Jimmy Johnson says Trestman getting Bears job


Maybe Jay Glazer has some competition breaking news on the FOX pregame set.

Former coach Jimmy Johnson sent out a tweet early this morning, with one bit of known news, and one surprise.

Looks like 2 of my guys getting NFL jobs..Chud Cleveland and my QB coach at U Trestman to Chicago”

To translate from Twitter shorthand, that points to the Browns hiring Rob Chudzinski (which we knew) and CFL coach Marc Trestman getting the Bears job (which we certainly did not).

There are no other reports of Trestman being hired from GM Phil Emery’s cast of thousands, and Johnson’s certainly in a position to have heard. And it fits with yesterday’s news that candidate Dave Toub, the Bears incumbent special teams coach, was interviewing for lateral moves.

We’ll see if Glazer starts spelling “sources” J-I-M-M-Y.

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  1. As a Bears fan, I don’t know how to feel about this. I like thinking outside the box, but it seems like an awfully big jump to go from a CFL HC to an NFL HC. Maybe Jimmy Johnson means he’s going to be a QB coach or coordinator. That would seem more reasonable to me….

  2. Yeah Jimmy is the regular Nostradamus there. I always wonder about the poor interns and overworked employees who probably are on the phone and scouring sources for these chumps like mort and schefter who take all the credit and act like everyone automatically picks up a phone to tell them first.

  3. Living up here in Canada I can tell you this guy is a very good coach. With a good QB in place already, that offense should do well (you know, if they can ever get NFL offensive linemen)

  4. Really The CFL after 13 interview this is what the GM from Chicago comes up with. Nice choice heck I could of done that. HaHa bears 7-1 collapse.

  5. I’m sure Jimmy Johnson would know before anyone else in the media does…

    I don’t buy it. How can they fire Lovie Smith then try to sell fans on Marc Trestman?

  6. Wasn’t Trestman involved with the Niners years back in some role, maybe offensive assistant?

  7. GREAT hire for the Bears if in fact it is true. Sneaky under the radar move. Trestman is hungry to prove himself in the NFL as a HC, and when he got tired of waiting for the NFL to give him a job, he went to Montreal and won. Plain and simple. Just because he has been coaching (and winning) in Canada does not take anything away from the fact that this guy has 17 years under his belt as an NFL assistant. This is absolutely the type of offensive minded coach that will fix the Bear’s inability to put points on the board. Keep Marinelli and Bates, blow up the rest of the staff, and you have yourself a pretty damn fine foundation.

  8. As a Bears fan originally I was a little baffled by this candidate… After a little research I have realized this is a nice fit. The Bears need help on Offence, this gentleman has dominated a 3-down league (essentially 2 downs for postive yards). He has also previously worked with Jay Cutler and Jason Campbell.

    I hope he can come in and implement a nice Cutler orientated offence. Adding solid protection, and possibly add Hester in the slot (occasionally, we need him on special teams).

  9. I heard Rich Gannon a few days ago REALLY talking Trestman up. He was Gannon’s OC in Oakland for a year or 2 and he LOVED him.

    Listening to Gannon – he convinced me that Trestman would be a great HC and I think it is a smart move. Chicago will always be about the D – but this guy should be able to juice up the O.

  10. John Clayton said he thought the Bears would hire Trestman as HC on ESPN Chicago yesterday.

  11. Im ready to see how this works..btw idiots.Wiki a guy before you run yr trap..he spent a couple yrs in CFL but he’s an experienced NFL guy who’s never gotten his huge shot..this is it Coach Trest!!

  12. I dont know this guy but Maybe a surprise is what Chicago needs. I would take him as offensive coordinator. with Pete Carmichael Jr. Head Coach. that adds 30 points to the Bears offense

  13. If true, I’m fine with the hire based on what I’ve read about him. But just as Lovie forgot that the Bears need to play offense I hope Trestman doesn’t let the defense slip.

    Loved the post on hoping he doesn’t punt on 3rd down 😉

  14. So, what’s the biggest difference of coaching in the CFL and NFL? This appears to be a good move. Getting tired of shifting old coaches around, new people is good, although he has been in the NFL for ~17 years in different capacities. His track record and his ties with Cutler and Campbell should be good for the Bears. I don’t see why this is a shock to some folks.

  15. Bud Grant came out of Canada to coach the Vikings and spanked a lotta NFL teams for years.

  16. I would not say that hiring Reid is an upgrade especially when you give him all the power. How many Superbowls has he won???? Yea not a good situation in KC at all.

  17. “chadman128 says: Jan 11, 2013 9:49 AM

    I would not say that hiring Reid is an upgrade especially when you give him all the power. How many Superbowls has he won???? Yea not a good situation in KC at all.”

    Maybe you would like to do the math for us and list how many active coaches have won a Superbowl as a HC. It’s not very many, so I wouldn’t use that as a gauge against Reid. But you have to admit it’s an improvement over Crennel.

  18. Trestman is not getting this job. This has “pump me up” written all over it.

    Seems to me like they’re using the media generate interest.

    I would be highly surprised if he’s not back in Canada next year.

  19. The Bears don’t have to worry about winning the press conference and winning the fans with a big name hire. They need to worry about winning on the field.

    In terms of pedigree and acumen I can’t think of a better coach. He comes up with the best game plans in big games. He’s an Xs and Os wizard.

    Now in terms of leadership and Administrative Abilities I don’t know about. That can only really be determined in the interview process.

  20. I would be completely happy with this. Meatball fans will spout on about him being in the CFL, but he has NFL experience as well. Not to mention that he has been very successful in the CFL.

    Anyone who discredits Trestman while talking up someone like Mike McCoy hasn’t really looked into Marc’s experience. McCoy has yielded some results from different QBs and offenses in the last few years, but Trestman has been coaching at different levels on different teams, and even different leagues, for a very long time. I’m not saying McCoy would be a bad hire at all, I’m just saying that Trestman has a significant amount of experience. Personally, I would be quite happy with either.

    That being said, I don’t really believe this. Phil Emery has not even finished his first round of interviews yet. He has yet to interview everyone on his list, I believe, and, obviously, hasn’t brought back 2-3 guys for the second bout of interviews. I would be pretty surprised if a decision was made already.

  21. Good offensive mind. He does a great job running the Montreal team (I know everyone just laughed.), but if he can get the right defensive coordinator, he and Chicago should taste success. One thing is for sure, Marshall and Cutler would love him. With all that being said, I just don’t see this happening. I think Trestman is getting his name out there. I expect him back in Montreal for a season before going the college route, which he has been linked to a lot longer than the NFL.

  22. Actually the Bears fans my be lauhing last on this one. Because he coached in the CFL he has to have a understanding of the passing game. And, he knows how to make it work in cold weather. And, I remember reading somewhere how people laughed when the Vikings hired a coach from the CFL. All he did was go to four superbowls

  23. One of my top 3 coaches for the Bears, but didn’t start anywhere on my radar. After I heard his name I thought it was a joke, then looked in to the guy’s past. This guy has only won and left the NFL because he wanted to be a HC not a OC or QB, went to the CFL and owned it. I also could see how Emery see’s this guy as his hard worker who clawed his way to the top.

  24. Bear fans should Jacked beyond belief cuz Trestman is an offensive coach who could refine Cutler to where he finally makes those giant steps he needs to in order to become an elite NFL QB. That would be really bad for the rest of the NFC.

  25. larrydavid7000 says: Jan 11, 2013 8:06 AM

    “Really The CFL after 13 interview this is what the GM from Chicago comes up with. Nice choice heck I could of done that. HaHa bears 7-1 collapse.”

    Just a rumor, moron…HaHalarrydavid.

  26. comeonnowguys says: Jan 11, 2013 11:33 AM

    …When was the last time Jimmy Johnson broke… anything?

  27. Trestman is very talented coach and has done well at all levels both in college and the pros as an assistant.

    He was the preferred candidate to coach the Vikngs over the feeble and failed Brad Childress era and a local Minnesota guy.

    This is a great hire for the Bears.

  28. ” I don’t want a CFL guy..I want the packers OC” oh the guy who played 14 years in the CFL and got his coaching start in the CFL..google Tom Clements

  29. bucrightoff says:
    With a good QB in place already, that offense should do well (you know, if they can ever get NFL offensive linemen)
    yeah but the Bears have Jay Cutler. Ba-zing!

  30. If this is accurate, than this is hands down the best coaching hire that any team has made this offseason.

    Trestman is a phenomenal offensive mind. Bill Walsh once called him “my greatest pupil.” He’s been around, pretty much done and seen it all. He helped guys like Scott Mitchell, Jake Plummer and Rich Gannon have their best seasons ever.

    He’s literally a walking, talking encyclopedia of offense and has been a successful offensive coordinator in the NFL several times, he’s a guy with far more street cred than run of the mill assistants getting coaching interviews such as McCoy in Denver.

    He’s been tremendously successful in Canada as well and is a guy who has long deserved to have a head coaching job in the NFL. If what Jimmy Johnson is saying is accurate, than Jay Cutler is going to have reason to smile and the Bears have just gotten themselves one hell of a head coach.

  31. Keep in mind that when Jim Harbaugh was hired as the 49ers head coach, his first call to a potential offensive coordinator went to….Marc Trestman, however he’s been holding out a head coaching position and it finally appears that he has one.

  32. Trestman is, on paper, a great choice. Knows NFL, knows NFC North, knows football, period. Guess when you go to Canada, folks just forget about you, consider you a has-been or a never-was. We should all know better (see Flutie, Doug).
    Trestman is one of those guys who thinks it’s better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven. I admire that in a coach. He might be able to coax more heart out of Whiny Jay.
    Now, above being said, is this for real? That’s the real question.

  33. @joeknowsnada:

    Nice post, except for your comment on Jay…And it looks like the rumor has been denied by Trestman himself, so it is not for real.

  34. @Grulks:

    Jay is 29-13 in his last 42 starts, so not sure why you haters insist on bashing him, except that you are not Bears fans to begin with, and therefore your opinion is ultimately non-relevant.

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