Bernard Pollard not fined for hit on Reggie Wayne


Ravens safety Bernard Pollard picked up a penalty in the Ravens’ 24-9 victory over the Colts for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Reggie Wayne, but he won’t be losing any money.

The NFL confirmed Friday that Pollard has not been fined for the hit, which came when Wayne was judged to be a defenseless receiver by the officials. Pollard wasn’t thrilled about the call, leading him to suggest making helmet-to-helmet hits subject to replay review. As MDS pointed out earlier this week, the review of that hit wouldn’t have helped Pollard’s cause all that much.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was also asked about the call this week and he suggested that there were ways for Pollard to avoid similar flags in the future. Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun, that Pollard needs to “keep his strike zone down” so that he avoids making contact with a helmet “all of a sudden.”

Pollard also received a taunting penalty a couple of plays after his flag for hitting Wayne, but that didn’t draw him a fine either.

12 responses to “Bernard Pollard not fined for hit on Reggie Wayne

  1. “Taunting.” What a stupid call that is. Aren’t MOST players taunting on every play? Unless you throw a ball in another guy’s face or something on that level, “taunting” is a joke.

    About Pollard’s hit, his helmet did make SOME contact with the receiver’s helmet but I’m glad he didn’t get fined because I just don’t know what else Pollard could have done to avoid Reggie Wayne ducking at the last second.

  2. As long as you are on a team with Lewis and Reed, you simply don’t get flagged or fined for hits to the head. Dirtiest team in the league.

  3. Was there helmet to helmet contact, yes. Was it a direct helmet to helmet shot like how Ryan Clark plays, no.

    To flag a little bit of incidental contact makes no sense. I hate what football is becoming.

  4. I saw the taunting, it was hard to catch but it was on TV. One of the Colts coaches said something to him, and he turned around and acted like he was going to kick the guys ass. The look on the guys face was awesome, hes like “come on idiot, get yourself taken out of the game”

    The penalty was hilarious…..

  5. Total BS, the commissioner loves the Ravens and lets them get away with everything, the Refs call all games in their favor, if he played for the Steelers you know he would have been fined

  6. Its getting tougher to be a NFL ref when they are told to air on the side of caution and throw a flag when a defensive player hits anyone on offense only to have those at the league office not deem the hit finable.

    Either those are the league office tell them not to thrown flags or fine the players either way this is getting ridiculous

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