Report: Lovie en route to San Diego


While we’re not sure whether he has a window or aisle seat, former Bears coach Lovie Smith is apparently on his way to interview with the Chargers.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Smith is at an O’Hare Airport gate, about to board a plane bound for San Diego.

Smith interviewed with the Eagles yesterday, and frankly should have been in higher demand. His 81-63 record speaks to a consistency not many franchises looking for coaches have enjoyed.

While there was a recent playoff drought, the guy went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback, which speaks to his acumen.

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  1. Have they interviewed a minority candidate yet? If not, this may just be a precurser to hiring Arians.

  2. The reason why Lovie is still unemployed is because he is black. If he wasn’t he would have been the first head coach to get a job.

    Andy Reid is an average coach who got out coached in many games. Something that even one of his ex players said and something we all know when we watch him coach a game, he already got a job.

    Mike Mularky was fired from the bills, let go by the falcons as their offensive coordinator and he got the Jaguars jobs, now fired again.

    Todd Haley is the same, he is currently interviewing for the Cardinals job, when he was below average as the Chiefs coach, below average as the the Steelers offensive coordinator and now he is interviewing for a head coach job.

    Same thing about Norv Turner and i can go on, on these coaches.

    So Lovie if you wonder why you are still unemployed, look in the mirror and you can tell why. 32 teams in the league, only 2 black coaches in a sport largely dominated by blacks, unless in the positions that count (QBs, Coaches, GMs, Owners).

  3. I can’t believe we live in a world where teams are interviewing Marc Trestman and not Lovie Smith.

  4. Lovie is a good head coach. He did amazing things with a Bears team that was never completely balanced. I think he would have a better chance at success in San Diego with his style and the pieces they could easily have in place.

  5. He never developed 2 1st round QB’smaking him an above average coach who is better suited as a coordinator.

    When QB from 40’s still holds the franchise passing records, you did a TERRIBLE job in today’s modern/aerial game of developing a QB.

  6. While there was a recent playoff drought, the guy went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback, which speaks to his acumen.

    He went to a super bowl with Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman played in the Super Bowl which speaks to his acumen.

  7. While there was a recent playoff drought, the guy went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback, which speaks to his acumen.

    He went to a super bowl with Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman played in the Super Bowl which speaks to his acumen.
    Incorrect, Kyle played 15 games in 2005, Rex played in the final game and the playoff game, which they lost.

    Rex started every game of the 2006 Super Bowl season.

    Thanks for playing.

  8. I’m kinda irritated with how everyone is bragging up Lovie:
    Sure you look at his W/L record and would think he is a really good coach.
    You have to actually watch the games to understand how poor of a coach Lovie is from the stupid challenge flags thrown to most importantly the inability to adjust when things aren’t working. He has gone through 4 offensive coordinators since he started and HE was the one who hired them. The Bears had ranked in the bottom fifteen in offensive scoring every season except for the year they went to the super bowl. The Bears sucked this year and were getting lucky that they could score defensive touchdowns. Once they couldn’t anymore it showed how bad they actually were.
    Sincerely, Bears Fan

  9. “[T]he guy went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback, which speaks to his acumen”…. or speaks to him being a poor coach. The Bears could have won that Super Bowl with almost any other quarterback, but Lovie stuck with a guy that scored more than 4 touchdowns in a SEASON once in 6 years with the Bears.

    Let’s not forget about his decision to move one of the greatest kick returners of all time to wide receiver. Hester changed games as a returner, yet Lovie thought he would be better served to with what equates to a #4 wide out.

    The good news is if he gets hired in San Diego, he would be replacing the only other coach in the league that is more over rated than him.

  10. That Super Bowl year was one of the weakest years ever in the NFC. The wild card round featured Seattle beating Dallas on that Tony Romo fumbled hold, and the Jeff Garcia-led Eagles beating I don’t remember who.
    In the divisional round, at home, the Bears got outplayed by an injury-depleted Seahawks team and probably should’ve lost, which would’ve marked the 3rd time in recent memory that the Bears lost in the divisional round after a bye week (Philly in 2001 and Carolina in 2005) and it probably would’ve gotten Lovie fired. Fortunately for Lovie, Robbie Gould bailed him out with a clutch 40-something yard FG to tie it late in regulation, Seattle botched the QB/RB exchange on a 4th and 1 while driving into FG range, and then Gould hit a 50-yarder to win it in OT.

    The NFC Championship Game was against a very green Saints team that just wasn’t ready yet and kept fumbling the ball early in the game, which got the Bears off to an early lead they would never relinquish.

    Finally, in the Super Bowl, Lovie got the best start imaginable when Devin Hester staked him to an immediate 7pt lead, and then Peyton Manning threw an INT on the ensuing drive. What did Lovie do with this head start? Nothing. Peyton Manning dinked and dunked his defense the rest of the game, and Lovie had no answer or adjustment to it.

  11. Steelfan1 you’re so ignorant its people like you that set the world back 20 decades. Color has nothing to do with coaching. Lovie simply failed. Emery gave him one year to win and he couldn’t make it to the playoffs simple as that.

  12. Apparently, no one outside of Chicago has watched a bears game in the last five years. If you want your team to be constantly average for the foreseeable future, hire lovie. If you don’t value things like offense, game management, or playoff victories, hire lovie. If you want a guy that only hires his buddies and won’t bring in a coach to fix something because he may pose a threat to his job down the line, hire lovie.

    sure he went to the super bowl with rex Grossman… 7 years ago. Since then he has a lone playoff victory against a 7-9 team, is 4-10 vs. The packers, and has overseen an offense that has been amongst the worst in the league every year.

  13. Lovie’s biggest stopping block to getting a gig this off season is that he is a defensive coach. Most of the teams looking for a new coach this year are focusing on the offensive side of the ball. And even if a team was willing to bring in a defensive guy, and had a 4-3 defense already in place, then he’s demonstrated time and again that he is making bad choices at OC. If he was able to pair himself up with someone that was a little more innovative on the offensive side of the ball he might be a good fit in San Diego.

    I wouldn’t rule out Lovie heading to Dallas to be defensive coordinator for a season or two and eventually take over for Jason Garrett.

  14. For the Bears fans criticizing Smith, what kind of talent do you people exactly think the Bears have? What kind of offensive talent, especially on that offensive line, do you think you have?

    It’s the delusion that fuels the fans in the NFL though. Let Bear fan tell it, they’re just as talented as the Packers, Lovie’s been holding them back, lol.

    Guy had you in the hunt most years witha very average roster, which no one disputes he had nothing to do with picking.

    When you get back to those Dick Jauron/Dave Wandstedt days, oh boy, will you be wishing for those good old Lovie Smith days again when he maxed out average talent, but you blamed him because he couldn’t fire the GM and didn’t complain about it, but just did his job.

  15. By that logic, maybe the chargers should hire Bobby Ross again. I mean, he took the team to its ONLY SuperBowl appearance.

    Give me a break. I hope they’re only interviewing the guy because they’re forced to interview sub-mediocre minority candidates. Can’t they find some Asian and Latino guys to fly in, too, while that at it?

  16. Don’t for get that Lovie was given a defense already in place! Dick Jauron and Greg Blache built that defense that took them to the ’06 Superbowl! It slowly got worse as most of those player went elsewhere.

  17. From Marty to Norv to Lovie, the more things change the more they stay the same, three clones… uber-conservative unimaginative solid boring coaches who win in the regular season but never win the big one. Bah humbug, go ahead and move to LA, to bleep with you if this is your idea of change.

  18. i wonder if the Rooneys are happy that their rule has upgraded(?) black people from coaching afterthoughts to ‘passed around beeyotches’ for teams with a head coach vacancy.

  19. Lovie has no chance of coaching the chargers as getting to the playoffs
    Is the deal and Lovie has not been very good at this in Chicago.
    Would bellachek have done better and we know the answer. All eight teams are hoping they find a bellachek clone.

  20. Funny reading all of these comments from Bears fans hits home as us Eagles fans have been saying the same thing for the last few years. National folks see the final score and a few highlights and think the guy is an outstanding coach. Yet if you watched the games you’d probably see the team won when they had far superior talent on the field and was able to over come poor coaching decisions. In evenly matched games those decisions hurt the team and those winable games turn into losses. If you watch a team week in and week out you certainly have a better insight than any national writer – so I am with you Bears fans!

  21. Some guys are meant to be head coaches, some guys are meant to be coordinators. Lovie is meant to be a defensive coordinator (a la Wade Phillips). He just doesn’t seem to understand how to get the right guy to run the offense (see Terry Shea, Ron Turner, Mike Martz and Mike Tice).

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