NFLPA won’t make formal inquiry into handling of RG3 injury

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The NFLPA would like to see something done about the playing surface at FedEx Field after the sloppy conditions during last weekend’s Wild Card game, but they aren’t going to be filing a formal inquiry into the way the injury suffered by Robert Griffin III was handled by the Redskins.

Griffin wound up needing surgery to repair injuries to his ACL and LCL this week and the NFLPA filed an informal initial inquiry into the way the Redskins handled their quarterback after he appeared to aggravate an existing knee injury in the first quarter. Griffin remained in the game until the fourth quarter, finally leaving after his knee buckled and gave out while he was trying to pick up a poor snap.

The NFLPA looked into the way the injury was handled because of “discrepancies in media reports” about the medical attention Griffin received when he initially hurt his LCL. Dr. James Andrews originally said he never cleared Griffin to return to that game against the Ravens before changing his tune after coach Mike Shanahan disputed Andrews’ account. Andrews and the rest of the Redskins medical staff provided a report detailing how Griffin’s injury was reviewed on the sideline and the union has decided not to press forward with a formal inquiry, as is their right under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“Playing through pain is a harsh reality of our business and our union will always hold the League and the clubs accountable to the best medical care. Our thoughts are with Robert as he recovers from his surgery and we hope he returns to full strength,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

That eliminates the possibility of one headache for the Redskins, although the uncertain nature of Griffin’s recovery will ensure they’ll have one for the next long while anyway.

13 responses to “NFLPA won’t make formal inquiry into handling of RG3 injury

  1. Something still smells like a rat here. Shanahan and Snyder and that doctor All succeed in dodging a culpability bullet?

  2. What would be their course of action? Is the union going to start monitoring the health of every player and determine is they’re healthy enough to play? A team Dr and union Dr on each sideline? Might as well up the rosters to 200 players per team because after 4 preseason games and 18 regular season, every player (kickers excluded) on the field is injured to some degree.

  3. NFLPA won’t make formal inquiry into handling of RG3 injury
    If you honestly thought the NFLPA would formally complain about that then you have not thought that through to completion. Any investigation into the handling of the injury would have to include RG3’s statements and willingness to get back in the game. At a minimum, the player would have borne some of the culpability. Once that pandora’s box is opened, the concussion lawsuits are further jeopardized due to precedence. Also, that opens up the probability of the teams sitting guys (back-ups/fringe players esp.) in order to protect themselves. The unintended consequences would have been catastrophic for the NFLPA.

  4. All this outrage is a joke. Nobody questioned RGIII obviously playing hurt when he beat the Cowboys. Nobody questioned him obviously playing hurt when he had the Skins up 14-0 against the Seahawks.

    These are some of the same people that hammered Cutler for not playing hurt.

    Everybody’s a genius after the fact. Let it rest.

  5. Of course not….the league is all about player saftey….just ask them.

    They were probably busy playing Dancing with the Stars and Ray Lewis in Baltimore this weekend anyway. Maybe he’ll get destroyed again this week but lead his team in tackles.

  6. FinFan is right. Players don’t want to be pulled and after awhile who’d be left to watch? I guess players hurt as badly as RG3 was need to pull themselves out. But maybe the culture needs to change that if they do they are trusted and not ridiculed like Jay Cutler unfairly was.

  7. And everyone wonders why skins fans say the things they do on sites like this. Just based over the entire year, this team has been bullied by the NFL. It just seems no matter the circumstance, they find something wrong with how the skins have conducted themselves. It just gets a little old. This team has some of the most classiest players due to Shanahan handpicking character guys. We no longer have knuckleheads on this team, nor do we have an owner that is overbearing and is letting the football people he hired to actually make all the football decisions. Let’s just give it a rest people. Talk about the teams that are still in the playoffs, and lay off the criticism.

  8. If anyone influenced the NFLPA here to drop the idea of an inquiry, it was most likely RGIII himself.

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