Report: Marty Mornhinweg a candidate for Jets offensive coordinator


The Jets haven’t nailed down their general manager just yet, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping them from moving forward with their search for a new offensive coordinator.

Darin Gantt brought you word of reported interest in Hue Jackson and he’s been joined by another former NFL head coach on the Jets’ list. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Marty Mornhinweg is in the mix for the job and that there will be an interview soon if it hasn’t already happened on Friday.

Mornhinweg was the Eagles’ offensive coordinator this season, a job he’s held since 2006 and he’s been on the Eagles staff since his two-year run as the Lions’ head coach ended with a 5-27 record after two years.

His offense in Philly was slanted much more heavily toward the passing game than anything the Jets have done since Rex Ryan became the head coach. Ryan talked a big game about changing that before next season, although the team might not have the right personnel to move in a completely different direction.

It’s too soon to speculate on what impact Mornhinweg will have on the Jets offense since he doesn’t work for the Jets now and might never work for them. Between Jackson and Mornhinweg, though, we’ve got some idea of what direction the team would like to take offensively.

22 responses to “Report: Marty Mornhinweg a candidate for Jets offensive coordinator

  1. This move would make the tebow move last offseason look like a genius move. If the jets make him OC ill laugh for a couple weeks straight.

    -eagles fans across the nation

  2. Vick to the Jets for a 5th? Or just wait for the Eagles to release him and try and sign him?

  3. I hope they have something better up their sleeve than Vick. He’ll get a concussion blowing his nose.

  4. Guess he’s always wondered what it would be like to live in New York for a year…..

  5. At least as OC, he won’t get to choose what to do if the Jets win the coin toss in overtime. Take the wind, Marty.

  6. the jets must be trying to overtake the raiders for the biggest laughingstock in the NFL, if they’re not there already.

    jets fans, get ready for no red zone TDs, lot of pass plays and predictable playcalling.

  7. This would be a double win for the Birds. Amazingly and inexplicably make the Jets even worse PLUS we get rid of another bum.

  8. ????????????????? I thought Rex wanted a more smash mouth type team. Well get ready for pass on 1st down, pass on 2nd down and going deep on 3rd down. Marty lacks creativity despite his creative looking playbook. The guy has no clue on how to mix up the run and the pass. If you thought Sanchez looked bad this year, just wait until Marty gets his hands on him.

  9. I hope the jets take this guy. Great fit like a glove. This moron as a head coach went into OT once and won the coin flip. He then declined the ball and took the wind instead. Well guess who won the game.?? Not him. So go ahead jets take this guy. losers….

  10. How can they fill coaching staff positions before hiring a GM? Oh I forgot, GM is only a figure head position for the Jests. Rexy is the unofficial GM.

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