Rooney gives votes of confidence to Tomlin, Roethlisberger

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Although the Steelers aren’t happy with an 8-8 season, owner Art Rooney II says he’s very happy with his coach and his quarterback.

Rooney told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he doesn’t blame head coach Mike Tomlin for a season that everyone agrees was not good enough.

I think Mike did a good job,” Rooney said. “I think he was accurate in his own assessment of himself. We were 8-8. We need to do better than that. I certainly still have a high level of confidence in Mike. I know he is working as hard as he can already, just to figure out how we can get back on the right track.”

Rooney also said he thought quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was going to have his best season yet before he got injured, and that he likes the potential that Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley have of working together in the future.

“Our offense was functioning at a pretty high level,” Rooney said. “Ben was on track to have his best season of all time. He was taking less sacks. A lot of the things we were hoping for were happening. Obviously, after he got hurt, our offense seemed to lose its rhythm. Even when he came back, we never really regained that momentum. I think you have to look at, OK, when our quarterback was healthy, what did we have? I thought what we had was pretty good, not that there weren’t things we wanted to improve on. You would think the second year of a new offense would be better than the first. You would think those kind of things would evolve in our favor.”

Haley has interviewed for the Cardinals’ head coaching job. But Rooney wants him back, and thinks he’s the right man to work with the right head coach and the right quarterback.

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  1. Good stuff Art. Although injuries are never an excuse they were certainly the difference between a playoff berth and an early exit. Hopefully we can keep everyone healthy, especially along the offensive line and secondary, and make the right decisions about who stays and who goes.

    Back at it next season.

  2. Strange that he says “Mike did a good job”, when Mike, alone, was the sole cause of at least 4 of their losses with his bonehead decisions.

    The Steelers should grab Russ Grimm before someone else does, and bring him back as the OL coach, place the responsibility for challenges and game time decisions, (which Tomlin has proven time and again, that he is not good at), with Grimm, and then Rooney can keep “Mike” as the figurehead, if that’s what he’s most concerned with.

  3. Was there ever any indication that support in these guys was wavering?

    They went 8-8 with an injured quarterback and an aging roster after finishing 12-4 the last two years (and three of the last four). Worse things have happened. I didn’t realize anyone was banging down the castle doors to start firing people.

  4. Mike Tomlin has yet to prove he’s a real coach in the NFL.

    He won with Cowher players and now that there gone, he’s like a fish out of water.

    Mike Wallace did an impression of what Desean Jackson did last year and yet he was allowed to play the entire season. What message does that send to the rest of the team?

    The Offensive line has been desimated by injuries three years straight and he has yet to address the conditioning and coaching of the O-line.

    He allows Dick Lebeau to constantly run over him yet, he’s suppose to be the head coach?

    Sorry..Tomlin hasn’t proven anything to me as a coach other then he’s a “yes” man to Rooney.

  5. What’s there to be confident about? This team posted an 8-8 record, missed the playoffs completely. Just last year they were Tebowd by a 3rd string QB. This team is trending down, and its blatantly obvious. You have nothing to look forward to now except more years of mediocrity. I almost feel bad for them, but I don’t. Cheers!

  6. bens inabilty to put game winning drives together against titans and raiders (two horrible teams) was pretty sweat.

  7. looks to me that the steelers need a new QB with the number 1 defense and a supposedly Elite QB they have with Ben they should be in the playoffs. But Bens mistakes at crucial parts in games prevented this team from being part of the nfl playoffs.

  8. Confident after an 8-8 season and turmoil between the OC adn QB. Solid team right there. Hah, they’ll be fighting with the Browns for king of the bottom feeders next year.

  9. Rooney had much praise for Haley also
    Lets not forget he hand picked Haley
    When Ben was running his mouth about Haley
    Rooney told him to shut it and he did
    What a cry baby Ben is
    He took the blame why not he did it I didnt

  10. Really?

    This is the second year in a row without a playoff win including the inexplicable loss to Tim Tebow last year.

    You’ve got a quarterback who can’t win a home game of playoff type win or go home importance when the Steeler defense holds the Bengals to SIX POINTS.

    Roethlisberger could never score points but his recent penchant for pick sixes makes even the 13-9 wins no longer possible.

    At some point it has to quit being all gumdrops and lollipops.

  11. You know what would be sweat? Learning how to spell.

    If it was not for Ben’s injury, they would have made playoffs. Although, probably would have had a first round loss.

    I mean, when was the last time a number 1 defense did NOT make the playoffs?

  12. You can’t change the Past : some of the hirings, firings & drafting i don’t agree with. So now we’ve got to make the best with what we have. Haley HAS got to let Ben run the offense. Suggest 2 or 3 plays, but LET Ben adjust to the Defense. Check stats when Arians let Ben loose. FS Louis Delmas is a FA. We drafted Ziggy over him ? Lets not be dummies twice, Sign him ASAP ! We addressed OL in last years draft. Now we Need some Blue-Chip Youth on Defense. Stop being a Farm Team for other NFL Teams. A player has Only one year left on his contract & does’t agree to Long Term Deal…Then TRADE him in his Final year ! Get something for him, instead of letting him go a Free Agent & getting nothing for our troubles. Will we ever learn ?

  13. Its sweEt not sweAt. If yours going to post 5 times on an article with the same dumb comment at least spell the operative word right. You did spell OT right each time so good job with that….

  14. Stoogy, why do you keep saying all of Bens picks were sweat? Like it was hot and humid out so he was sweating when he threw them. Oh you meant sweet, learn to spell you moron. You consistently misspell or misuse words but we’re supposed to believe you know what you’re talking about. Yea ok.

  15. you get the point. but yes i did get hot and sweaty from laughing so hard when Ben lost all those games. Ben is an overrated QB that couldn’t beat the raiders and titans ever before his injury. Ben was trash all year. He chokes worse then Romo when the game is on the line. Get a good QB and maybe this team can be relevant again.

  16. While spelling ain’t Stoogy’s strong suit, his points remain. The Steelers – by bringing in Haley – are just trying to make him a more efficient passer in an effort to keep him healthy. But instead, Ben just whines that he still wants to be that renegade QB. Sure, it has worked in the past, but QBs like that don’t age well. The last two years in a row, Ben has ended the Steelers season by getting seriously injured by extending meaningless plays.

    In fact, did you know he has only played ONE sixteen game season in his career? True. And an injured Ben doesn’t do the Steelers any good (on the bench, or on the field).

    While true elite QBs like Brady are out there constantly trying to better their game, Ben is trying to stay the same.

    And now that he is in his thirties, these injuries are gonna get worse and take longer to rehab (we have seen it two years in a row now…does he need to do it a 3rd year in a row before realizing he should learn to be more efficient?).

    Oh, and before you tell me, “did you see that TD to Miller in Dallas this year? That was awesome,” let me say, “Did the Steelers win? Further, during the 9+ seconds it took Ben to find Miller, the odds of Ben getting injured – or injuring one of his lineman by making them block for that long – are far greater than scoring a TD on such a sandlot play.”

  17. the steelers should try to get alex smith, he is a true game manager that doesn’t turn the ball over. Ben can not even do that right let alone win a shoot out with out messing up.

  18. As for Tomlin his down fall as a coach is letting Ben do to much they need to dumb down the offense to Bens skill level, he obviously can not read defenses and make good decisions.

  19. The Steelers aren’t going to fire their coach unless the bottom truly did fall out. They’ve had 3 coaches in 40 years, which is one of the main reasons they’re a model for consistency.

    Even when Cowher wasn’t exactly lighting things up after his first class of players moved on, they stuck it out with him until they got to rebuild the team and eventually found Roethlisberger as the icing on the cake. Other franchises would have gotten itchy on the trigger, and probably set the whole organization back in the process.

  20. Since when does a supposed “elite” QB need a vote of confidence from the owner? You don’t hear Brees, Brady or Manning needing votes of confidence. This puts Roethlisberger in Sanchez and Fitzpatrick territory.

  21. randallflagg52 says:
    Jan 10, 2013 4:16 PM
    Since when does a supposed “elite” QB need a vote of confidence from the owner? You don’t hear Brees, Brady or Manning needing votes of confidence. This puts Roethlisberger in Sanchez and Fitzpatrick territory.

    1 2 Let me guess your QB is the elite Mr Flacco right? This post of yours is too dumb to answer ,but to spare your feelings I ll help you out. Flacco has how many SB appearances? You don’t hear Flacco talking about his rings….please wise up.

  22. Stoogy:
    You are funny because you are bashing Ben, but not raving about your QB which means you are jealous that you don’t have Ben and haven’t a QB that lead the ravens to a SB victory. Sorry you can’t have Ben…keep dreaming of a SB QB …someday..someday

  23. Charlie Batch is an “elite” backup quarterback. I mean, the man has two Super Bowl rings.
    You Roethlisberger Obsessives crack me up.
    Try to keep in the mind that 2012 Steelers were not “just” an ordinary, garden-variety 8-8 team. They were 8-8 against the weakest schedule in the league. That’s not an opinion. That is a fact.
    Sooner or later, depending on how much longer the defense can hold up, both Tomlin and Roethlisberger will have to share in the responsibility for the decline of the franchise.

  24. prosourcetalk says: Jan 10, 2013 10:45 AM

    They were stupid to dump Arians
    The 2008 Steelers Super Bowl team featured the 2nd worst offense statistically to ever reach a Super Bowl. (2002 Tampa was the worst ever.

    They finished last in the league on 3rd/4th and 1 conversions and had 19 plays with goal to go in the 2008 Super Bowl and scored only 2 TDs.

    This with an offense featuring:
    Ben Roethlisberger and Ward (future Hall of Famers), Willie Parker (who would have led the NFL in rushing in 2007 if not for a week 16 broken leg), Santonio Holmes and Heath Miller.

    Arians was an awful offensive coordinator.

  25. bobzilla, if the defense no longer holds up then wouldn’t the defense have to also share ? In Oakland, the offense put up 31 points and a 4th qtr lead that the defense gave away. The defense did that a few times this season. Share and share alike.

  26. mostlombardies:
    In Oakland, the offense put up its only 30-point game of the season. That’s the problem. The NFL is a scoring league, and the Steelers’ offense simply does not score. That’s been the problem since the 2008 season.
    The Steelers’ defense, meanwhile, has been ranked No. 1 five times since 2004. Get back to me when the offense can make the same claim.
    Share and share alike.

  27. Im confused here the guy has made some very questionable calls during gms, his special teams failed him miserably twice to help lose 2 crucial gms they beat themselves with bonehead mistakes are undisciplined and Rooney wants us to believe Tomlin is a good coach. this team has gotten progressively worse since he has taken over, age has taken its toll on the team as well as some bad contracts but bottom line this team doesnt play fundamentallly sound football, they are unfocused and undisciplined which is a direct reflection of the Head Coach.

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