No one’s questionable for the Patriots this week


Throughout the regular season, there was a regular Friday post wrapping up the final injury reports of the week.

Frequent readers of that post will know that you could set your clock to the Patriots listing some large portion of their roster as questionable either week in what was either an attempt to disguise their serious injuries from the opposition or a statement on the existence of injury reports in the first place. It’s playoff time now, though, and the Patriots are no longer using the injury report to make a statement.

Only five Patriots pop up on this week’s report and all five of them are probable to play against the Texans on Sunday. They had listed 20 players as limited in practice on the report Wednesday and Thursday,  but it seems 15 of those players took a turn for the better on the health front with the weekend approaching.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is the most notable of the probable Pats and it seems his broken forearm has ceased to be much of a concern in the two weeks since he made his return in Week 17. Cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, cornerback Marquice Cole, offensive lineman Nick McDonald and defensive end Trevor Scott are the other four probables for Sunday’s game.

The Texans listed 15 players as probable on their end of the injury report, which means that health shouldn’t be a big factor for either team as they try to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

18 responses to “No one’s questionable for the Patriots this week

  1. When they have a long list you complain. When they don’t have a long list you complain. Why don’t you admit it. You have an animus against the Patriots, and be up front about it.

  2. The Pats are coming in at just about full strength, minus Edelman, and they are gonna be really hard to del with. You wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best, so bring it on. Go Pats!

  3. A banged up Pats team embarrassed the Texans five weeks ago. Now they’re healthier than they’ve been all year. Houston, you’ve got a problem.

  4. Neither team is really healthy as each has players on the IR. The three key injuries the Patriots have been dealing with have been Gronkowski (DNP against the Texans last time), Talib, and Dennard. The Patriots were fortunate to get the buy week to get these three key players healthy. Of course, they would not have had the bye or even home field in this game had the Texans not folded.

  5. No one is questionable?

    Now I’m panicking. This is Bill Belichick. That can only mean the entire team is injured.

    I hope they can dress 11 or 12 players on Sunday.

  6. No one is Questionable cause the fantasy season is over (other than playoff leagues). Old coach B.B. won’t be jerking anyone around with a last minute scratch. I am hoping for a good game but i expect a NE blowout.

  7. “You wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best, so bring it on. Go Pats!”
    Best would be the Broncos, the ones that didn’t drop a game in the last three weeks. IF the Pats manage to beat them then they may be the best.

  8. Some day, people will grow beyond the “Houston, you have a problem” cliche. This must be the same guy who still asks kids to pull his finger.

  9. bunch of chowder loving cheats

    You’re aware none of the players or coaches are from Boston, right?

    Doubt they’re into chowder.

  10. I’m pretty sure The Pats have already beaten the Broncos this year, Beau, so we got that going for us. Question is, when will Denver be able to beat NE?

  11. IF it ends being a Denver/New England..Brady/Manning AFC game, you can bet on 2 things…

    It will be over-hyped…
    Despite a million and one “break-downs”, the game will be up for grabs for either team….

    Both of these HOF QB’s bring an intensity and competitiveness that rubs off on their entire teams… Should be a great game and anyone picking one over the other is just guessing…

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