NFL responds to union’s position on HGH testing


Earlier today, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith made it known that, if the NFL were handling the HGH testing issue like Major League Baseball, the NFL would have implemented HGH testing before MLB.

The NFL disagrees.

“This is a continuation of the union’s strategy to delay, deny, and distract,” senior V.P. Adolpho Birch said in a statement issued by the league office.  “The facts are that we have already agreed to third-party arbitration, have always required that violations be supported with full and accurate documentation, and have always supported comprehensive player appeal rights.  What is missing from the MLB agreement is a population study.  Apparently, baseball players know that the test for HGH is reliable, valid, and scientifically sound.  If the NFLPA had adopted the same position as the MLB players, we would already be well on our way to eliminating the threat of HGH from our game.”

So the NFL and the NFLPA finally agree on something regarding HGH testing.  They both believe that HGH testing would be in place for pro football if the other side had behaved more like its corresponding party in baseball.

26 responses to “NFL responds to union’s position on HGH testing

  1. enough of the back and forth fighting between NFLPA and NFL….” Get it Done” and move forward…this red vs. blue crap makes me sick to my stomach

  2. Can’t implement it yet, RGIII needs to be ready for Week 1 of the 2013 season just like Adrian Peterson was ready for this season.

  3. F.k the union. We know they are trying the test as far as possible and let the players juice as long as possible.

  4. The NFLPA is the corporate equivalent of a petulant child. Incapable of doing little more than complaining and blaming others.

  5. This is a joke. I fully believe the league wants it and some owners and most players don’t. Some owners obviously want their star players to be on the field filling seats as much as possible and most players want to heal as quickly as possible to make more $. I don’t see how anyone that doesn’t want it has a leg to stand on it is illegal just cut the crap and ban it.

  6. Why can’t we all just ‘get along’?

    If the NFLPA can’t understand that HGH testing is good for the players long term health (guys that take HGH injections on a long term basis are shortening their lives) then I don’t see much hope for this issue.

  7. If, as the NFLPA claims, the deal could be done if the NFL bargained in the same manner as MLB, then the NFLPA should have no problem adopting a policy that is identical to the baseball agreement. The NFLPA’s inclusion of the “population study” is what is holding up this deal. DeMaurice Smith and his cronies should shut their pie holes.

  8. Great PR fodder and all, but what labor union wants its members subjected to more drug tests?

  9. I’m not sure if I will be vilified by my opinion on this or not by the ‘general’ public, but my point of view is this, what does it matter?

    HGH is the natural progression of human evolution. We as the dominant species on this planet finally create a suppliment that enhances our ability without hindering it at the same time (anabolic steroids) and people have a problem with it? Really? What’s next, lets not try to go to mars even though we have the technology?

    I am of the opinion that if something like HGH, a substance that has absolutely no side effects and is proven to be only positive, why worry about it. Make it available to the general public and everyone benefits. Lets stop as a society thinking that scientific advances are a detriment to the sports we love and instead embrace what they can bring to peak human performance…..I mean, isn’t that why we created these sports in the first place? To determine who is the best?

    Trust me, this conversation is not going away…..and I am not saying I am right…..but this is my take on something I see absolutely no problem with.

  10. “benroethlisberger7 says: This is why the Steelers are starting their own league.”

    Is it only open to rapists and other criminals, or do you just have to be annoying and arrogant like their fans?

  11. I love how th NFLPA wants a “population study” to determine the base value. That’s like taking the baseline of drunks in a bar at 2am to determine the DUI limits

  12. @gettinseattled, How can you say zero side effects? How long has HGH been around? Not nearly long enough to say it’s been studied and has zero side effects. To state otherwise is foolish. Growth hormones in the food chain are being studied and linked to early puberty in children. That’s only from eating something that took growth hormones that were considered side effect free. Girls hitting puberty at 9-10 years old from drinking milk that’s “safe” is advancing our species? Get real.

  13. The league doesnt want the testing anymore then the players. They both stand to lose if star players aren’t on the field. Its your mom that wants HGH testing. Oh and Florio.

  14. Why are they trying to ban something that is so helpful to players? The NFL and NFLPA should plan to regulate HGH through independent doctors (similar to the ones that deal with concussions now) instead of banning it. Look at all the guys that get severe injuries these days. It happens almost every game. If these guys can recover faster because of HGH, then what’s freakin wrong with that?

  15. lrt79 says: Jan 11, 2013 5:22 PM

    Can’t implement it yet, RGIII needs to be ready for Week 1 of the 2013 season just like Adrian Peterson was ready for this season.

    You mean Adrian PEDerson.

  16. Well, that’ll be the end of Clay Mathews! His “big head” won’t be as big without the hgh injections.

  17. wtfru2 says:
    Jan 11, 2013 9:48 PM
    Well, that’ll be the end of Clay Mathews! His “big head” won’t be as big without the hgh injections.

    Can’t agree more. The dudes neck is wider than his head. At least he’s smarter than his old college teammate and does hgh instead of steroids. Come on Brian, didn’t Clay teach you anything?

  18. I wish the Steelers would go and start their own league. There would be no drug testing in it and players could hit each other in the head all they want. But more importantly it would get rid of the idiot fans who just comment on every story with comments like, “Six Rings.” And then that’s all they say.

  19. HGH is not a steroid. I think they should be able to use it. These guys are putting there bodies through some serious trauma. It doesn’t enhance performance unless stacked with steroids. Let them get healthy quicker.

  20. The NFL, and MLB, needs to understand that regardless of what they do, professional athletes will do whatever necessary to get a competitive advantage. If they’re serious about player safety, they should be regulating PEDs, not banning them, so that the players who will use them anyway can at least do so safely.

  21. I’ve never read so much nonsense about how hGH has no side effects and merely helps athletes to recover more quickly. For the few on here who can read, I suggest you check USADA’s website, which lists the numerous, frightening side effects of hGH use.

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