Moss isn’t saying much to the media, but plenty to his teammates

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As Randy Moss embarks on his latest run at the one thing that would make his career complete, he’s not talking much to the media about his seventh career trip to the postseason.

He’s talking plenty to his teammates about it.

Via Cam Inman of Bay Area News Group, Moss has been sharing information about his playoff experiences to his teammates, particularly the younger ones.

Randy talks to us all the time,” receiver Michael Crabtree said. “I’m in the room with Randy all day, every day.  So it’s a lot of things we talk about.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh, who graded the veteran wideout’s first regular season with the team as an A-plus, said that input from Moss is helpful to the “[f]irst- and second-year players,” because they “wonder what it’s like.”

Despite the fact that the 49ers are one of the league’s elite teams, there isn’t much postseason experience in the locker room, given the perennial struggles predating the unexpected 13-3 season in 2011.

And there still isn’t much Moss is saying publicly about anything.  Per Inman, Moss provides an “occassional postgame sound bite” and he has conducted only three group interviews all year — a clear violation of the league’s media policy about which the writers covering the team have had neither the inclination nor the nerve to complain.

11 responses to “Moss isn’t saying much to the media, but plenty to his teammates

  1. Random thoughts here: 1) I’m glad Randy is irrelevant in the NFL now – always disliked that guy, always will. 2) No matter what, he’ll find a way to score against my Packers – always does. 3) No roster with Randy Moss on it will EVER win the Super Bowl. True story!

  2. It comes down to this … how badly will they fail this weekend … and what will the excuses be?

  3. I’m not rooting for the 49ers…

    UNLESS the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl.

    Then, I’d love to see Randy Moss prevent his former team and NFL-babied Tom Brady from getting another ring.

    But since the 49ers play a day before the Patriots this weekend, I hope they win to keep that possibility alive.

  4. Randy never was someone that cared to talk to the media. They always twisted and misconstrued everything he said anyways.

    In his time in MN, he usually came up with big games against GB. The moon was one of his best TD celebrations. And Joe Buck is a nobody. But made a big deal about it. I swear he has a Troy Aikman “short and curly” mustache. If you get what i’m saying. Otherwise i don’t see how he should even be on TV.

    With all that being said… SF might have a darn good defense. But i just don’t see how they can run with GB.. Rodgers is the best QB in the league. And he has a pretty good recieving core. Nelson, Cobb, Jennings, Finley…

    GB plays like this every year lately… Not their best football in the early part of the season, but they seem to peak when it matters.

    As much as i don’t want to say it because i’m a Vikings fan… I just think that GB runs away with this one. I think it’s going to be a Brady/Rodgers superbowl.

  5. The 49ers, once again, will lose..

    Then this site will be filled with excuses from their fanbase.

    They did it last year after the Giants game.

    They will do it again.

  6. Hey petecarrolmorelikecheatpayroll…

    1) Love your name… So true
    2) Love the comment… “he’ll find a way to score against my Packers”… Also true
    3) But the last… So not true, Moss won’t keep the Niners from going to a Superbowl!

    My Packer fan friends have been avoiding me lately when usually they want to pour on the smack talk. I think Packer fans are feeling a little nervous, no?

  7. The packer fans BETTER be nervous, because aftrer Sat night. A rodgers is gonna have ALOT of extra time, too make more of those State Farm commercials. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. In the immortal words of the asian dude in the movie Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story … We beat you before … we beat you again!!!

    Niners Forever Baby!!!

    Justin Smith is 95% ready to go which is more than enough to get some pressure on discount double check boy!

  9. I’m sorry but to be an elite team in the nfl (in my mind anyway) u must go deep into the playoffs at least 3 years in a row. Without that u are a very good team not elite

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