ProFootballTalk: Keys in Packers-49ers matchup

Will the 49ers’ defense be healthy enough at game time? Is David Akers over Billy Cundiff the wisest choice for San Fran? Can Tramon Williams shut Michael Crabtree down?

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Keys in Packers-49ers matchup

  1. Lets not forgot how hot the saints offense was last year before they played the NINERS in the playoffs. Drew Bree’s was having a historic season and had a crazy streak going without throwing a pick. Arguably the best season for a qb and one is the best offenses in nfl history. Then they came to candlestick and were physically dominated. The NINERS were delivering punishing hits through out the game. The saints run game was shut down which is why Bree’s threw for over 400+ yards on close to 60 passing attempts. I see Green Bay as a more complete team than last years saints and give them a very good shot at pulling out the win at sf but my gut feeling says that another elite qb and offense will meet their match come tomorrow. Everyone still gets caught up with offense and elite qb’s and stats and all that stuff but this 49er team has arguably the best defense in the nfl with basically all of the same starters on that side of the ball playing again in the playoffs at home. Game can go either way though. GB can come out and dominate or it can be a close game with GB winning but my prediction is NINERS win convincingly.

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