Marc Trestman says he hasn’t gotten Bears job


We heard nothing from the Bears about Jimmy Johnson’s tweet regarding Marc Trestman getting the Bears job, plenty of doubt from those that cover the team for a living and, now, a denial from Trestman himself.

Johnson tweeted that two of his former assistants — newly hired Browns coach Rob Chudzinski and Trestman — were getting head coaching jobs this offseason. Trestman, who is currently the head coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, sent an email to the Montreal Gazette to make it clear that he hasn’t gotten the job in Chicago.

“I have not heard from the Bears and have responded in that manner on multiple levels. Thanks,” Trestman wrote.

And so the Bears search will go on this weekend with interviews scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with candidates for the job. Trestman interviewed early this week and the Bears are still expected to bring back finalists for second interviews before making their choice about Lovie Smith’s replacement.

Trestman worked for Johnson at the University of Miami and has extensive experience as an assistant coach in the NFL. He may add NFL head coach to that resume, but it doesn’t look like it will be anytime in the next few days.

16 responses to “Marc Trestman says he hasn’t gotten Bears job

  1. Trestman sounds good for a new
    offensive coordinator. but the Bears
    need Greg Roman or Mike McCoy as Head Coach. Emery knows this and he is putting together the whole
    Coaching staff.

  2. @chi01town – Greg Roman? They haven’t even requested an interview for him, AFAIK.

    Trestman has OC experience, like McCoy, along with HC experience in the CFL. If we’re going off of what is on paper, Trestman seems to be more fit to be a head coach than McCoy. But, obviously what is “on paper” does not translate to absolute certain success, and that’s why they are being interviewed.

  3. @chi01town: Mike McCoy??? Give me a break.

    He spent most of last season trying to convert Tebow into a drop back passer. That failed miserably, except for when he let Tebow play sandlot in the 4th quarter. This year, he’s the assistant coordinator to Peyton Manning.

  4. Jon Gruden brought Marc Trestman on as an Offensive assistant in Oakland in 2001 (then he was the OC the year after and somehow helped Rich Gannon win an MVP).. Any chance that Gruden is secretly the bears guy and Trestman will just be an OC/ assistant head coach?… Just something to think about…

  5. mcmeen0576 says: Jan 11, 2013 2:22 PM

    I am pretty confident this guy has already been hired. Stories like this just don’t pop out of thin air.


    Yeah, and Andy Reid was 95% sure to sign in Arizona and Chip Kelly was a sure thing to sign with the Browns. Nobody knows anything until there’s a name on the dotted line.

  6. I think Trestman is the man for the job. He’s a leader and has great offensive schemes. My future son in law is from Montreal and says this guy is the Belichick of Canada. How could we go wrong with this guy when his name has surfaced for the last few years as a potential HC in this league? He’ll be a breath of fresh air to clear out the stench of Tice, Martz & any other bad choice Lovie has made during his tenure. Notice how Lovie doesn’t se to be in such high demand anymore?! He’s a DC at best and after all of his Rooney interviews he’ll be heading back to STL where he belongs.

  7. They need to figure out what direction they are going to head and soon. The draft is in weeks and if our offense is going to have any chance this year we need a staff to begin to prepare.

  8. @evoxy
    Greg Roman was the 1st coach Chicago asked to talk too. He has an
    interview this weekend after the game on sat. Now Im not saying that Emery will hire him but Roman has the interview an I for one would like too see him in Chicago.
    But who knows what Emery will do

  9. Trestman needs a shot in the NFL. He has proven in the CFL he can get it done. He is incredible at game prep, and has a great offensive mind. I am not a fan of Montral in the CFL, but it is impossible to deny the great job he has done there.

  10. You know, It makes since that Chicago would hire this guy as HC. Chicago really don’t have a history of hiring big name coaches Money wise this makes since. A big name coach would demand too much. Hes proven in the CFL but not in the NFL

  11. filthymcnasty1 says: Jan 11, 2013 5:45 PM

    “Maybe he will be the guy to finally get Cutler turned around. But I doubt it.”

    If by ‘turned around’ you mean improving on his 29-13 record since the end of ’09, then yeah, that would be great to see…And to be honest, that would start with reversing his 1-6 record vs. the Packers, since Jay is 28-7 against everyone else in that span.

    That said, and W-L record aside, if the new HC can improve Cutler’s consistency and get him to that next level, that’s even better…What I doubt is that all you Jay-bashers would then finally shut up.

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