Jones-Drew says he won’t ask for a new deal, won’t hold out

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In 2012, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew made a play for a new contract.

It didn’t work.

This year, he plans no such effort.

He told Adam Schein of SiriusXM NFL Radio that the veteran tailback who had most of his season marred by a foot injury will neither hold out nor even ask for a new contract.

“I went to them last year,” Jones-Drew said.  “It didn’t work out.  I’m not going to reach out to them because, you know, I just feel like I tried that last year [and] it didn’t work.  If the Jaguars want to do a new deal I’m more than open to talk.  I’m not going to say I don’t want to go there.  I’ve grown up there.  This is where I started.  I want to win a championship there.  That’s what I want to do.  Now, I’m in the last year of my deal.  Once again, people hate this word, but it’s part of the business.  You know, it comes and it goes.  This past year we have Derek Cox, Terrance Knighton, Daryl Smith, Greg Jones, guys that have all played pretty much their whole career in Jacksonville, this was their last year.   Now, will they be re-signed?  We don’t know.  It’s just how it is.”

One thing Jones-Drew likes about new G.M. Dave Caldwell is the unequivocal statement of no interest in quarterback Tim Tebow.

“That’s big, especially for our quarterbacks,” Jones-Drew said.  “First question out of the mouth of a reporter is:  What do you think about Tim Tebow?  You know, he’s not on our team.  You want to focus on the guys you have in your locker room.  For him to come out and be direct and forward with where we’re going, that’s one of the greatest things I’ve seen at a press conference in a long time.”

The only greater thing Jones-Drew could hear at a press conference likely would be an announcement that he has signed a new contract with the Jaguars.  We’ll see if the new G.M. feels any more motivated about that possibility than the old G.M. did.

35 responses to “Jones-Drew says he won’t ask for a new deal, won’t hold out

  1. Seemed last year that only two teams were willing to put tebow on their roster (nyj and jax)…jets experiment is over and
    Jax has no interest now.

    He may be looking at a position switch, or trying to latch on in the cfl.

  2. He’s about washed up now anyway, so it doesn’t matter. He’ll never be on a team that wins anything.


    Missing most of the season with an injury means he’s washed up? Did you think AP was “washed up” after last season too?

  3. Good, no issues as we enter season with a new coach, GM and hopefully a new QB (I vote for Alex Smith)

  4. tebow should work in the industry his heart is in .. church.

    he can be one of those people that lead prayers for the group .. whatever they’re called.

  5. He’ll be 29 when the 2014 season starts. Nobody is going to pay for him then. Whatever his big deal was he’s already gotten it from Jacksonville.

  6. How’s this for reasoning …

    “Ok … I’ve got about 4 years or so left in the NFL before I have to consider retiring, and a hold-out that didn’t work out for me.

    I think I should just act like this foot injury is a bigger deal than it actually is … and completely waste the year on the bench.”

  7. Now that Jax passed on Tebow, it is only a matter of time before the pack the moving trucks in the middle of the night and head west.

    No matter what Tim’s limitations are, he a better QB to both Blaine and Chad. It it tough to win games when QBs have more turn overs than TDs.

  8. My favorite game to play while watching the Playoffs this year has been to find the former Jaguar running backs on other teams who are better than what we finished the season with. So far I’ve got DuJuan Harris in Green Bay and Deji Karim in Indy.

  9. MJD is a good guy and a great running back, but he really screwed himself by signing that long term deal. Players should just sign 2-3 year deals and reassess market value then. Plus they want all the money up front, yet complain they are “underpaid” in the last years of the contract. Makes no sense.

  10. “That’s big, especially for our quarterbacks . . . Tim Tebow . . . not on our team . . . You want to focus on the guys you have in your locker room”

    Uh, given the quality of the QBs “in your locker room,” you might actually prefer people talking about Tebow, Mojo

  11. Despite what many of you may think, this is a big announcement from MoJo’s end. He’s our core guy, very respected around the league & guess what, everytime people wanna dodge a bullet & say he’s damaged goods or washed up, he comes right back in the next year & proves his worth, so blow away all the steam you have towards MOJO, only Jags fans know what we really have in him. Last year was an experiment, it didn’t bode well for either side, theirs no need to dwell on the past. He’s a man of his own word’s & as a matter of fact, if we are secretly trying to trade him this offseason, I hope his trade value is next to nothing, all due in part because I wanna see him here mentoring the guys beneath him & more importantly playing next to a much better QB than he has since Garrard’s one year hit.

  12. He’s a man of his word? Then why did he hold out when he was already signed to a lucrative contract?

    His holdout set the tone for the year. Granted they were going to suck anyway but still…a holdout with 2 years left on his contract? What a dope.

    And you want this guy “mentoring” the younger guys?

    If we could get a 2nd rounder for him I would light a candle.

  13. I expect MJD to get back to his old form. No hold out, and he should be ready to go by training camp. I see a highly motivated MJD going for 1500-1900 all purpose yards and 8-12 tds. Remember he is playing for one more pay day. Plus there is no way Gabert is QB moving forward so that should only help. Fantasy geeks MJD will be a steal in the late 2nd early 3rd round range.

  14. mojo jojo deserves alot more than the jags give him. This whole organization is clueless. Theyve needed WRs since jimmy smith retired and still haven’t got one. And yeah blackmon is a bust. As for Gabbert idk if theyre using him wrong or what but they need a change there too. The defense has declined since del rio left and now they might not resign thier best DT? Reunion in denver! haha but furreal they bring tebow in they should be disenfranchised. trade mojo to greenbay for a 2nd rounder. i feel bad for him and larry Fitzgerald

  15. The Jags should definitely consider him as trade bait. He has a very limited shelf life left and the Jags certainly arent doing anything anytime soon. If they can pair a young RB with Blackmon and eventually land a solid QB that is their only path to relevance.

    Some franchises just can’t seem to get above water and MJD seems stuck there for the time being unless the new regime can overhaul the squad.

  16. Anybody else notice how he said there? Usually when a player is on a team he says ” here in Jacksonville.” Not there…Sounds like MJD’s already checked out of Jacksonville mentally. Then he goes on to list other players that are leaving…Sounds like he wants any reason he can find to get out of town.

  17. As great a player as he’s been, I say move on. Try to trade him and if no one bites then get rid of him or restructure.

    He’s a charismatic guy but it was a distraction this year.

  18. I love how everyone is talking about how classy and what a team player he is. Read between the lines here people. He’s not holding out because he knows this year is his audition for free agency. No way MJD re-signs with the jags after this season.

  19. Look at the playoff teams and the runners they have and then tell me again how running has been forgotten in the NFL. I am a Jags fan that does not want to see MJD go. If you saw how bad the Jags fell of after he went down you would not want him gone. But for some reason people take his holdout personal. How bad did you feel when David was cut with time and money left on his deal? It is hysterical to read these comments about how running is not important anymore and how MJD should be traded and he is washed up. He lead the team in rushing and started only a couple of games. Again we see the knee jerk “fans” telling people their opinion without facts.

    Here you go for facts:
    Seattle and San Fran are #3 and #4 in team rushing for the regular season. Wash and Minn were #1 and #2 and they made the playoffs. NE is #7 and Bal #11. Houston #8. Only Denver and GB are teams without total rushing in the top 11 teams in the NFL. Anyone starting to see the pattern?

    You do not trade MJD. You hope that he comes back healthy and helps the team.

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