Bears mum on Trestman rumors

FOX’s Jimmy Johnson created a stir on Friday, without suggesting that any quarterback’s wife teach him how to throw.

Johnson suggested on Twitter that the Bears will hire Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman to replace Lovie Smith.

Per the Chicago Tribune, the Bears declined comment.  Which makes sense, given that G.M. Phil Emery has three interviews of head-coaching candidate scheduled for the weekend.

Of course, the fact that Emery will interview additional candidates doesn’t mean that Trestman hasn’t been told he’s getting the job.  A suspicion has emerged in recent days that Emery is using the task of finding a head coach to cast a wide net for candidates in the hopes of picking brains — which is something the late Al Davis routinely did.

It’ll be interesting to see whether any of the folks to be interviewed over the weekend decide to cancel based on Johnson’s tweet and whatever private explanation the Bears provide in an effort to explain it all away.

10 responses to “Bears mum on Trestman rumors

  1. This sure doesnt excite me as a Bears fan. Reminds me of the Terry Shea hire a few years back. All we heard was how he was brilliant with QBs and a realy innovator with offense. Yea thats why no one ever offered him a head coaching job and why he was a disaster with the Bears. Sounds like another “gimmick” type hire to me. Depressing……………:(

  2. Trestman was so far out of the box when his name surfaced, you had a feeling that he was Emery’s guy when compared to the rest of the candidates. IT just stuck out like a sore thumb. That being said this hire is exactly what the Bears need. Proven winner, succeeded at every level he has worked at, incredibly intelligent, and a player’s coach. Guys used to Lovie for the last 9 years will not have a hard time playing for him.

  3. Supposedly Trestman had a great interview– knocked it out of the park, it has been reported. So what? The chances that Jimmy Johnson knows anythong on this are somewhere between slim and none; and if he really had a story, woildn’t he release it on air? His tweet don’t mean sheet.

  4. He was a lousy OC for the 49ers back in the day and never got a HC job in the NFL in the ensuing years. Had to go to CFL to get that. That should say something about his prospective HC capability.

  5. @chadman128

    He was/is an excellent head coach for Alouettes won 2 Grey Cups and had another finals appearance. Marv Levy also won Grey Cups for this team. Bud Grant also won CFL Grey Cups before returning to the NFL.

  6. Why does everyone keep comparing Emery to Al Davis, Al Davis in his early years was an idiot and in his later years he was senile. I like fact that Emery is picking the brains of all these coaches and I hope he takes the all the good qualities that each coach has and add them up and then picks the one coach that has the most of those qualities.

  7. I can’t help but think that Emery has a master plan in the works here. It does seem a little odd with the countless number of interviews he has had, and he’s not done, apparently. On the exterior, it looks as though Emery doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing, but I have a feeling he’s gathering Intel, not to aid in deciding which person to hire as HC, but for Trestman to use as ammunition to pick apart other teams next season.

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