Rick Spielman: No issues with Percy Harvin

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The future of wide receiver Percy Harvin in Minnesota has been discussed a fair amount since he was placed on injured reserve and it came up again on Thursday when reporters met with General Manager Rick Spielman.

Coach Leslie Frazier said he expects Harvin back in 2013, quarterback Christian Ponder wasn’t quite so sure and Spielman didn’t go on record either way. He did say that any reports of friction between the team and Harvin, who can become a free agent after the 2013 season, have been overblown.

“Percy comes to work every day. Everybody sees what Percy puts on the field. He plays the game as hard or harder than anyone else in the NFL, the effort that he puts up out there,” Spielman said, via Tim Yotter of Scout.com. “So, we have no issues with Percy Harvin.”

Spielman also said that there aren’t any durability concerns about Harvin. All of it adds up to a team very happy with a wide receiver they hope to retain or a team doing everything possible to keep Harvin’s trade value high.

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  1. Most recievers contracts are based on productivity. After hearing about a small spat between Percy and Ponder, Ponder seemed to be targeting him on almost every throw. Maybe he was trying to show Harvin what kind of production he can have…who knows?
    I really don’t think he cares for Ponder…or Frazier.

  2. Spielman got a 4th round pick by moving down one spot in the draft and still picking the guy he wanted. He knows how to play the game so if he does get traded it will be for top picks.

  3. Would you care for Ponder? If I was an NFL receiver, I sure wouldn’t care for a QB who can barely throw for over 100 yards in a game with the best RB in the league in the backfield.

  4. As a GM, shouldn’t he have at least a small problem with how Harvin has been? I know I would. Production is great, but only when he is actually on the field and not nursing an injury or headache.

  5. Percy is just another diva receiver who has quits when things don’t go his way. He’s enormously talented but has major maturity issues. I’m surprised he hasn’t assaulted a coach as he did at Florida or pulled the migraine card recently.

  6. Percy would be the most pursued WR if he was shopped around next year. Jennings is one of the biggest free agents and his best days are behind him and he’s not nearly as fast. Jennings does run awesome routes though.

  7. You have to get rid of Harvin. The last 4 weeks were addition by subtraction. He’s not worth all of the locker room drama. Take a 3rd round draft pick if you need to, at least you’d get something out of it.

  8. great poker face spielman…..he will be traded for a first rounder or second/third or second/fourth. he is still in his rookie contract and has shown tons of potential and talent. any team that considers a moss/chad johnson/ terrell owens type personality should jump all over aquiring him. this is spielmans “andy reid” moment.

  9. For all the people that obviously don’t know and keep dissing Harvin for missing games, he missed a total of 3 games since 2009 (his rookie year) prior to this injury. Please stop talking as if he’s missed many. It’s just not true.

    For the Steeler fan that said 6rings > 0 rings, what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?

    The fact of the matter is Percy Harvin was the main reason the Vikings started off the year 5-2. His YAC was at a 75% rate. He was in the talks for MVP before his injury.

    The morale of the story is, statistics don’t tell the entire story. So please get off the kick that he isn’t any good. He is in fact, one of the best slot WRs and one of the best KR men in the NFL. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had a decent QB since his rookie year when Favre was there. Oh, and by the way, he WAS Rookie of the Year.

    It’s pretty funny how some people chime in without knowing the entire story. But to some people’s point. I don’t think he likes Ponder as his QB or Frazier as his Head Coach. I personally, don’t blame him if that is the case. I wish they’d try to trade Ponder and keep Harvin. Make a deal with SF for a Alex Smith for Christian Ponder (backup QB for backup QB) trade.

  10. Harvin is a class act. He leaves more effort on the field than any player in the NFL. He wants to win and that’s it. Don’t confuse that with being a problem. If I played with Peterson and knew that if we just had a QB who was average we could compete for a SB, I’d be on him as well. This isn’t a kids league, put up or shut up. Harvin is an asset to any team, lets just hope it remains the Vikings.

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