Justin Smith cleared to play, all the 49ers probable


Apparently, the creek has not, in fact, risen.

The 49ers appear to be as healthy as anyone’s going to be this time of year, and defensive tackle Justin Smith has been given the go-ahead to return to action.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, Smith and the other 12 players on the 49ers injury report are all listed as probable, meaning a virtual certainty that they’ll play Saturday night against the Packers.

Smith, who suffered a partially torn left triceps tendon on Dec. 16 and hasn’t played since, has been cleared to return after limited practice this week.

How effective he’ll be remains to seen. But if he’s on the field at all, it should help outside linebacker Aldon Smith, who has been nearly invisible in his bodyguard’s absence.

15 responses to “Justin Smith cleared to play, all the 49ers probable

  1. I guess if you repeat it enough times the people will believe it. Never mind the fact that Aldon’s battled a shoulder injury of his own since the Patriots game. And never mind that other linebackers have played alongside Justin Smith with nowhere near the same effects

    Everything Aldon does is because of Justin. It’s that simple, huh?

  2. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says:
    Jan 11, 2013 4:53 PM
    i’ll never forget the 96-98 niners vs. packers heartbreakers thats where my favre/packers hate began to be lightly. GO NINERS!! destroy the packers!!!!


    You shouldn’t even have one win over the Packers in the Playoffs – Rice fumbled. Get ready for that familiar feeling of taking a beating from a FAR superior QB.

  3. I think his mere presence on the field might be enough to swing the tide the 49ers way. His intensity is contagious.

    Ill be going crazy at the Stick tomorrow, GO 49ers!

  4. No need for trash talk here. Two quality and nearly healthy football teams ready to slug it out. Oughta be a great game!… 9ers win by 10or more though. Kaep throws 3TDs and rushes for 1.

  5. Pack fans crack me up. You’re so sure of yourselves and put all of your eggs in the one basket of playoff history of 10-20 years ago.

    Hair boy will become the invisible man, and your lack of running game will be GB’s undoing. GB struggles against a good defense and a solid running game.

  6. Lets be realistic here. At this point in the season, with Green Bays ability to move the ball when they play well, the Niners arent going to walk all over anyone tonight.

    The Niners will ahve to keep the scoring low when their D is on the field. Holding GB to FG attempts is what will win the game for the Niners if it goes that way. If GB ends up in the endzone 75% of the redzone time, SF will lose by a couple scores.

    Kaepernick hasnt proven he can come back from a hole. He hasnt proven he can move that team consistantly. Sure, he has some decent stats, but stats Dont score touchdowns. Green Bay holds the ball longer and scores more points, on average, than San Fran does.

    If the 49ers fall behind early, they will be in a bad spot.

    So, regardless of what people think, this game will probably be close. A failed 2 minute drive will probably be the difference in the game. Might even go to overtime. If it isnt close, it will be a win for GB.

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