Caldwell has more experience as he prepares for second crack at Peyton Manning


Last month, when former Colts coach Jim Caldwell abruptly became the Ravens’ offensive coordinator, Caldwell’s initiation featured a visit from his prized pupil in Indy — Peyton Manning.

Four weeks later, Caldwell has had a chance to adjust.  And he has adjusted well.  As pointed out by Garrett Downing of the Ravens’ official website, the Baltimore offense generated 533 yards in a Week 16 thrashing of the Giants and a postseason franchise-record 439 yards against Caldwell’s former team in the wild-card round.

Now, Caldwell will try to help end a nine-game losing streak by Baltimore against Peyton Manning.

“There are some things I’m a bit more familiar with, but comfort and settled wouldn’t be an appropriate way to describe it,” Caldwell said.  “Settled in for a coach is probably not an appropriate word.  I don’t think we ever feel comfortable and settled in.  I’m a bit more familiar with some things, I can put it that way.”

That’s still a better way to put it than the way it was with Peyton coming to town and Caldwell abruptly getting the job.

“That week was a little hectic,” quarterback Joe Flacco said of the shift from Cam Cameron to Caldwell.

Whether the Ravens’ offense keeps up with Denver’s inherently hectic but highly productive offense could be the key to this one.  It’s one of the topics we addressed with former Ravens coach Brian Billick during Thursday’s PFT Live.

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26 responses to “Caldwell has more experience as he prepares for second crack at Peyton Manning

  1. Saturday will be interesting. The Ravens have been a bit more explosive but did nothing against Denver. They have actually averaged fewer points and have been worse in the red zone and on third downs since the change.

  2. Brady vs Manning AFCCG looks imminent, but I’m not ruling out a healthy motivated Ravens squad. A frigid day might equal a Pats Ravens rematch I tell you what

  3. If this was the Pats, haters would have conspiracy theories that they hired Caldwell bcse they knew they would play Denver and this way they can steal Peyton’s Offense….

  4. Flacco sucks, Caldwell blows, and Harbaugh always looks like he’s about to cry. How this sorry team tripped and fell backwards into the playoffs I’ll never know, but it ends tomorrow.

  5. ”Hectic” and “Flacco” go together like oil and water. He has the sense of urgency of a kuhola.

  6. I think what the writer was going for was that Caldwell’s struggle is to keep apace with Denver’s scoring, not necessarily stop Peyton. In that sense he’s ”going against Peyton.”

    In any case, when John Fox and Del Rio and Champ And Von have themselves said it’ll be a different game, there’s no more room for debate left. They understood the compromised nature of the Ravens they played in week 15, and they get that this is a more challenging task this week.

    Should be a good one!

  7. The only way Caldwell’s play calling has anything to do with Peyton Manning is if they run the ball 60 times in a desperate attempt to keep the Broncos offense off the field.

  8. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

    I give Caldwell so much credit for using this approach. The past 4 weeks, we’ve seen a TON of Bernard Pierce. Result? 2, 100+ yd games, and 2 other great outtings. His ypc is fantastic. Not to say Rice is shaking in his boots but Cam always forced Rice on us every play unless he needed a breather. If teams cannot stop Pierce, they why should we move him to the sidelines just to put Rice back in who has had some issues in recent games? On that same note, Caldwell has been dialing up the deep ball at the right times, using Torrey as a decoy, and he’s utilizing every player on this O. Except Tandon Doss who couldn’t catch the flu.

    BIG props to Caldwell and hopefully his methods continue to thrive against Denver this week.

  9. I am a die hard Ravens fans and believe we lose in Denver. But there are a lot of factors as to why we “could” win.
    – Caldwell having a little more experience.
    – Our best o-lineman is back in the lineup.
    – 4 of our defensive starters are back for this one.
    – We have to be due for a win against Peyton.

  10. Steeler fans talking? Why? We all know you wish it was your team in the playoffs. It’s not. Get over it. You lost. Maybe it had something to do with that 8-8 record

  11. The Ravens will fold in this game like Notre Dame did to ‘Bama. The only suspense discussed during this game will be if the Ravens extend a hideously large contract to Average Joe Flacco in the off season.

  12. Manning adds to his stellar playoff choke record this weekend. The Broncos benefited more from playing absolutely no one since the first month (when they went 2-3 against real teams) because the AFC West is horrible, but they also got the Ravens when they were in flux from the OC change.

    What I wonder is what will be the excuse this time around since the Broncos have a great defense?

  13. guitarkevin says:
    Jan 11, 2013 8:54 AM
    I am a die hard Ravens fans and believe we lose in Denver. But there are a lot of factors as to why we “could” win.
    – Caldwell having a little more experience.
    – Our best o-lineman is back in the lineup.
    – 4 of our defensive starters are back for this one.
    – We have to be due for a win against Peyton.

    8 2 ssshhhh Kevin they may have heard you in Vegas ….you know your word is gospel to Vegas …riiiiight

  14. You could give Jim Caldwell five years to prepare for a game against Peyton Manning and he’ll still lose by 10 or more.

  15. oh nofoolnodrool. why dont you go look at your 6 lomabardis that steeler fans love to talk about so much and leave the football talk to fans of teams who are actualy playing this weekend. even if the ravens lose it surely doesnt give steeler fans any right to pop off since yinz finished 8 and 8 and didnt even make the playoffs. by the way…it took the ravens 5 years to win their first championship. since you love your history tell us how long it took pittsburgh to win?

  16. Is it just me or does it seem like the Broncos are due for a letdown, it is January, that’s all I need to say

  17. ScoobieDoo- honestly do you know what a comma or capital letter is? Please go back to high school and take some English classes. BTW you forgot to mention how “well, gee, Joe Flacco’s won a playoff gm every yr”. I luv when the Ravens fans hang their hat on THAT accomplishment.

  18. Even if the Ravens lose…shame on you scoobie…hilarious that Raven fans like you are content not getting to the SB but give us crap cause we brag about winning something you guys can’t… Explain please.

  19. i am so sorry grant. i will try to make my writing look better for you. wow. nofoolnodrool….no shame here. you all didnt make the playoffs this year…so like steeler fans are apt to do you brag about the past. your team didnt make it.

  20. Scoobie. We didn’t make it this year to the playoffs, but ask any steeler fan if they are just happy getting to the AFC championship and they will laugh at you. We are used to playing in Super Bowls you aren’t …sorry.

  21. Scoobie, you are 100% correct that we did not make the playoffs due to our 8-8 season, but Steeler fans will always be proud of their past regardless of what the current season has been like. Our team has actually had something to show for several of those playoff runs. Your team has nothing to show for their runs in the playoffs( well, except once) , so I can see why it’s hard for you to comprehend how someone can be proud of past accomplishments.

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