Chris Rainey’s girlfriend denies that she was assaulted

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The girlfriend of former (eventually) Steelers running back Chris Rainey says that Rainey didn’t assault her, and that the charges against him should be dropped.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Rainey’s lawyer read an email from the woman during a Friday bond hearing.

Rainey’s girlfriend claims that witnesses who saw Rainey slap her face are “mistaken.”

Even if the girlfriend’s version of the events results in the charges being dropped, it likely won’t keep the Steelers from dropping Rainey.  The team has said he’ll be waived, something that can’t happen until the day after the Super Bowl.

As MDS pointed out earlier in the day, Rainey had two previously-unreported brushes with the law during his rookie season.

35 responses to “Chris Rainey’s girlfriend denies that she was assaulted

  1. She took his cell phone and ran, he tried to get it back and slapped her, she wouldn’t give it back, and they wound up rolling around on the ground. Pity the cops who have to respond to this kind of sandbox stuff 50 times a day–and the real domestic-violence victims with broken jaws who won’t call the cops.

    The Steelers gave Rainey a shot despite his troubled history as a favor to Maurkice Pouncey. He was a minor contributor at a dime-a-dozen position who’s continued having off-field incidents. End of story.

  2. Last April the Steelers’ fans were crowing about their “great draft”. Maybe DeCastro can still be salvaged.

  3. A boyfriend in the NFL is better than no boyfriend in the NFL. Too bad too, she should be hoping he gets his justice severed.

  4. He probably told her “Now that my football career is over , there’s no more money”, and presto, no assault.

  5. U all have brass balls behind your keyboards. Come to the Burgh & try runnin ur mouths & see what happens.

  6. Ravens fans, I guess it would have been classy if he punched her in the neck and then dragged her with the car like your own #55. The hypocrisy of your fan base astounds me.

  7. And that’s not even mentioning ed reeds domestic battery charges. Amazing Ratbird fans comment about the Steelers when their hero’s. Ed reed domestic abuse charges. Ray lewis murderer and suggs domestic abuse. Thats the Ratbird fans hero’s. Unreal. What a pathetic organization and fan base that truly is!!!

  8. Ahh another version of the pro who never should be. She’s now realizing its back to shopping at TJ MAXX and he is gonna be in the news for a drug offense of some sort coming up soon. He probably didn’t make much but it’s more than he’s gonna be making after nobody signs him. Like a moth to a flame for both of them!

  9. So who scoops him up now that Al Davis is no longer around? Certainly another ego guy who thinks he can “fix” a life-long.troublemaker. Will it be Harbaugh, Carrol? Jeff Fisher took a project. So did Marvin Lewis. If the Steelers do drop this guy, he WILL find work. Don’t forget that this guy truly is one of the fastest players to come into the league in a couple of years. Someone is weighing risk/reward as we speak.

  10. What? The Steelers wasted a fifth-round draft pick “as a favor to Maurkice Pouncey”? Now I’ve heard (seen) everything…
    So Pouncey has replaced Kevin Colbert in the front office?
    Even just the hint of a scandal brings out the absurd.

  11. bigdaddydooko says:
    Jan 11, 2013 10:49 PM
    Pathetic. Never seen a team crumble this fast. Pittsburgh is a classless town and organization.

    There you go ravenator. Beat you to it.

    102 163 funny, you seem so proud to be the first to say something stupid.. Hey if it floats your boat on the sea of ignorance have at it.

  12. @bobzilla …

    That’s according to one of the articles posted here yesterday. Didn’t really think about the draft angle until you mentioned it. Apparently the Pounceys took Rainey in during high school. The Steelers probably had him on the board but were wary of his issues and decided to give him a chance after talking to Maurkice.

  13. Deb:
    That would make Pouncey a poor judge of both talent and character. Players putting in a “good word” for their buddies is never a good idea, and the Steelers should know better.
    If it’s true that Rainey was drafted in the fifth round on the recommendation of Pouncey, that ought to be disturbing news to all Steelers fans.
    The inmates simply cannot be allowed to run the asylum, which seems to be happening all too frequently since Tomlin became the coach in 2007.
    Pouncey, by the way, is far and away one of the most undisciplined players on the team.

  14. It’s hilarious to me that haters from other teams have the balls to call the steelers and pittsburgh classless when they’re the ones being classless by posting 5th grade comments. They act like they don’t have problems on their own teams, especially the ravens!!! How pathetic their lives must be to constantly be on a steelers thread?? Get lives losers, have fun watching your murdering LB getting sent into retirement a loser, which he is in life too!! (See, i can act like a 5th grader too!)

  15. bobzilla1001 says:

    Pouncey, by the way, is far and away one of the most undisciplined players on the team.
    Yet he was our only mention on the All-Pro squad.

  16. Hints of double standards by steelers when u consider ben’s case. But if he already has 2 previous brushes with authorities already, then he has only himself to blame. He does have a lot of potentials and I hope he finds work somewhere

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