Jay Gruden, in Arizona, says he may go to Philly next week


Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden interviewed with the Cardinals Thursday, and said he might be visiting with the Eagles next week.

You’ve got to respect the casual approach the younger Gruden has taken to the interview process, after admitting his plan is to stay with the Bengals.

“They just want to hear your philosophy about things, and you give it to them. They want to see your personality, what kind of passion you have, and all those good things,” Gruden told reporters in Arizona, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Whatever coach they bring in here to sit up in this chair, they’re going to say the same things; we’re going to turn this around the best way we can. It’s their job just to pick which one they think can do that the best, and hopefully they’ll make the right decision, whoever it is. It’s a great franchise.”

Gruden said his experience in the Arena League and the UFL helped him become familiar with the organizational aspects of being a head coach. And he admitted that he turned down chances to interview for head coaching jobs last year, saying: “I didn’t want to jump ship after the first phone call.”

“I wanted to go in there and see Andy Dalton and A.J. Green progress another year and see what we could do,” he said. “It’s a great situation up in Cincinnati. I still feel like we underachieved a little bit on offense. We have to do a lot better up there. But, to even be thought of as a head coach candidate is a great honor, and I appreciate the Bidwills taking a chance.”

If nothing else, his demeanor doesn’t seem to match his brother’s, and he won’t likely be pushing Jon out of the television booth anytime soon.

9 responses to “Jay Gruden, in Arizona, says he may go to Philly next week

  1. Eagles,please do not call this guy….he’s overrated, has no heart or passion it seems and his offense was anemic in their playoff loss. Not much to gain from this loser. You’re better off going with Gus Bradley or someone else.

  2. If I were Philly I’d cancel the invite. He has no desire to leave Cincy so why waste your time.

  3. If every good coach out there are smart they’ll stay away from Philadelphia and stay where they are at and wait for some other job to open up before coming to this circus of a city and team.The fans and media are the worst there is and will ruin a good young coach.

  4. He’s a nothing whose brother used to be somebody important. I have no idea why any organization would think he can succeed as an NFL head coach.

  5. I’m sure Bengals fans wouldn’t mind seeing Jay staying the O coordinator and his brother Jon taking over for Marvin. Then they could double as a regular tag team in WWE!

  6. I really liked Jay Gruden when he was wearing zubaz pants as the QB of the Tampa Bay Storm. Can’t say I liked him as much when he was working with his brother has an offensive assistant, but then again my opinion of Jon is so low I think it rubs off on his brother a bit.

  7. Jay is a good coach, bengals need more weapons on offense. That’s why they struggle at times. A fast rb, another wr, and c. and you ill see the difference

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