Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett want Monte Kiffin to replace Rob Ryan

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After firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on Tuesday, the Cowboys have identified their top candidate to replace him: Monte Kiffin.

Kiffin, the guru of the Tampa 2 defense, is the leading candidate in the eyes of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett, ESPN’s Ed Werder reports.

We noted after Ryan was fired that the Cowboys could switch to a base 4-3 defense, and hiring Kiffin would make a lot of sense if that’s what the Cowboys plan to do: Although Kiffin is coming off a disappointing season on his son Lane’s staff at USC, he is still one of the most well-regarded defensive coaches in the NFL, stemming from his 13 seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Buccaneers.

In fact, the 72-year-old Kiffin is well regarded enough that he has already had offers. According to Werder, new Chiefs coach Andy Reid was interested in hiring Kiffin as the defensive coordinator in Kansas City, but Kiffin wasn’t interested.

It remains to be seen whether Kiffin will be interested in going to Dallas. But after leaving USC he said he wanted to return to the NFL, and it sounds like there’s a coach and owner in Dallas who are ready to welcome him.

38 responses to “Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett want Monte Kiffin to replace Rob Ryan

  1. So you spend 50 million dollars on a press/man to man corner (Carr), spend a 2nd round pick to move up and draft another press/man to man corner (Claiborne) and you extended your own press/man to man corner (Scandrick)…all to make them play zone coverage the following year?

    If that’s not a sign that you need a better GM, I don’t know what is.

    – Crying Cowboys Fan

  2. Yeah hire a 72 yr old as a coordinator Cowpokes… that’ll work! Got Jerrah’s fingerprints all over it! Do it!

  3. Ironic. Didn’t Lane (Lance) Kiffin want his father to replace Rob Ryan when he became head coach of the Raiders, only for Al to say no?

  4. In all seriousness, if Dallas can get Kiffin to run the defense and Norv Turner to run the offense, I think they’d be a powerhouse next season. But this is probably too good to come true for Dallas fans.

  5. Why doesn’t anyone see the writing on the wall? The cover 2 is dead. The emphasis is on big corners who play man. The best defenses are man centric. Kiffin? Sure, hire him. I’m a Seahawks fan anyway.

  6. Won’t matter whom they hire as the DC in Dallas, as long as they keep the same GM. GM is the problem in Dallas. So go ahead Jones and fire and hire all you want. The results will remain the same so long as the GM isn’t fired.

  7. Transitioning from a 3-4 to a 4-3 takes time and money, two things we do not have a lot of with the current squad. Are Spencer and Ware hand-in-the-ground DEs or is one a linebacker? Ware played DE at Troy, but that was nearly a decade ago. I don’t see Jerry bringing Ratliff back, so now we need to address 2 DTackles instead of 1, unless you think Spears and/or Lissimore are the answers. With the $5 mil cap hit we are taking and holes to fill, I don’t think creating more holes is the way to go about it.

  8. Jason Garrett is on board with something that JJ has come up with?? Big shocker there.

  9. So you take arguably your weakest personnel group (safety) and want to bring in a DC whose system relies on strong play from that group…brilliant!

  10. Jerry, you are so clueless that I want to quit being a Cowboys fan, I just don’t know how to do it…

  11. Garrett is a true yes sir coach..Geez, how can all the other coaches in the nfl have any respect for Jason Garrett; he’s a certified puppett who isn’t allowed to think and do for himself..truly sad..Cowboy fans deserve a better owner, GM and head coach.

  12. They should hire that coach from the movie the Little Giants for their D coordinator. What was his name? Oh right, Rick Moranis…

  13. Jason Garrett is lucky to still have a job. He must be in Gerry Jones right hand pocket. Rob Ryan didn’t deserve to be fired, so it doesn’t matter who Dallas get. Still same head coach.

  14. Jerry, every year that you don’t fire yourself, you are spitting in the faces of your team’s fanbase. People say you are in it for the glory. Here’s the problem with that; the fans don’t care who is responsible for assembling a Super Bowl Champion. Nobody cares about owners and GM’s unless they are the architects of almost 2 decades of failure. So you see, you’ll never get the glory you think you deserve, because even if Dallas wins it all the fans will give props to the coaches and the players. You will be an afterthought. A footnote. The guy standing off to the side in the team photo. Get it?

  15. thetroofishere says:

    So you spend 50 million dollars on a press/man to man corner (Carr)…all to make them play zone coverage the following year?

    i can’t speak on the other guys but, Brandon Carr was drafted to play in Herm Edward’s Tampa 2 and he was great from day one, shouldn’t be a problem on his side of the ball

  16. looking at the cowboys division
    They have one coach in mike shannahan who will have
    his star qb in a wheelchair in about three years with his
    chronic overuse of the read option he’s already got two knee
    tears and a concussion
    You got another franchise in Philly that has no idea what
    direction to take the franchise so much so they are looking at hiring
    a guy who just lost his bowl game by 28 points in Brian Kelly
    You’ve got the Giants who can literally lose 34-0 one week and
    blow out someone on the road the next and are the definition of schizophrenic
    Yeh Dallas hiring a 72 year old defensive coach who had problems in the PAC 12 seems like an excellent idea

  17. For everyone complaining about Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2, about how all the Cowboys are going to do is play zone coverage…learn what the Tampa 2 is, go back and watch tape of USC the last few seasons. He didn’t run it as much as you’d think.

    And secondly, Kiffin is also the creator of the 4-3 Under defense, first teaching it to….Pete Carroll while he was a GA at Nebraska in the 70’s and Monte was the DC. Kiffin isn’t a one trick pony.

  18. tubbman27 says: Jan 10, 2013 2:30 PM

    Why doesn’t anyone see the writing on the wall? The cover 2 is dead. The emphasis is on big corners who play man. The best defenses are man centric. Kiffin? Sure, hire him. I’m a Seahawks fan anyway.

    Cover 2 is a coverage shell that every team in the NFL uses. Tampa 2 is a dead defensive scheme whose concepts are used here and there, primarily by 4-3 teams. They’re not the same thing, and I doubt Kiffin would insist in resurrecting the T2 just because he is most-famous for its use over a decade ago w/the Bucs.

  19. practicesquadprobowler “And secondly, Kiffin is also the creator of the 4-3 Under defense”. The original 4-3 was created by Tom Landry well before he became the Head Coach of the Cowboys. While serving as HC of the Cowboys, he ran many variations of this defensive scheme.

  20. nnagi, If you think that Jerry Jones is so “clueless”, how is it that he’s built the most valuable sports franchise and the Cowboys are the most watched team in Sports? I think you are buying into the hype. Far from being “clueless”, he is a master at what he does. For those that don’t like what he does, really, they should become fans of another team. No doubt that team’s owner, GM and Coach will do everything to their perfect liking and all will be well.

  21. @mpmyer5

    let’s see, the cowboys have only won 1 playoff game in 16 years with a.500 record over that span, the drafts have been mediocre at best depriving the team of any quality depth, the defense has been playing without competent safeties for close to a decade, the offensive and defensive line are a joke…oh, but wait, having the most valuable sports franchise really translates into Lombardi trophies and they’re the most watched team in sports because evryone wants to see them implode on a national stage every week…I’ve been a cowboys fan my whole life (41 years) so I’m not a hater, just fed up with Jerry undermining the organization, no credible coaches want to work under him and we have to overpay to bring in free agents, just sayin,

  22. Let’s see here – Jerry’s owned this franchise for how long now?

    And since the Jimmy Johnson (and Barry Switzer) days how many Lombardis’ has he taken home?

    I thought so. Class is dismissed……

  23. This is simple…if you want to build something lasting…you bring in youth. I have nothing against age but JJ learn how to develop humans.

    “The window is closing…”

    Its like JJ’s version of Carpe Diem…except he is trying to grab water with his fists; he just don’t get it.


    How about them Cowboys.

  24. I hear you MpMyer5, I have been a fan for 41 years as well…

    I am also a RedSox fan …if not for that I think I would have said farewell to JJ and crew long ago.

    America’s Team, Legend of the past.

    JJ’s Freak Show…Ad nauseum.

  25. Logicalvoices, you should consider changing your name. Your team won’t be running/coaching circles around anyone now that your qb has a bum knee. He even admitted that he was not at his best when he couldn’t run. Translation: I’m not a real qb and only put up gawdy stats when teams think I can run the ball, essentially, every play is a halfback pass with a little more accuracy. Your team auctioned their future on an injury prone mike vick clone with more character. I like the kid, I really do, but gimmick players and plays do not last in the NFL Have fun rooting for the next team that drafts the next big thing, as no one had heard from you prior to the drafting of RG3. I bet you could still get your money back on all of that Redskins gear.

  26. I think moving to the 4-3 can work for this defense. Ware is talented and big enough to play defensive end, and they have 2 fast, talented ILBs in Lee and Carter. Keeping Lee at MLB with Carter and Spencer on the outside (if they can keep him) would make for a very strong linebacker corps, and would keep o-lineman off of Lee due to the extra defensive tackle. They would have to solve the other defensive end spot though. Jason Hatcher may be an answer.

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