really be starting on a contending team over the long term.

    When I think of Fitzpatrick and the Bills… Frank Reich comes to mind.

  6. I think Pettine is a great hire and he should be able to get the most out of a struggling defense that underachieved in 2012.

    It could be interesting if he decides to run a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense since the current roster does not have the personnel for a true base 3-4. Mario Williams would be better suited to play like J.J Watt who has thrived as a 3-4 end.

  7. He had so much input that Rex took a lot of the play calling away from him last year. Oh and the Bills talent is based on a 4-3 not the 3-4 that pettine is so versed in

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